People Don’t Hate Getting Emails,

They Hate Getting BAD Emails.

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The success of your entire blog will be built entirely on how you answer this one simple question:

“Do your emails suck?”


  Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic.  But delivering a toe-curling performance in the inbox will definitely grow your business and satisfy customers. Don’t believe me? Chew on this…

  • Email is nearly 40x better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers. (McKinsey & Company)
  • Email conversion rates are 3x higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion (McKinsey & Company)
  • 70% of people say they always open emails from their favorite brands (ExactTarget)

In short: Become someone’s favorite, get ’em on your list, write kick-ass emails and they’ll buy from you waaaay more often then a Twitter follower who liked your tweet. Today, we’re focusing on writing kick-ass emails. So never again will you fear slapping the send button.  

9 tips for writing kick ass emails Kate

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9 Tips For Writing Emails Subscribers Are Addicted To Reading

1. Write to a friend (who’s your dream customer)

When drafting your literally write “What up (besties name)” at the top of your page.  Then write. It keeps things personal, strips out jargon and makes a fun to read email. Plus it takes the pressure off being perfect. Sure, no one wants to send an email with typos, but if one slips by your besties won’t mind. 

2. Ask “Why would she open this now?”

With all your subject lines & emails – remember  “What’s in it for them”. Focus on results. If your subscriber is having a poopy day – car broke down, kids won’t leave her alone, and got a coffee stain on her new white shirt.  Seeing “OH MY GOD! MY NEW COURSE OPENS TODAY” gets you the middle finger, flagged as spam or ignored. But “Get your husband to take out the trash without bitching” gets opened.   

3. Your Life + Your Topic = Sizzling Hot Emails

Everyone loves stories, we’re hard-wired to. Starting your email with a short story about what’s going on with your life. Then tie it  to your topic. In a recent email I link wanting to see the new x-men movie to this guest post from Ed Troxell by mentioning super powers.    (Not sure what to even write about in first place? [cp_modal id=”cp_id_86f79″] Here’s 2 years worth of emails ideas so you don’t have worry about what to email your list until 2021[/cp_modal])

4. Read emails out loud

Simple, right? But are you doing it? If it doesn’t sound like you,  it’s wordy or awkward – edit homeslice. Conversational copy (words), connects, converts and sells.  Speaking of that…

5. Make it easy to read

Drop the jargon & 50 cent words. Follow Neville Medhora’s trick – reading your copy in a Caveman Voice .  If a caveman can’t understand you, change it.

6. Make it easy to read (on mobile)

55% of emails are open on mobile  (– Litmus ”Email Analytics” ) And the number is only climbing.  Send test emails to your phone. Is the font big enough? Are important points bold or colored? Did the layout get funky?

7. Back away from the Mac

Eavesdrop on your dream clients. See what they’re talking about. Use their words.  Spiritual Healer? Hang out at yoga class. Listen to conversations (without being a creeper). Write down/ reminder sticky words, problems and phrases people are using over again.

8. Have one goal

Before pressing the first key ask yourself… What do I want?

  • More traffic a new blog post?
  • More Discovery calls?
  • Build good-will & show my authority?

Will this email make my subscribers live better + how?

  • Will they be more productive?
  • Get a huge belly laugh?
  • Learn to knit a hat?     

9.  Study your favorites

What makes you click on their subject lines? Why do you love reading their emails? Study them, keep them in a folder. Never copy them word for word – just study their style, structure, content and word choice.

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