How to drive massive traffice to your blog with PinterestJess Bahr of + uses her insider knowledge from serving multi-million dollar companies grow, optimize and maximize their social media presence and boils into down into effective strategies even the brokest, fresh bake blogger can use to catapult their traffic, reach and email list using social media.

Her social market channel of choice?  Pinterest.

Using just a handful of Jess tips I’ve been able to triple my traffic and attract BUYERS to my email list.

In this free (no opt-in required) 30 minute masterclass you’ll learn….

  • Which performed better Facebook Ads or Pinterest Ads (Promoted Pins) to fill one of Jess’ latest webinars  – hint not only were these ads cheaper, they got more people and lead to more sales! 
  • The biggest mistake your making with your Pins and how to change it fast
  • Why now is the time to get onto the Pinterest Bandwagon.
  • One dead-simple trick to nearly double your traffic in less than ten minutes


Resources Mention:

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Tailwind App – for scheduling Pins

Boardboaster – for scheduling Pins to Group Boards  – for creating Pins

Richpins – for higher click through

Jess’ free monthly “what to pin guides”

Jess’ course Flood Your Site with Traffic