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It’s the end of the month again and you know what that means?

It’s time to plan out what to send your list in August. 

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If you’re struggling with what to send your list in August, steal these 4 proven easy-to-use email prompts to get your email marketing taken care of for August (or any other month of the year).

When that blank screen is staring at you, it always helps to have a prompt or two to get you started. You can mix and match these, change them up or use them as a springboard for inspiration for your own ideas for what to send your list in August.

Email #1: Offbeat ObservancesIf you're struggling with what to send your list in August, steal these 4 proven easy-to-use email prompts to get your email marketing taken care of for August or any other month of the year! #katedoster #emailmarketing #onlinebusiness #inboxbesties

We have tons of traditional observances like National Poetry Month or Free Speech Week. While these are great to celebrate, sometimes the unconventional ones are a lot more fun.

The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week. Whether you’re sending your list some amazing content or pitching a product at the end of your email, you can tie your August email in the theme.

For instance, if your jam is selling on Instagram, your email might start off like this:

In honor of National Simplify Your Life Week, I just want to let you in on a few of my best tips on how to simplify your Instagram story posting process…

That’s a super-easy way to pique the curiosity of your email list. After that, you would just go into your top tips, tools, and methods and at the end, you can drop a link to your course or product to help them simplify their own process.

This is easily adaptable to any niche or audience. For example,

  • How to simplify your skincare routine
  • 3 simple tricks to playing the ukulele
  • How to simplify your homeschool curriculum

By leaning on a monthly or weekly theme, it gives you something to say at the beginning of your emails – and let’s be honest, sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

Email #2: The One Thing

One of the funny things about people, in general, is how much they love to snoop behind the scenes of people they admire. That’s what made MTV Cribs such a huge hit. We alllll wanted to see what was our favorite celebs had stashed in their closets. Same goes for your audience. They are insanely curious to know what software you use, what memberships you pay for, what your lighting setup looks like, and pretty much anything else going on behind the scenes.

This email has the potential to be a huge affiliate income earner. What better way to let your audience in on some of your secrets and make some extra dough than to tell them about your favorite tools?

send your list in august kate doster email marketing

Don’t have any affiliate programs going? No problem! Your people still desperately want to know what you recommend.

Here’s some headline starters to get your creativity going:

  • The Best $5 I’ve Ever Spent
  • My Favorite Weight Loss App (that’s absolutely free)
  • The One Tool That’s Helped Me Triple My Income

People love tools and gadgets so those kinds of emails are always going to be popular.

However, your “one thing” doesn’t have to be something mind-blowing. It can be as simple the one thing you found in July to help you shave off 5 extra pounds or the one thing you discovered during quarantine to stop your kids from fighting.

If you are promoting an affiliate product, be aware of the rules with your affiliate partner. Some of them don’t allow links in your emails, like Amazon. An easy way around this is to tease what your one thing is and drop a link to a Facebook post, a blog post, or a downloadable PDF with the affiliate link. Also, make sure that if you are promoting affiliate products that you have your disclosure in place at the end of the post or PDF.

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Email #3: Squish a But

When it comes to emails, one of my personal faves is the ‘squish a but’ email. This one is based on the Sir Mix-a-Lot Principle and that’s where we’re going to tackle one of the ‘yea, buts’ your audience has with a how-to.

For example, How to __________ without ____________.

  • How to write emails without typing
  • How to sell high ticket coaching without testimonials
  • How to raise chickens without smelling like the backside of a barn
  • How to budget without spreadsheets
  • How to sell to your list without pitching

You want to think about what would prevent your people from trying to do something they want to do. In other words, what are the objections that are holding your person back? What are their secret fears?

You want to think about what would prevent your people from trying to do something they want to do. Click to Tweet

Just tackle one of those in your ‘squish a but’ email. After that, if you have a blog post that helps people with more tips, put a link in your email. Also, if you have a webinar or product that would help your list with the rest of their ‘yea, buts’, this email is an excellent way to segue into a soft pitch.

Email #4: Time-saving Tip

Lastly, share your favorite time-saving tip. This is one of the most fun emails to create and really sparks your readers’ curiosity.

How I _________ in only __________ (minutes/hours) a day/week/month.

  • How I run a six-figure business in just two hours a day
  • How I made a week’s worth of meals in just 3 hours
  • How I stay fit in just 5 minutes a day

Not only are these emails are extremely intriguing for your audience, but they are also a great sentence starter. In addition, you can also use these prompts as subject lines and blog post titles too.

send your list in august kate doster inbox besties podcast

These Are Only 4 Things to Send Your List in August…

In conclusion, my intention with these posts is to help you beat writer’s block and get your brain going. I don’t want you to struggle with having to figure out what to send your list in August (or ever). But if these don’t work for you or if you need even more ideas to get your keyboard clacking, click here for two years worth of email ideas.

Finally, if that’s just not going to cut it and you still feel like your words come out funny, check out the Email Marketing Fairy. It’s a collection of 25 Mad Libs style, fill-in-the-blanks email starters like the four I’ve shared in this post. Above all, it will help you do so much more than just figuring out what to send your list for your weekly newsletters.

The Email Marketing Fairy also has a Welcome Series section, sales funnels, how to deal with deadbeat subscribers, and even what to do if you haven’t talked to your list in forever. It’s a huge collection of pre-written templates and ideas to finally keep you on the top of your email marketing game.

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