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Wondering What To Send Your List In January 2023?


It’s time to talk about What To Send Your List In January,  those emails that will get your subscribers excited for 20223. Even though these emails are listed by the week they are all interchangeable so you can send them to your list  as you please. So with that in mind let’s get started.

Week 1:  The One Thing You Need To Stop Doing In 2023


So the first email to send your list in the month of January is “The One Thing You Need To Stop Doing In 2021”.  So there has got to be something in your industry in your niche, your topic some type of common advise that you know is awful.

I just want you to think, I am sure there are a million things you can think of and you only need to pick one.  We talked about this back at my summit (The Big 3 Summit) the three big mistakes people tend to make but here you just need to pick one.

Make it that one thing you want people to shed their skin and be like “Nah son this is not what we do ANYMORE if we want to see success”.

While most people this time of the year are making resolutions they want to add like:

  • New habits
  • New routines
  • New hobbies
  • New daily/weekly activity

Why not tell your subscribers some they should STOP doing in 2023 to free up their time & brain space.

Week 2: 3 Tips To Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution

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Now this second email to send to your subscribers should be an antithesis of that one thing you need to stop doing, here are the “Three Tips To Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution”. 

The way that this month works out this email goes out around that week of the twelfth and by this point most people have already broken their resolutions. Some people may not have started or have been able to have their resolution stick and with this email you let them now that it is OK.

So we really want to let them know that it’s OK if they haven’t stuck to it yet and here are some ways you can try to JUMP BACK ON THE HORSE AND STICK WITH IT.

Week 3: January 20th is National Cheese Lovers Day

This email happens to be the only one this month that happen to be date specific because January 20th is National Cheese Lovers Day. It doesn’t mean you have to send this on the 20th or even that week because you can always say “Hey last week was or next week is National Cheese Lovers Week”  if you wanted to send it before or after.

So this one can be kind of obvious if your a vegan it’s cheese alternatives, if you in the food industry it’s recipes.

But you could really use some word play action here because there are a lot of things you could help people be less cheesy with. So you know like “How to make graphics look less cheesy”, “How to make write a sales email that isn’t cheesy”.

Or maybe your going to take a stand because you hate cheese and so you take a stand against something in your industry that people says is the best but you hate. You can really have a lot of fun with this email.

Week 4: Showcase An Affiliate Product Helping You Do Something  (To Save Time Or Get Faster Results)

Now the last email, again technically you can send this anytime you want to, is a Money Making Email. So with this I want you to showcase a product, service, something your planning on doing or one affiliate offer (preferably one that pays well) that helps your people get back into the swing of things and save time.

With this email you can even mention your last email about tips for sticking to your new year resolutions but how that can be hard if you have no time at all.

So showcase how an affiliate product (or one of your own) saves you a bunch of time.

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