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Let’s talk about what to send your email list in December. Now you meant be wondering…

Should I stop emailing my list in December?

Honestly, this is just really a personal preference

I know in the online space, most of us tend to take off somewhere around December 15th and then we’ll come back somewhere on January 5th and we figure out audience must want to take a break too.

If that’s the way you feel, that’s totally cool but realize you’ve got some work to do.

What to do if you’re pausing your emails in December…

  1. Tell your current audience – they should know you’re taking deliberate break from emailing and not being flaky.
  2.  Prewrite and schedule that first newsletter you’re going to send in January. Trust me “2021 you” will thank you.
  3. Update the last emails in ALL your autoresponders and welcome series  to let new subscribers know you’re taking a break not ghosted them.
  4. Create a calendar reminder for the second day your “back to work” to update all your autoresponders and welcome series with your normal messages again.

Again the choice if up to you.  Maybe you don’t take the whole month off, just the last week of December.

Personally, I think alot of people are going to be in the house bored over the holidays so I like the idea of spicing up their day with one of my emails.

What to send your email list if you ARE emailing in December

Are you wondering What To Send Your List in December? In this week's episode we're gonna talk about 5 emails that you can send to your list in December, and I go over what to send your list of subscribers each week in the month of December. #inboxbesties #emaillist #holidays

Week 1:  What’s the difference between a blank (someone who is successful) and a blank (someone who isn’t)

  • What’s  difference between having a six figure launch and a seven figure launch
  • What’s  the difference between someone who keeps their home tidy and someone whose house looks like a wreck?
  • What’s the difference between someone who can sews stylish clothes and someone whose stuff looks horrendous?

Now, obviously in that clothes example time skill that’s going to play into effect. But chances are there certain things that newbies do that just make things look tacky that you can address.

Take creating a nice looking graphic for example.

It could be the combination of fonts,  it could be the font sizing. Maybe there isn’t proper hierarchy.  Then you give them subtle tweaks to make their stuff better.

Week 2 –  Share the Best Present You Bought Yourself

So this can be an actual thing, like a jade roller, which I absolutely love ,  a course that you brought or something like “asking for help”.

So now on Thursday afternoons, your mom comes over for two hours and takes care of the kids and you get to get some work done. Best gift ever. Technically, you’re probably not “buying” your mom to hang out with your kids, but still, you want to talk about really this is the best thing that you did for yourself 2020 Just make sure you bring it back to how this helps your audience reach their goals. 

I help online entrepreneurs, I could probably talk about how I loved the exercise bike I got in may but I need to relate it to how has buying and riding my bike every single day affected my business.

Do a round up of your favorite things just like Oprah. (Isn’t she the best?)

Week 3 – Share your “Word of the Year”

Use this email to get personal with your audience. You can share your goals or intentions for 2021 or your “Word of the Year”.

A word of the year is a word or phrase that you choose to capture you’re intention or guiding principle for that year.  My word of the year for 2020 for “Simplify and Amplify” 

Other words of the year could be:

  • Peace
  • Brave
  • Impact
  • Grace
  • Tenacity
  • Focus

Explain your word to your audience, how it’s going to relate to them and ask them, what’s their words of the year are.

Week 4 – Create a Present for Your Audience.

This can be a pdf of your most popular post turned into a guide. (I LOVE Shebold stock’s workbook templates for this).

It could be a little video you shoot on Loom.

You can give them free access to a part of your paid course or chapter or your ebook.

I wouldn’t go with a straight discount or coupon code here. Give them something for free with no strings attached.

There you have it.

Four – “I can’t wait to read those” ideas for what to send your list in December.

Got any other ideas?

Let me know in the comment below.


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