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If you’re reading this the week this post went live – it’s that magical week between Christmas & New Years Eve.  You know the week where pie & cookies don’t have any calories.

It also means you’re probably taking it easy and spending loads of time with the family this week.  And if we can get real for a second, it can be kind of… boring. I mean how many rounds of Candy Land can one mom play while watching Doc McStuffin’s for the 10000th time?

So why not do some positive  role modeling  for the kiddos & read a book (or listen to one). That betters your business & blog since you can’t get to the computer guilt free this week.

And if you’re reading this in the future…Happy 2019 homeslice.

Here are the books that had the biggest impact on my business in 2018 & my biggest takeaways…

The best business books for female business owners for 2018. Looking to do more reading this year? Take a look at the business books that had the biggest impact on my business & blog. And set to grow my business, blog & bottom line in 2019. Did your favorite business book make the cut? Click & see. #startabusiness #businessbooks #bloggingbooks

(Plus I asked my free community what were the most influential books they read in 2018 too. You’ll learn those at the end. 🙂 

1.The Actor’s Life: A Survival Guide  by Jenna Fischer  

This book was written by the wonderful Jenna Fischer who played Pam on the Office. Now  you may be thinking “What does a book about breaking into Hollywood have to do with running a successful business?” ALOT. After all, it’s called show BUSINESS for a reason. Don’t forget actors are solopreuners, just like us.

Four points that really hit home for me were:

You must create a consistent body of work

“Your goal when you’re auditioning is to create a consistent body of work. So it’s okay to go in and NOT get that one job. It’s about  planting seeds with the various casting offices and directors that you’re a Good Actor. You might not be the right Good Actor for this role, but in general you’re a good actor. 

For us that means regularly creating content (podcasts, blog posts, lives or videos) for our audience. Proving you’re trustworthy, reliable and that you know your stuff. And even if your offer isn’t right for them now, it doesn’t mean it never will be.

Make your own thing 

Jenna talks about this in the context of creating your own web shorts, plays & showcases when you’re not currently cast in something. It’s these indie products & labors of love that can put  you on the map.    So if you’re not getting asked to speak on summits or participate in bundles – create your own!

Always be working on your craft

This is pretty self explanatory. You’re never too much of an “expert” to learn something new about your niche.

Surround yourself with other artist 

This is a massive goal for me in 2019. Getting myself out there more, joining a highlevel mastermind & growing my network.

Start reading The Actor’s Life Now or start listening to it on audible for free when you sign up for a new account. 

2. Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert

I listened to this book at least 3 times this year. And I plan to re-listen to it every quarter of 2019. I had soooo many lightbulb  moments reading this thing,

Focus on following curiosity NOT your passion

A-friggin-men. Following your passion is one of the  most dangerous pieces of advice since “charging your worth”(you’re “work” doesn’t equal yourself worth, homeslice)

Let fear sit in the back seat of the car but not drive. 

I like to take this analogy one step further.  Picture fear as  a dog. It THINKS it’s protecting you from danger like going live on Facebook so it’s starts barking like crazy. But really it just needs a pat on the head,  a warm thank you for trying to keep you safe. Then you’re free to go do your thing homeslice.

Ideas are looking for home – if you don’t birth them, they’ll look for a new person. 

Liz shares this amazing story where she was working on a novel about a company building a road through the Amazon jungle but she just couldn’t bring herself to finish it. Then she met  Ann Patchett, kisses her and a couple months later finds out Ann is now writing a story about the Amazon jungle with a company trying to build a road through it.  (Freaky right?)

Lesson –  Don’t be one of those people who always says “Oh I had the idea for that first!” or “I was going to do that” – Just do it!

Click here to grab a copy Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert or listen to it on audible for free when you sign up for a new account. 

3.Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff  (Author)

This is definitely one you should get on audiobook because Jon is hilarious and goes off the cuff alot...(yay bonus content). My favorite insights were:

Plan for the day after perfect this is such a great concept. How many times have we thrown away a diet because we slipped up a couple of days or giving up on a new habit because we missed 4 days in arrow?  To quote John “It’s not supposed to be perfect, it’s supposed to be finished.” 

Cut your goals in half – I know all the high achievers just lost their -ish but stick with me…if your goal was to lose 10 pounds & you lost 7 you’d feel like a failure but if your goal was 5 pounds & you lost 7 lbs you’d feel like…

Exactly. Now if cutting your goal in half doesn’t do it for you – double your timeline. Want your course out in 3 weeks? Make it 6.

Make it fun (you get it)

Choose what to bomb – this isn’t about “not having it all” it’s about giving yourself some slack. So what if the laundry doesn’t get folded launch week, it’s cool. You planned for it. ?

Start reading Finished or listening to it here. 

4. Make Time : How to focus on what matters every day / Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

Best business books for 2018 - make time

Jake & John know a thing about getting stuff done. They both worked at Google & literally wrote the book on to bring new products & features to market in a week (Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days). 

Reading Make Time was probably the most fun I’ve had reading a  productivity book. It’s  all based on this graphic….

Make time for the most important thing – choose your highlight

This can be anything from finishing up your quiz lesson in your list building course to reading to your kids stories at bedtime. Basically, you are going to shape EVERYTHING you do that day to help you achieve your focus. Simple but effective!

Live like a caveman

This is under the “energize” section. They talk about walking more, getting outside more, going to bed a little while after the sun goes down, eating things that use to grow (if only there was a  brownie bush). 

Distraction free phone

This was the hardest to do. You delete every app on your cell phone including email &  the browser.  I couldn’t bring myself to that but thanks to Iphone’s new screentime feature I have cut down on the time I spend mindless on my phone. And deleted app that really were a time suck.

What’s next on my reading list…


Community Picks:

  • Sunshine Boatright Crushing It – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Janet Kafadar Profit first
  • Kriss Judd Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang.
  • Alyssa Kathryn The Alchemist
  • Rhonda Brzozowiec Relentless
  • Ariette Hung Get It Done- from Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes A day by Sam Bennett
  • Pam Baroro Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson. Extremely detailed strategy work!
  • Also the same thing for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.
  • Rachael Freedman Meisels Ok not a biz book but shifted errrrrything… Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza.
  • Bonny Albo  – – It’s my own book. Reading it for the first (and 100th) time, it transformed me. Knowing that I could *do it*  – How To Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People) by Meggan Watterson and Lodro Rinzler , The Abundance Project by Derek Rydall , The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand, Sweet Revenge: Passive-Aggressive Desserts for your Exes and Enemies by Heather Kim,  Publish and Profit by Mike Koenigs


What books did you read this year that rocked your world? Tell me in the comments.


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