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Wondering what to send your email list when you’re all out of creative juice?

Even if you feel like you’re all out of good ideas to send your people, these 4 newsletters are insanely easy to create plus, your subscribers are going to love you for them.

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In the spirit of the Back to Business Bundle Giveaway, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the Email List 911 Action Pack which has tons of templates and resources you can use when you’re stuck for ideas.  These templates are ‘plug & play’.  You literally just fill in the blanks, hit send and then watch more Gilmore Girls.  Because you’re a grown up and you can do what you want.

1. Send Your Email List the ‘Industry News’ Newsletter

This is a great email to pull out of your hat when you’re short on ideas and you want to share something happening in your niche.  The If you feel like you're all out of good ideas to send your email list, these 4 newsletters are insanely easy to create plus, your subscribers are going to love you for them. #whatdoisend #inboxbesties #katedosterformat is simple:

  • Did you hear about (blank)?
  • Small little story about why you’re sharing it.
  • Sign off

That’s it!  Seriously, anyone can use this format and it works for any audience.

What’s great about the ‘Industry News’ format is that you don’t have to write anything.  It’s just three sentences.  I read this (blank), here’s why it matters, and here’s a link.  Bam!  Done.

Let’s say that Facebook is getting rid of likes (they aren’t, but lets say they are for an example)

Did you hear that Facebook is getting rid of likes?  Can you believe it?!  The thing is, I needed to know more about what was going on so after some deep Googling, I stumbled across this article by Timmy McFacebookexpert where he explained everything you need to know about how Facebook getting rid of likes is going to affect your business and what you can do about it.  He even explains how you can still show up at the top of the news feed, even without the ‘like’ button.  I thought you might want to read about it to, so here’s the link: (link). 

Have a great week!

Sign off

How easy is that!?

If you’re sharing a post from another blogger or platform that’s not a huge corporation, make sure to go ahead and contact them to let them know you valued their content and you’re going to share it with your audience.  This can be the start of a good relationship with people in similar niches that you can call on later down the line with collaborations like we talked about in “The Fastest Way to Grow Your Email List in 2020“.

When you use the ‘Industry Newsletter’ to send your list something new and noteworthy within your niche, you are seen as someone who aggregates great content while you’re basically taking the week off from emailing your list.

If you listened to a podcast or watched a YouTube video or read a blog post that had an impact on you, you can also use this same framework to send your list great content that inspired you or made you think deeper about a certain topic or that you learned some great tips from.

2. Send out your favorite time-savers

Let’s face it, we are all strapped for time these days and people try to squeeze the most out of every second of the day.  That’s why the time-savers email is always a winner.  You can use this in any niche whether it’s budgeting or babysitting or Facebook ads or Instagram content or even skincare, people love to learn hacks to get all the things done in less time.  So there’s more time for Gilmore Girls.  Of course.

What I love the most about this email hack is that it can be a quick tip for anything but if you already have a blog post that’s “7 Tips for Getting Slim Fast”, you can share your favorite tip from the article you already have and then in the PS at the bottom, link the blog post so they can get the rest.  If you don’t already have a blog post with your favorite time-savers, don’t worry about it.  Just send your email list the one tip.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to send 3 or 5 or 8 tips to save time in this email.  You want ONE tip because they are busy.  And you’re busy.  And writing just one tip is going to save you time too.  Win/win, for the win.  It can be short and sweet and right to the point like this:

[subject] My best tip for saving time when growing your email list

Let’s be real, you’re probably reading this while standing in the grocery line because you have no time to do anything and boy do I feel you! That’s why I wanted to share my best tip for growing your email list. You see, the fastest way to grow your email list that doesn’t take a lot of time is to actually do a freebie swap. (then I would explain what a freebie swap is and how it works).


One of the things I love about the ‘time-savers’ format is that at the end of your email, you can ask your list what their hack is for saving time.  This is fun because you’re starting a two-way conversation with your audience and you never know what kind of tips they have been hiding from the world.  Then, the next week, you can share some of the best tips you got from your people and the ones who are featured will feel extra-special when they get a shout-out on your email broadcast.

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3.  The Roundup

The ‘Roundup’ is a collection of your most powerful posts, podcasts, Facebook lives, YouTube videos, Instagram stories or wherever else you’ve created some amazing content that needs to see the light of day again.

As an added bonus, using the roundup framework gives your email list the chance to follow you on other social media platforms.  So if they found you on Instagram and you’re sharing a YouTube video you did 2 years ago that just as relevant and powerful today, you’re likely to get a new YouTube subsriber out of it.

You can structure your roundup email in two ways:  One specific subject or a step-by-step plan (like a one email mini-course).

For example, I could create a round up email that said something like, “Ready to explode your email list?” and then share my favorite posts about email growth like Small Things You Can Do to Grow Your List Every Day and 6 Things to Send Your List When You Don’t Know What to Say.  Then I could invite them to take my free mini-course, Freebies That Sell & Serve.  All you’re doing is curating and upcycling content that you already have.

To create the ’roundup’ email in a step-by-step mini-course format, you’re going to upcycle your content in a way that gets them from point A to point B.  If my roundup was about email marketing (and it would be), one email mini-course might have:

  • A blog post on how to figure out who their ideal subscriber is
  • Another blog post covering email service providers and what options they need
  • A third blog post about creating freebies to attract their ideal audience
  • A Facebook live about creating thank you pages

You can send your email list roundup emails in a lot of different ways but the key aspect is that you want your people reading your content. 

If you’re still stuck on what to include in your roundup, you can just choose your most popular content.  Just go through and pull your three most popular blog posts and link them in your email.

People are going to be excited to get this information because they literally signed up for this stuff! And don’t worry about if they already read it… have they actually implemented it? Probably not. Let them read it again.

If you’ve been at this content marketing thing for a while, it’s really important to get your oldies but goodies back out there and in front of your audience. The truth is, most people aren’t going to go through and read your older blog posts. There’s some really great tips buried in your archives. Bring it back out to light!

4.  Call out the burnout

At some point, regardless of what it is you talk about, the shiny newness is going to wear off for your people and they are going to face burnout.  Whether it’s gardening or meal planning or Instagram marketing or playing the Ukelele, people get in a slump and in a funk.

Here’s what I want you to do.. I want you to literally send your email list something this blunt and direct:

Starting to hate (blank)? 

And then you’re going to give them 3 tips to help them get past their burnout.  This doesn’t have to pertain to an existing blog post or podcast – it’s literally 3 tips to basically fall in love with your topic all over again.  This works for any niche, any time.

  • Starting to hate running your business?
  • Starting to hate dieting?
  • Hate dealing with your kids tantrums?

Then you let them know that you totally get it like this:

I have been there.. So here are a few tips to help you beat the burnout and get you ready for more.

You can share a personal story or you can pull from an existing blog post.  So if you already have ’10 Tips to Get More Organized’ then you pull out 3 of those tips that are small victories.  You can share at tip about cleaning out just one drawer, and another tip about having all of your towels folded the same way and then finish it up with arranging the cereal boxes in size order because it’s more aesthetically pleasing.

These need to be quick wins.  Nothing hard.  They’re already burned out.  Just give them something that will move them past the burnout and get excited again.  You want these to be easy things that they can do to get back into the groove. Validate their feelings first and then inspire them to get back on the horse.

Finish up your ‘burnout’ email with “You’d be surprised how implementing just a few tips can make a world of diffeence – and has made a world of difference for me and my students. Let me know how these helped you too! Just hit reply.”

When it comes to what to send your email list each week, don’t overthink it.

These are just four shortcuts you can use to create emails that your audience looks forward to opening.  I know you want to help your people and you want to share because you genuinely care about getting results for your audience.

Don’t let unsubscribers get you off your game or let writer’s block stand in the way of you broadcasting your message.  If you’ve already figured out a way to solve their problems, it’s your job to share that with other people.  That’s why they signed up for your list in the first place.

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