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It’s no secret I love my tools. Recently one of my favorite bloggers asked..,

What tools do you use to write great copy?

Being the overachiever I am, I couldn’t just list the tools I used. No. I had to list when and how to used them to write sales pages for my clients before retiring from 1:1 work. [bctt tweet=”I’m a true believer the best copy comes from your market’s mouth, not your head.” username=””]

Before writing a single stitch of copy:

This is the most important phrase. And should take the longest. The better you can describe your perfect customers’ hope, dreams frustrations and daily life better then they can,  the quicker you’ll get a sale.

Cyber-stalking your dream audience is a must:

I crack open a fresh GOOGLE DOCS OR SHEETS: Label it : “Topic or Audience” Super Secret Spy File Then it’s off to FACEBOOK GROUP LAND. I use the SEARCH THIS GROUP FUNCTION (the little magnifying glass right above the pictures of group members) and search

  • “I just can’t”
  • “How do you”
  • “No one will”
  • “Rant”
  • “Vent”
  • “Venting”
  • A board topic – webinars, facebook ads, dinner etc

Then cut and paste peoples’ questions, concerns, excuses and roadblocks in my DOC.  ***Do not change the wording just cut + paste what you see*** Normally I just stop there but if it’s a bust I go to REDDIT, QUORA, AMAZON BOOK REVIEWS, or I search for trade journals/forums in that industry. I’ll also check out BUZZSUMO for popular articles on the topic then search “?” in the comments section in those popular posts. Then it’s time to get up, walk around, grab another cup of coffee for at least 20 minutes. If I can help it I let that info stew for 24 hours.

Get ’em on the phone

Ideally, I like to talk to at least 3 of my client’s clients on using (it’s like skype but better) because for zero dollars I can record our video call. This is soooo important. Listening back to the exact phrases paying customers used to describe they lives before, why they choose my client and the results/feeling they had afterwards is worth it’s weight in gold. 

Writing It Phase:

GOOGLE DOCS. (I love the free voice –to-text feature because I suck at spelling.) or FOCUS WRITER ( it’s a free distraction-free app for both PC + MAC. No bells and whistle just a wooden background and text editor. Since I have a MAC I hit the FN button twice if I want voice to text.  Though vomiting is a must.  I just talk out all my thoughts. Then edit in the awesome. Sales Pages are hard to write when you start from scratch. Use these free and paid tools to easily write sales pages that convert. Click now, repin to you fave pinterest group board

Editing Phase:

I use,, to edit in the awesome to trim the fat. Grammarly to catch my typos and bad grammar. Then I backaway from the mac air for at least 1-2 hours to let everything sit and my brain rest. (Playing with kids outside, going for swim, coloring with kids or housework)

Next up headline time:

I write 10 headlines per blog post and 15+ for sales pages – everything starts off as “how to”. I’m also I big fan of your desire + time + excuse formula. If nothing feels right I’ll peek into my headline formula swipe file/spreadsheet or go to Portent’s Content Generator or Sumome Headline generator ( Then I run my headline through CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer for kicks. I have my mac-air read back everything I write (including this comment – total life saver).


It’s up to my clients to get the testimonials. I’ll pretty them up or literally write >>>>insert testimonials here <<<<

Tools for designing  sales page

For the record, I don’t do graphic design, It’s up the client to hire a designer or do it themselves. But here are a couple tools, I’ve used and loved.

  • DiviBuilder – It actually a premium wordpress drag and drop theme from Elegant Themes. It’s what this site is built and I love it, so much.
  • Leadpages is a paid service for creating landing pages, sales pages and sooo much more. They’re new drag and drop feature while it is a little glitchy but pumps out some awesome looking sales pages. My favorite Leadpages template for sales pages is the  Artisanal Opt-in Page…you can see it in use here.
  • Optimized Press – is another drag and drop premium WordPress plugin. It’s a little tricky to use, but once you get the hang the of it, it’s turns out appealing sales pages.
  • Teachable – Teachable is one of the most well know course-creation website out there. In my opinion, they have the prettiest and easy customizable sales page designs. Beating out Teachary and Thinkfic
  • Ivorymix  – is actually where I get all my stock photos, I personally a member of the monthly stock photo membership site but she almost has an amazing free library.


General tools:

  • Coffee (duh),
  • Hulu + Roku 2 + Snacks + Juice (I’ve got two kids. Somedays I can’t get all my writing done before they wake up/naptime)
  • Google Calendars for time blocking, batching, alerts
  • Airtable for my content + promotion ideas & calendar
  • Asana/Trello for project management
  • Use StayFocus + Momentum Chrome Extension
  • BeFocused App ( It’s a Pomodoro Technique Timer)
  • One Big Thing App
  • Canva for graphics
  • Buffer for social media
  • Turn off notifications on my mac-air and use ‘do not disturb’ on my phone


Your turn…

What tools do  you use to write captivating copying? Tell me in the comments below.

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