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In this week’s post we’re going to talk about What To Send Your List In March.

This weeks post is going to to be a so much fun. We will be using some templates from my free gift from the Back to Business Bundle at random. With some easy prompts you should be good to go.(I picked them at random using picker wheel.)


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Looking for some ideas on what to send your list in March. Here are some easy email ideas that you can send to your list in March. #Inboxbesties #Listbuilding #Emailmarketing

It’s time to talk about What To Send In March, those emails that will get your subscribers excited for 2021.


Even though these emails are listed by the week they are all interchangeable so you can send them any week in March.  So with that in mind let’s get started.





So if you are reading this between Feb.22nd-Mar.5th you are going to want to go and check out the Back to Business Bundle. Go and see all the free stuff we have there like my 30 email templates (four are featured in this post) plus so much more completely for free.



Week 1: Can I feature you email

send March

The can I feature you email in one of the easiest emails to write. It really is as simple as “Hey [name] I’m putting together a blog post all about [insert subject you help your people with] can I feature you?”.  Any type of promoting works here so like Instagram series, Facebook live series, a blogpost… It’s up to you.

So on top of this being easy this is also one of those emails that helps build a strong relationship with your list. Not only will this will make your people feel great about themselves that you want to showcase their time, work, and effort.

It will also give you and your subscribers a chance to see how you have grown together.



Week 2: Is it weird (Taking a stand email)

This email is another relationship builder and all you have to do is pick something that is very popular or common knowledge in your industry that you just DON’T AGREE WITH.

Something like “Is it weird that I really hate it when people tell you that you have to grow your email list?” or “Is it weird that I hate it when people tell you that you can’t eat after 8?”.

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Then all you have to do is go ahead and show how your way of thinking could work better. By shedding some light on what you think your people should focus on instead you can prove your ways.

Something like “Instead of growing your list you could focus on nurturing you list“.  With that you can ask “Are you team grow your list or team nurture your list?”.

When you show that you are willing to take a stand it is powerful and this can be one of the best ways to connect with your people.



Week 3: Three free things you think your people should download

send March


Now in your industry you use products that your subscribers would love to know about. In this email you get to share those things it can be resources, free products, or even paid products.

Now this can be paid products which is fine but if you can, try to find three free apps that can help your people in you industry.


Looking for some ideas on what to send your list in March. Here are some easy email ideas that you can send to your list in March. #Inboxbesties #Listbuilding #Emailmarketing Click to Tweet

This email could also be three things you have to read, download, planners or if you have a video training or a booklet all of these things work. While giving these resources away go over the benefits of the resource and how it can help them achieve their goals.


Week 4: The How to Email and for extra credit if you can tie in a without like ” How to buy a house without over paying.”

Now say you have some kind off really juicy blogpost, podcast, video that you know will help your people. Something that you know could be like step by step guide. The subject line is “download inside How to [insert subject]”.

What I want you to do is take it and make a really nice PDF version of it with a check list if you want. Create it and then give your people a little something, something. Make sure this is a topic you want to be know for.

Now if you can do something like “How to [insert subject] without [insert]”. you get bonus points. That “without” will make it stand out even more. So for example “Hey I know you joined this list to learn how to redecorate without having to sell you first born”.

When giving your people the content they need plus the “withouts” you are setting them up for the success that both you and they want.


All of these email ideas to send in march plus more in my product: The Email Marketing Fairy which consists  of 50 word-for-word email templates proven to propel open rates, clicks & sales while slashing your writing time in half, even if you don’t bleed the alphabet.


Bonus: Infamous one sentence email


I randomly pick this and felt like it was too easy and some of my followers may have used it recently. So I figured I would give as a bonus.

This email is literally one sentence that will get tons of responses. so much so that you might want to make it two sentences…(you know with a P.S.).

It is as simple as “How is everything going with… [insert subject]?”. Then be honest with the P.S. like “P.S. I am going to reply to everyone but its probably going to be like a week”.



Those are the things to send in March so just as a reminder:

  • Can I feature you email
  • Is it weird email
  • Three free things you thin your people should download
  • The How to Email and for extra credit if you can tie in a without like ” How to buy a house without over paying.”


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