tips for setting up a webinar for free on your wordpress site, webinars are excellent for list building + selling e-courses

A couple of weeks ago an article popped-up online saying  Google was discounting Google Hangouts On Air (HOA).  Savvy, budget-conscious online business owners + bloggers lost their…poop.


Because most of us use Google HOA to host free webinars  + online workshops to rapidly grow our email list, gain instant know, like and trust points and sell our courses like hot-cakes. I’ve sold thousands of dollars in courses and coaching with a “tiny audience.” 

Well guess what?  Google Hangouts On Air aren’t being discounted. 

The only thing changing is where  you create your Google Hangouts On Air (HOA) – that’s it. So in this blog post I’m going to break it down click by click including how to set up a chat box for free.  But first, you might be thinking….

Why can’t I just use Facebook Lives for Webinars?

While Facebook Lives are quickly being a popular way to deliver webinars thanks to OBS and Ecam there’s still one fatal flaw…

Facebook notifications. 

Meaning your potential buyers are in a hot bed of click-aways and distractions which mean less attention (and sales) for you.

Which is why if you are going the FB live route only use them for live encores of your actual webinar presentations or to test out an idea. Kind of like a mini-webinar…or mini-inar

Creating your Google Hangout On Air – 

Instead of the stinking ship that is Google+. You now schedule HOAs in the same place you schedule Youtube Live Broadcasts – which was causing massive confusion. (Google

Here’s it’s easier if I just show you… I’ll show you how to set up a chatwing chat box for free on your site. No leadpages needed. You can use this exact tutorial to run webinars for free using WordPress, Square Space, Wix or even the free or blogger site.