Do You Really Need An Email List?????

Remember Friendster? Exactly…

Welcome to episode 001 of Inbox Besties + the first episodes in our free Launch Your List Series

1. Social Media Platforms – Go out of fashion. For every Facebook there’s a digi-grave yard with the Peaches, Blab and Anchors of the world.

2. How many times have you deleted the email app from your phone…Be real how many times have you checked your email today?

3. It’s the ultimate way to forge a relationship with your followers – You can share more personal stories

4. You control the “experience” with an autoresponder, I can’t guarantee you listened to my episode in order. But I can control the flow of info into your inbox.

5. Emails subscribers are;

  • Email is nearly 40x better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers. (McKinsey & Company)
  • Email conversion rates are 3x higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion (McKinsey & Company)
  • 70% of people say they always open emails from their favorite brands (ExactTarget)

6. You own it – 

A VA can’t steal your FB Group and block you. It can’t get easily hacked like an Instagram account and Zuck’s can’t take away your page…just cause.



What’s your perfect mega list builder?

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We’re hosting a day 5 Launch Your List Series:

Where we’re answering….

  1. Why you need an email list in the first place?
  2. What the crap do all these markety terms mean?
  3. 4 Step System for Figuring Out Which Email Service Provider Is Best for You! (Not which one I get a giant commission for endorsing)
  4. A deceptively simple, yet proven plan for getting your first subscribers 500 fast.
  5. How to write the “perfect email”.
  6. How many subscribers you should have before you start emailing your list + how often you send emails
  7. What you should send your list..even if your blog is collecting cobwebs (One-off emails  vs Autoresponders) 

What can I say? I’m a rebellious over-deliver-er. 🙂 

Tips for beginner bloggers. Do you really need an email list? 6 reasons why building an email list is the smartest money you could make. save or click through to listen