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How to loop your social media posts for free using buffer one of the best apps for bloggers. Click to read or re-pin it to your group board for later

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Ah… set it and forget it social media posting.

The dream of dreams – having little

Having little slaves minions Tweet, post to Facebook, and Pinning for me. So my audience has a healthy swirl of other people’s useful content and I get the word out about all things Kate Doster without spending 4 hours a day scheduling posts to social media.

The “best” tool for the job according to social media big-wigs is Meet Edgar. An expensive piece of software( $79 per month) that reuses your best content (social media post) to bring in more views, subscribers, and sales. It never runs out of things to push on your social media channels because it reuses your old stuff. It takes away the I tweeted a lot 2 weeks ago but I forgot to fill up my Buffer queue so no one has heard from me in ages.  peaks and valleys.

Those peaks and valleys end today.

Today you’ll learn  how to use Google Calendar, Buffer ( one of the 16 tools I used to double my email list in 30 days. Wanna learn the rest? Click here.) and the best free app ever IFTTT to consistently showcase your best content to your audience.  Click play to see how. (No opt-in required)

***Note you don’t actually have to use Buffer to make this work. You schedule Tweets and posts directly to Twitter + Facebook using IFTTT + Google Calendar see formulas below***

Making the most of this hack

IFTTT only works with ONE of the accounts you control with Buffer. So you can’t update your Twitter and Facebook Page via Buffer using IFTTT it’s one or the other.  (Don’t worry you can still post directly to your other platforms, just keep reading.)  

If you run a Facebook Group save your Buffer account recipe for posting daily thread prompts with graphics because IFTTT can’t directly post to Facebook Groups – Here’s the recipe you need.  Upload your images to your website to create an image Url then put that url  the “where selection” of your Google Calendar event. 

image url


Which leaves repeat Tweets + Facebook Page Updates….

Skip Buffer. Just post this platforms directly with  Google Calendar + IFTTT:

For Tweets text only use this recipe

For Tweets with special graphics use this recipe

For Facebook Business Page post use this recipe.

*Note FB hates it when you post with 3rd party app (like IFTTT) so your post won’t get as high of a reach if your posted directly to Facebook yourself*


Ideas to fill-up your time slots:

  • All your blog posts (watch the video for the nifty repeat trick )
  • Upcoming webinars + online workshops (You’ll learn how to automatically “shut off” these posts so you don’t advertise something that already happened – so embarrassing)
  • Landing pages for your freebies
  • Your paid products, courses, and coaching packages
  • Your business bestie’s best content – (Don’t have one? Join the Social Proof Collective Facebook Group right now)
  • Quotes

Apps +  Links Mentioned


Other time-saving IFTTT recipes you’ll love:

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