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Please tell me you’re not making one of these 3 major productivity mistakes with your blog. But don’t worry if you are because this week I am interviewing Emily McGee Of, the go-expert for all things productivity related when it comes to running your blog. And today, Emily is dishing out her best productivity tips for new bloggers.

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(No time to read? Scroll on down to the bottom of this page listen to the podcast version of this interview on Episode #27 of the Inbox Besties Podcast  or click here to listen on itunes or stitcher.) 


Productivity tips for new bloggers. Are you making one of these 3 HUGE productivity mistakes when trying to run your blog and turning it into a business? Don't. Emily of shares her best productivity tips for new bloggers so they can get more done without having to skip showers, meals and feeling like a bad mom

Biggest Blogging Productivity Mistake #1 – Stressing Out About The WRONG Metrics

This might surprise a lot of bloggers, but It’s actually not that helpful to being obsessed with tracking your blog traffic. Because knowing you have 500 per day doesn’t help you come up with a plan it’s doesn’t help you figure out what to do next.

In fact obsession over your traffic can actually lower your productivity because if your number of views are tiny,  kind of gets you depressed about blogging –  so instead of promoting your blog or working on a new paid product you just give up and scroll Facebook. 

 Sure, if using ad services is the only way you make money blogging then keeping up to date with your traffic okay, but for most people that they should be focusing on email open rates and clicks. 

Because your email list is where the “real money” is, where the real connection is made. So that’s what you need to be focusing on not vanity metrics like traffic and followers so much.



Biggest Blogging Productivity Mistake #2 – Creating too much new free content

A lot of people are writing way too many new blog posts because they’re stressing out about the getting the traffic numbers up and they feel new content is the only solution to that.

So they’re devoting so much time to creating these new blog post that they’re not actually spending time on the important aspects of their business – Like promoting a blog post they already have. Not optimizing post they already have with content upgrades Or taking time to do the more higher-level thinking and planning – which is what causes a new blogger to get super burnt out. Because while they’re working hard it’s not actually leading them anywhere.  So their not getting the results or money they want.

When you really drill down to the heart of it creating so many new blog posts usually comes down to some type of fear. Writing blog posts feels safe. Promoting blog posts can feel pushy, icky sleazy or slimy which feels heavily to a lot of bloggers. So they’d rather stay in their comfort cocoons of writing more blog post and pinning a post once – then hoping it goes viral. Then to put a solid effect of promoting their current blog posts and getting the results – traffic, repins etc – they were hoping for.

When you’re just starting out it is important to post consistently and show up often on your blog with content because it takes a while to even figure out what great content is. Most of us have never done this before so our first couple posst are really embarrassing, We eventually will bury them in archives – but it’s important to give yourself that time the grace to figure out what your voice is, what resonates with your audience, and how to grow as a writer.

The most important thing is to create a publishing schedule that is realistic and one you can stick to.

If you’re a single mom who works a 9-5 and have to take care of her kids posting every day today isn’t feasible but it’s perfectly manageable to create a new blog post once every two weeks. Then spend the rest of the post promoting it. It’s more important you don’t get burnt out.

Once you have about 30 quality post on your site – it’s important to pull back. Only create something new when you have something important to say that relates to a promotion or goal you have – like filling up new workshop or spotting a paid product you offer.

Because you can get so much mileage out of the content you already have. Click to Tweet

So you can spend time on my higher-level things.

Biggest Blogging Productivity Mistake #3 – Waiting too long to launch something paid of your own

I think there’s a misconception that you need to have 1000 email subscribers or 10,000 page views before you can create a paid ebook, course or paid printable. That’s just plain not true.

Once you put together even a small product (or “Easy Yes Offers” like Kate calls them in One Click Funnels).

tweetable – Create a small product, while your audience is small.**

It’s how you get your name out there. It’s how you start building that sea of raving fans and get feedback about your topic – so you can create more strategic blog posts that crush some objections and fear people have around your topic.

It helps the rest of your business come together because you can start planning backways (or as Kate calls it – planning your paths to profits) so you’re not just creating for the sake anymore. Everything has a purpose which is the true key to productivity. Because it gets you out of reacting and start being proactive – so you’re not wasting your time.

**If you listen to the interview Emily spills the beans about why she wished started with an ebook instead of a course iTunes / stitcher**

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This is why having a business plan like is so important – hint why Emily is running a value soaked workshop – actionshop about it Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018 about creating a simple let dangerously effective business plan.

You can do this!

I know it seems like a lot, and you’re scared of making the wrong move. That’s why I invited Emily on the blog & podcast. And  was so thrill to do a joint action shop with – so we can put your mind at ease and make blogging fun again.

If you want to hear more details about how Emily went from middle school teacher to a pro-blogger who now lives in Africa?

Click the play button below to listen to her full interview on the Inbox besties podcast


Show notes:

[27] Are you making one of the 3 biggest productivity mistakes 85% of bloggers make? with Emily from My Adaptable Career
Feb 16th, 2018

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