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Today on Inbox Besties we’re going to talk about the real secret to growing an engaged email list.  No it’s not complicated funnels or freebie fests… It’s your mindset.

I’m sharing with you one of the very first things that happens when people go through my signature course, Love Your List.  Doors will officially open again this Fall for Love Your List but if you’re a VIP on the waitlist, you’ll get a chance to join this Summer.

This one mindset shift will have a huge difference in how often you email your list, your open rates, your conversion rates… and most importantly, your confidence….


Being on your list is a privilege.


If you’ve been afraid of being judged, afraid of getting hate mail and afraid that no one is going to download your freebie, it feels like you’re being thirsty (as those millennials put it).  You are coming from a place of desperate energy and they can tell.

Think about it… You’re sharing your knowledge, your expertise, your energy, your enthusiasm… no matter what your topic is.. Whether it’s bullet journaling or fashion or healthy eating or email marketing (even if you’re stalking me and regurgitating my content – I don’t care!)  When you are sharing that kind of content, it’s a privilege to be on your email list. 

Giving away something like an iPad only attracts people who want the free thing – not people who want your content and what you have to offer.  Your real people want your knowledge.




There’s a right way and a wrong way to grow your email list massively with the right type of people.

The real secret to growing an engaged email list isn't having complicated funnels, freebie fests or being the copywriter in the whole world. You see the secret to growing a big email list for your bloggers that actually pays attention to you is this…(Click now or save for later) via @thekatedoster


In Episode 24 of Inbox Besties Maria Sarcen shared how to get tons of email subscribers using a premium style giveaway and how to do it the right way where you attract high-quality people (not just people looking to win an iPad).  When I participated in her Coaches Tool Kit, I woke up to thousands of new email subscribers and ended up making thousands off a $15 tripwire (or what I call “easy yes” offers).  It was ridiculous.  

Being on my list is a privilege … if you don’t want to know about email marketing, then get out!

Why would I create something for someone who isn’t serious?  Who doesn’t like my style? That’s why I name my freebies the way I do. That’s why I write my welcome emails the way I do … because I’m just going to tell you up front that I’m going to sell you stuff!

Now, do I have a higher than normal unsubscribe from being direct?  NO… I actually have a higher than normal reply rate to that email because people are thanking me for being honest and standing in integrity.  And since I have the mindset that being on my email is a privilege, they need to treat it like it’s a privilege. 

We just have to lay out all the cards on the table for people.

What happens if you lose 5 or 10 people? Screw those people.  You don’t want them weighing you down and weighing down your energy.


Your inbox is an intimate connection with your people.


Your emails are not something you have to slave over for hours and hours.  You can literally pop open Word and just start typing about what is on your heart and mind that day.. What you feel that your people need to hear about.

You can help people with concrete how-to stuff…  I do that more the probably more than anyone in my industry and that’s why I have insane conversion rates for ALL of my paid products. Because if I’m giving away real valuable info in my emails, they know they are going to be blown away with anything they purchase one of my paid products.  

Always keep in mind this quote when you’re writing emails, “People will never remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel”.

When you’re passionate about your people – the people that you are called to serve and you genuinely help them – whether it’s weight loss or bullet journaling – when you make them feel like a badass, they realize that being on your list is a privilege.  

You don’t have to be thirsty.  Your freebie is like your bouncer – keeping the riff raff out and only letting in the people who genuinely want to be there.

Remember, this does not have to be hard. You just have to think, “OMG I finally get to talk with people who care as much as I do about my topic as I do!”

And remember… Being on your list is a privilege. 

And if you’re not quite sure what to say to the people on your list?

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