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Helping You Turn Internet Randos into Subscribers addicted to Throwing Fistfuls of Cash at You on Repeat (Without being a dirty rotten spammer face)

Join the 1000's of other online biz owners + bloggers sending weekly newsletters subscribers are feverishly refreshing their inboxes for - thanks to my free guide packed with over two years worth of toe-curling email ideas. Click the button below

Why Your Email List Isn’t The Golden Goose Everyone Says It Should Be (Hint: It’s not that your audience is a bunch of cheapos).

by | Email Marketing, Inbox Besties, List Building

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Today, we’re covering why your email list is pain in the butt not the golden goose everyone keeps screaming about.

1. You Don’t Realize People Actually Want To Hear From You!

Umm…why would they sign up for a cheat sheet about bullet journaling, parenting tips, or the latest IG hacks if they weren’t interested in learning more about it from you?


2. You’re waiting ’till you have some magic number of subscribers before you launch, tell them about your paid products, or even send your first newsletter


You want to know the magical subscribers you need before you can do anything? The answer is 1 – and that one is you. Your subscribers have no clue they’re one of 10 or 234 or 998.

All they know is they were interested enough in what you were doing to give you their email address and you ghosted them…or worst are depriving them of the shortcut (your paid products & affiliate deals) that will help hit their goals faster of being a badass knitter, slicing their ad cost in half, or taking photos that instantly get 1000 likes on Instagram…(Kind of jerk move on your part #sorrynotsorry)


3. Your emails always sound like a bad boy band song – every other word is “sorry”

“Sorry it’s been awhile”, “Sorry I’m sending you so many emails”, “Sorry this is a sales email but…” Your subscribers didn’t sign up to your list so they could hear you whimper. They signed up for your list so they could be badass. And how are they going to confidence that you take them to bad-ass town when you’re not confident in yourself? (See reason #1 again!)


4. You’re just sending stuff willy-nilly  & Your welcomes series is still sitting half written on Google Docs.

Not having a plan for emails you’re sending is trying to build a bed from Ikea. Sure, you might  get lucky and figure out use screws 2m in part A7 to part JK23 but why put yourself through that? When take even 10 minutes to craft emails that help fuel your business and make your subscribers lives better.


5 .Your freebies might be “irresistible” but it’s literally repelling buyers

Despite what you’ve been told there is a right and wrong way to create a freebie, and I’m not talking about spending 2 weeks debating if your freebie should be a mini-course or pdf.  I’m talking about picking a topic that only appeals to buyers looking to solve their problems now.


6. You’re not selling “free”

Reminder that whole thing about people are getting lots of email thing? Because of that, they’re more selective about whose getting their email address. So just because it’s free doesn’t make it appealing enough to be paid with their email address. You need to put in the extra time and effort not only to make it special but explain why it’s special in a way that pulls that “OOOOH I need to have that!” lever in their brain.


7. Every time you flip into “sales mode” you start sounding like used car salesman, !!!!-slapping people and karate chopping them with countdown timers.

Don’t get me wrong urgency boosters like countdown timers have a time and place, but when you’re solely relying on them to make your sales, it’s like feeding your subscribers a plate full salt. They’re enhancers.  The words that you’re writing – those are the main meal.

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