If you’re a fun loving blogger, with over 12 tabs open now, who gets easily distracted and is drowning in a pipe-hot bowl of ” I’m so overwhelmed! I have no clue what do next!” soup —keep scrolling you’re gonna want to see this…

Dear fellow wild-child blogger  – who needs to finally get out of her own way and stop eating lunch & dinner over her laptop…

I’m glad you’re here.

One, because I’m waaay too excited to start showering you with toe-curling freebies, resources and quicks tips to help make running your blog & email list feels like binge-watching the Gilmore Girls while sipping on your favorite hot tea (or wine, #nojudgement) –  amazing. 

And two…to let in on my dirty little secret:  

I’m free-spirited, chronic procrastinator, who gets a new random brilliant idea for something every 1.5 seconds. Who haaaates being told what to do (even by my google calendar).


And honestly I thought it being free flowing, see where the day takes me type was an good thing.  I mean that’s why I decided to become my own boss right?  

Well, after taking a stone-cold look at my blog & biz last year I realized all I had was…

  • A hard drive full of half-finished courses & ebooks covered in thick layer of cyber-dust. 
  • A Siteground account filled with random domains, I’ll never use.  
  • Traffic numbers in the toilet since I wasn’t constantly posting on my blog –  I was busy creating products that would never see the light of day…

What I didn’t have was the growth and recognition I craved. (womp womp womp)

Can you relate?

After failing miserably at bullet journaling, sticky notes and trying asana to “get my act” together – I stumbled upon a free app called Trello

And while I love the fact it’s was make for a visual learner.  Actually creating boards, lists and workflows that work for my brain (the same brain that keeps telling me – wearing matching colored socks is for chumps) was a bit touch and go.

But a funny thing happen. 

I actually stuck with it. 

Developing boards to keep all my launch “ducks” in a row, keep on track when creating courses so they actually got done, and editorial calendar that I could actually stick to. Not to mention the before and after you publish a post checklist – pure gold. 

I loved seeing my pretty backgrounds, slapping the check button and triumphantly moving cards into the done column. 

I even managed to use Trello to tame the beast that is Pinterest Marketing – which is helping me gain over 40+ followers a week (pretty good for girl who had less than 500 followers for years!)

In fact, since using these boards my traffic has gone up 1000%, my subscribers are increasing by 30-50 people a day and my income well lets ‘just say my piggy bank is going to have to buy bigger pants the next time he goes shopping. 

So allow me to introduce to you…

(…and your sanity, + dollars) 

Your TRELLO COURSE….. it’s SO much more than a few boards and lists. This is a FULL BLOWN Business Strategy 101…

In-Depth Dive into everything you know about online business;…….Holy you-know-what balls. I can’t wait to dive in and get my -ish organized (once and for all!). Bring it on 2018!


Alyssa Turner Cairns

Home Design Consultant For Busy Families, Founder of the Design Mastermind

Trello-ing For Traffic is broken up into

 sections with each board having its own unique bonus strategy video included free of charge:

Trello-ing For Your Sanity:

Let’s get all those big, beautiful ideas out of your head and actually working for you!

In this section, we’ll get your goals set in the way that leaves plenty of room for inspiration to strike while keeping you on track. So when your head hits the pillow at bed you know you’ve got stuff done!


  1. Blog & Biz dashboard – never lose an important link and stop retyping the same thing over and over again.
  2. Your 90 Day Year / Yearly  Promotional Calendar learn how to start planning even 2 weeks ahead for surprising results and learn how to prioritize like a champ
  3. Weekly Planner – so you’ll have no surprises about the week ahead and won’t be able to double book yourself
  4. Daily Planner If I look at my weekly board every day (or when I’m surfing FB) I start jumping from task to task especially if something is boring or tough – like editing blog posts. and nothing gets done
  5. Idea parking lot – finally have one place to put all your brilliant ideas that isn’t  on your daily to-do list so you have a chance to think about them later…after your work is done.

Trello-ing For Dollars:

Let’s make some money, honey (sorry I called you honey). 

These boards are all about creating an income from your blog and business. 

  1. Launch Blueprint – Dreaming of doing a mega launch. I’ve got you covered with every single little step you need to get done and when. Plus if you’re doing a smaller launch for like an ebook, i got your back to with a color-coded mini launch.
  2. Course Creation Workflow Let’s make some moo-lah with video courses, keep track of all the moving parts with this dude (spoiler alert I use it to create this course)
  3. The Ebook/ Physical Book Board–  Creating a book is a whole different ball-park there’s a unique board just for you.  Including how to get your ebook on Amazon.
  4. Email Marketing Strategy – Let’s actually do something with your list. Treat your list like an asset not like an anchor of “have to’s”
  5. Freebie Board – Creating an epic free challenge or free mini-course?  Here you go
  6. Simple Sales Funnel Formula – oh funnels, here’s an easy to follow 8 part series with topic and subject line ideas, plus my private profitable Funnel Checklists which makes sure your funnel is priming subscribers to buy (over and over again)
  7. Follow Up Formula   This is for my freelancers to keep track of potential clients because the key to getting a yes is following up.
  8. Webinar workflow Never forget a single step in running a profitable webinar. It can be your first or twenty. You’ll never miss a step with this board – Plus there’s a bonus tech training for DYI-ing your webinar set-up
  9. Client Workflow (Coming soon) This is for my bloggers and freelancer who take 1:1 clients. Let’s streamline your projects and keep each clients important info in one place.

Trello-ing For Traffic:

Let’s rapidly grow your audience & propel you to expert status in no time. 

In this section, we focus on the best free methods for boosting your traffic and notoriety. 

  1. Your Editorial Calendar – Let’s finally get your blog or youtube channel working for you by actually posting quality consistent content with a purpose instead of randomly posting once or twice a month if you’re lucky just because it’s been a while (This includes a bonus Youtube Uploading Workflow)
  2. Podcast workflow – more of a talker than a writer? here’s the exact blueprint I’ve implemented to book, record, edit and upload my podcast. I’ve included workflows for both solo shows and guest episodes.
  3. Guest posting / Podcast Interview Request / Tag-Team Webinar  Workflow – Let’s grow your audience the old-fashion and cheap way — borrowing other people’s audiences.
  4. FB Group Promo Day Board – just in case you didn’t download my wildly popular freebie – I’ve included it.
  5. Pinterest Group Board Maximizer – join a bunch of group boards but never post to them because you can’t remember what you posted and you don’t want to be a spammer face? I got your back with this board.
  6. Pinterest Group Board Request Tracker – I spill the beans on how to find the best group boards for you to join and how to keep track of if you reached out to group board owners and when you need to follow up so you can get more of the sweet sweet free Pinterest traffic juice.
  7. Tailwind Tracker – I love me some tailwind but I forget to fill it up all the time (womp womp) here’s a lesson on how to get Tailwind to Semi-loop your most important pins
  8. Tailwind Tribe Maximizer – I love tailwind tribes but I can’t ever reminder when, if or what I posted this them…this bad boy to all that guesswork out of it

It’s all about to get alot easier.

And just for $79 $24

Oh, and there are bonuses too…

Trello-ing Basics & Hacks:

Never use the awesome free program Trello before? No worries, I’ve got your back. 

But this selection isn’t just a regular tutorial. Oh no, I show you how to map out bigger projects that don’t exactly have a pre-made board for them.

From creating your first board, to organizing your brain, to adding files, even hooking up everything to your google calendars. Plus I’ll share with you my favorite powerups and extensions (and you know what those things mean).

This section is consistently getting updated. Got a question about how to do something with Trello? Students get to email me their questions and I create videos and drop them here. 

Trello-ing For Fun:

These are a set of random bonus boards to help you get your life outside of your business and blog together. 

But this selection isn’t just a regular tutorial. Oh no, I show you how to map out bigger projects that don’t exactly have a pre-made board for them.

Learning Board – Keep track of all your logins, passwords, and progress for all the digital products and books that you buy. Plus there’s a spot on your wish list.

With new boards being added March 2018!

You’re not meant to join this program if you’re an ultra- type A personality, with an immaculately clean desk and obsession with being 15 minutes early for everything. 

You’re meant to bring that big, messy, wildly creative (and scattered) brain of yours and let me – the captain of crap where’s my keys? Help you…

Lay out all the nitty-gritty little parts of things like launching, webinars, content calendars and so much more… in a way that makes sense to us!

Using an amazing free program (with pretty backgrounds photos – uber important when you hate organization ) and proven templates so you don’t have to get overwhelmed and go overboard trying to create your own workflows.

Since using these boards for myself…


My Traffic Has Gone Up


My average weekly new subscriber rate


New Pinterest Followers Per Day & Repins

New Paying Students

So if you’re ready to start taking your business & blog seriously in 2018 and get out of your own damn way for once – then I invite you, to join us

Let’s do this!

 $79 $24

“Is Trello-ing For Traffic Right For Me?” 

(And other FAQs)

Wait, what’s Trello again? And if Trello is free why this $24?

Trello is the best free online task management tool out there. Build for uber creatives (like you) who are more visual learners that are sick of being so frazzled all the time.

The reason why Trello-ing for Traffic is a  one time fee of $24 is because Trello-ing for Traffic contains my proprietary systems and processes for running in my successful online business.

It’s like I’m literally handing you the playbook for printing money doing something you love.

But I’m tried other apps like Asana or Airtable (even Trello) should I still get this?

The reason why they didn’t work as because you were handed a completely blank slate. That you could stuff to the gills with overcomplicated systems and workflows that would just leave you feeling more guilty for not using them.

That is if you had t the time to set them up before in the first place.

But I’m sooooo a paper-person. I don’t do digital.

Welcome to the club homeslice. This truth is I’m completely addicted to buying pretty  journals and legal pads, from target. (And don’t even get me started about my color pen collection)

But the truth is kept on losing every thing! As a natural born clutter bug I would scrabble an idea of a project on my notebook, then another for the same project on a different scrap of paper.  I was constantly losing things. But Trello doesn’t use anything!

Everything i could need for a project is right here. Including graphics.  Plus my teammates can’t see my notebooks but they can see my Trello Boards.

But really the choice is up to you.

But I suck at tech. Is Trello hard to learn?

Once you get the hang of Trello (which I teach you click by click) in the Basics selection. You’ll be singing Trello’s praises to everyone.

But I’m not a blogger, is this still good for me?

Yes! I’m not just a blogger either. In fact inside Trello-ing for Traffic, you’ll find my entire Podcast workflows complete with tech recommends and a Youtube Upload Checklist to help you show up higher in search results.

Okay so how do I to get a the boards?

Awww, that’s cute you think you’re just getting the boards. Nope! Every single board comes with a complete video mini-tutorial where I give away even more of my marketing and biz secrets away. Plus pointers on how to best utilize each board in your daily life.

But answer your original question this course is housed on the self-hosted platform – which means after you go ahead and smack up the buy button. You’ll be emailed unique username & password. So you can access the course in the member’s area. At which point I’ll show you on a video and with pictures how to migrate my boards to your free trial account.

But what if Trello-ing For Traffic stinks?

As my friend Courtney says – “The only R word you’ll be thinking about after diving into this course is referral.” So sorry,  since I stand 100% behind this course and saw the success of my beta students  – this bad boy is a use it or don’t buy it type of program.

Why is it called Trello-ing For Traffic if you teach launch stuff?
Because you need Traffic aka an audience if you want to do anything online…plus you know… Alliteration.

Okay I’m soo in!

 $79 $24

Your results from Trello-ing with Traffic may vary from other students. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, income, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors that would make this selection all toooo long. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. But if you implement, and constantly use this product you should see a difference however small. Note this course is not affiliated or officially associated with Trello, Atassian or Todd Herman of the 90 Day Year. 

All material is copyright Kate Doster Communications

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