A Straightforward Method For Slashing Unsubscribes & Propelling Sales + Shout Outs – How To Create A Toe Curling Welcome Series

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A welcome series is a set of well-thought out emails you automatically send out to every new subscriber before putting them in your main newsletter list.

A strong welcome series bonds new subscribers to you like glue, creates bullet-proof trust and pops up open wallets with a squeal of delight without being a pushy jerk face.

Today you’ll learn:

When is the best time to use broadcast/campaign emails vs autoresponders?

The biggest factor in getting your email open every time…hint it’s NOT your subject line

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Free 2 week trial of Active Campaign 

A free copy of Ebooks the Smart Way by Pat Flynn

Janet Murray’s Website For Actionable PR advice

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