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In this week’s episode we’re going to talk about What To Send Your List In April.

This week's episode we're going to talk about What To Send Your List In April. Spring is here, do you know what to Send Your List in April? #inboxbesties #Springcleaning #April


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 This is one of my most favorite things to do I’ll go over the four emails to send you list in April.  Spring is here, do you know what to Send Your List in April?


Even though these emails are listed by the week they are all interchangeable so you can send them any week in April.  So with that in mind let’s get started.




Week 1: National Library Day Email

send list April

So this week is the only week that is time sensitive with what to send your list in April, the first week in April is considered National Library Week.  Even though it’s technically the first week you could use it any week and just be like “Did you know week (or even three weeks) ago was National Library Week… I know I’m a little slow on the draw here is my favorite [library related thing]”.


So one of the most obvious emails you could send is sharing your favorite books. So anything that you write about from business to crafting to exercise and health is going to have books. So this makes it super easy to share.


If you are dealing with children you could do something about signing up and using a digital library.



Week 2: The Spring Cleaning Email

Week number two, let’s go ahead and help your people spring cleaning their spring to clean their computer, there are Google Drive folder, their house, their pantry, their craft bag, their purse, their everything.


OK, now, I am aware that spring cleaning takes on a different meaning because most of us have been cooped up in the house for the good or part or better part, I should say, of honestly last year. But still, I think that everyone can sort of get into a rut.


So maybe it’s spring cleaning your workout routine and you’re just helping people spice stuff up.

I know that as soon as I was thinking of ideas for this, I’m like, oh man, I need to spring clean my computer so bad. I have so many random files and it just screenshots. And just the whole thing means that I know that we’ve been trying to spring clean project management software. You might actually do spring cleaning of your course.


I know that right now, we are revamping pretty much absolutely every single course that I have. So up next is Trello magic. We, of course, have the cookie webinar now, which leads to love your list.

I absolutely love that order webinar.


But like Trello magic is getting a facelift our Collaboration Cash in, just like basically everything that I’ve ever done is getting a facelift.

So perhaps it’s spring cleaning your product suite or adding something or spring cleaning your email automation’s. That was something that we did as well.


So I highly encourage you to give some tips for spring cleaning.

And honestly, just to remind people, this could be a great example of you sort of sharing a little bit about yourself, about your process, about how you are spring cleaning, a certain thing, and either how you’re going about it or why you’re doing it can be spring cleaning your mindset. Right. And then you talk about some journal prompts and maybe how you yourself have been faltering a little bit lately.




Week 3: I Beg You Don’t Email


The third one that we have for you today, is The I beg you don’t. So this is where you are going to be saving people from some type of mistake.

And this is usually an email where you’re going against some type of common knowledge. So I beg you, don’t do intermittent fasting or don’t not do intermittent fasting. If that is your thing, don’t bore your students with boring lectures.

Don’t spend all your money on Facebook ads unless you do this instead.

So we really want to think of this as saving them from a mistake. Usually, you know, it’s the top three mistakes that people make with email marketing, the stop the top three mistakes you can make when prioritizing your time, when budgeting, with meal planning, when doing all of this, I want you just to pick one.

So if you had to do that list in your head, because some people are like, I can’t just think of one thing, actually write down three things and then just pick the first one that came to your mind.

So just one again, we don’t want to have, like, five things for them not to do. We’re just just doing doing one. That’s what we’re going for here.

And I think both the spring cleaning and the IPU lead really, really well into rehydrating some of your ESR first, some of your signature programs. I think that it can do really, really well, honestly.

You could pick a webinar. Challenges off of both of those ideas can be really, really fun.




This week's episode we're going to talk about What To Send Your List In April. Spring is here, do you know what to Send Your List in April? #inboxbesties #Springcleaning #April Click to Tweet


Week 4: Affiliate Product or Resource Hack Email

send list April

The last email that you are going to send your list in April, again, you can probably intermix us any time you want, is one where its goal is to get some affiliate income. Now, if you’re like “but Kate I don’t have any affiliate programs that I really want to spotlight on this one”, then go ahead and you could feature any other tool or resource, but simply it’s a hack.


Now I realize that that can be a subject line that seems a bit where do you so it’s like “did you know trello could do this? or three things you didn’t know Canva could do”. And then you are going to highlight somethings that perhaps Canva does, three things that you didn’t know your cricket could do.


There’s always some type of tools, resources, apps that you can usually be an affiliate for. You guys know, one of my favorite affiliate aggregates, for lack of a better word, is share a sale. So, I like share a sale a lot because you can be a part of so many different affiliate programs and it pools it all together for you.


I probably still do for certain product show all this money just sitting and they won’t actually send it to me, which I think it’s bullcrap. And with Share a sale it’s just going to kerplunk it all down. They’ll give you other ideas again. You still have to apply. Technically, just because you’re a part of share sale doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be getting accepted into all these programs.


I have to say that there was one program in particular that I applied through their own one, which was odd because they had their own one and they had it on share sale and the one through share a sale we got accepted, but the one not the research that we didn’t. But if you are showing people how to do something with a certain tool, a resource are naturally going to get more curious. You’re actually going to want that. I know that one of my favorite Instagram reel’s is things you didn’t know that Canva could do.


And I absolutely love those I love those little short video reels. So, again, you could do this as a real you can do this as an email, just something that you’re just like, oh, yeah.


The only thing that might be holding you back from this particular email as well. Doesn’t everybody know this? They don’t necessarily know this.


It’s always a good refresher and that’s what you can be like. “Did you know Trello did this?” And then if they open it and they’re like, oh, yeah, I knew that, then they’ll just tell you. Then you get so many people are fighting back like, oh, I had no idea. They will absolutely love it.



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Honestly, all of the prompts that we used this month could definitely lead to some type of casual selling or a bigger launch.

Those are the things to send in April so just as a reminder:

  • National Library Day so share a favorite book or something library related
  • The Spring Cleaning email, anything from your google drive to your workout routine
  • I Beg You Don’t email where you share one of your top mistakes that you don’t want your subscribers do
  • Affiliate Product or Resource Hack, like “Did you know Trello could do this?” 


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