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This is an open letter to my fellow white girls who are “listening” this week – pay the people you’ve been listening to.

It’s post (which was  originally an Instagram post & email) dedicated to all my fellow kind hearted, “I want to change the world”, white girls who are feeling little overwhelmed right now and don’t know where to start.  You know what happened to Breonna Taylor was HORRIBLE. When George Floyd was calling out for his mama, it activated something in your mama heart too.

And while your Kindle might be chock-full of shine new books to read, you’re still debating should you say something or not.

Because we all know you don’t want to be lumped in with those other “leaders” in the online business and blogging who are coming off as the fake, insincere, assholes. ( Really Brooke Castillo “Racism is just a set of  “conditions” in your mind.” Go f-ck yourself.) 

But this post isn’t about them. It’s about you. Right now.  What you can do to help.

And it’s simple:

Pay (in some way shape or form) back the brilliant black creators’ content you’ve been binging to on IGTV All week.


Give.Her (Specifically).Your.Money

And it funds are alittle short right now don’t worry I’ve got you. Because while shares, “thank yous” and “sorrys” are nice it’s not enough.

Here’s my email:

So I know last week I shared my thoughts on George Floyd, what’s going on in the States and how it could affect your business.

Should you still launch?
Still email?
Speak out?

In short, I don’t have the answers – your gut does.

My gut?

It said to be here and listen.

And I did listen and reflect (still am).

And while it’s important to support causes, funds and organizations that our hearts are drawing us to…

I think it’s particularly important for all us “listeners” to financially compensate in some way or form All the brilliant black women and men who are willing to wear their hearts on their sleeves and teach us how to do better. Particularly on IGTV videos. And not just share… (though keep sharing, that’s good). (And don’t worry I got six actionable ways you can help support them right now and 3 won’t cost you a dime.)

Because again, it’s my mission in life to put money in the hands of good people so they can do good things like Ivirlei Brookes.

She had one IGTV called ‘White Women Who Truly Want To Help: Here’s How’ that has 3.6 million views as of the time I’m writing this.

Can you imagine if everyone who watched this video Venmo her just $1  as a “Thank you for showing me what to work on so I can do better.”? In 3 days she would have made 3.6 MILLION dollars for helping people do better. Let that sink in.

So here’s 6 (small) ways you can pay back the black creators you’ve been listening to and learning from because I know you want to do better.

I know you want to help but you might feel overwhelmed.

And I know you’re a good person. You wouldn’t still be on my list if you weren’t.

And if you can think of more ways please let me know. I’m all ears. Of course telling your friends and followers to do the things in this list too will help. (which you can totally do by the way) so I guess that makes it 7 ways you can help out.

So let’s get started:

(Please note, I’ve been listening to alot black women hint why it says her in all of these but him works too.)

It’s also an IG post if you feel called to share it with your people

1. Buy her stuff (Obvious, but not the only way)

While I know you’d love to interview her or hire her for coaching. Realize that right now her time is at a premium. Purchase her leveraged products. Use them. Love them. Tell the world about how good it is next month, in three months and so on.

2. Click the link in her (Instagram) bio – if there’s a or Venmo link. Use it.

I know you want to give more and you don’t want to insult her by only giving a dollar or two or five. But realize if every viewer gives them just one dollar they would have a crap load more money. Don’t let your pride, embarrassment or fear get in the way. Give.

3. Go to her website – Scour it for affiliate links to Amazon, Wayfair, Target and Fashion Sites. Click on them BEFORE you place your normal orders. (Or for all those books she told you to read!)

Even if you don’t buy the rug she suggested or that cute shirt, if you enter these companies websites through her affiliate links she will make a commission (so you know all those books she told you to read? If you’re not going to get them through a locally owned bookstore, go to her site first, then buy them online. (Again every little bit helps.) Be sure to save her site as one of your bookmarks so you can rewire your brain and make it easy to go to that post first.

4. Does she have a YouTube channel? Subscribe, watch her videos, like her videos, leave comments then let her videos play in the background so she can get ad revenue.

Plus this will help her rank higher in the YouTube algorithm which means she can get more subscribers and more views not only for ads for potential sponsorship deals.

If she has a new channel it’s EXTREMELY important you subscribe and watch all her videos because you need a certain number of subscribers and watchtime to qualify for ads in the first place.

5. Does she have a podcast? Listen, subscribe and download all her episodes and leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.

Having high download numbers and ranking is extremely important if she chooses to monetize with sponsorships deals. Not only do most companies pay podcasters per thousand or 10,000 downloads (the more the better) but she will be able to leverage her audience size to get higher payout rates on those download numbers too.

6. Does she have ads on her site? Daily go to her site and read at least three articles, and try to be on there for more than five minutes.

Not only will she get that ad revenue but, it could potentially make her eligible to apply for higher-paying ad networks too. Which means more money in her pocket, that wasn’t there before.

Look I know those seem like tiny things but if everyone does even at least one (although I would love to see 2-3 for each creator they are learning from), it will make a big difference.

Later Days,

Kate “Lets Do Better” Doster

P.S. If you’ve wanted to listen more, but you don’t where to find these powerful videos, I have a lot of them saved in my Instagram highlights under BLM.

Black Lives Matters.

And one more thing I’d like to add.

If you really struggling with the lack of action your favorite industry leader is taking and “calling them out” isn’t your style…

You need to watch the IGTV Shunta Grant did called “She’s just not that into you”

…But I  better see your Best Today Guide Planners (she created) or screenshots of you sharing the Business Life & Joy on your Instagram feed.

Original IG Post:


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For all my fellow white girls who want to do better. Who have been listening, thinking, donating and sharing powerful IGTV of brilliant black women telling us what we can do in our IG stories. Have you actually clicked the link in her bio? Have you scrolled through her feed? Because while sharing and shout outs are nice (and so needed) wouldn’t it be even better if someone like @ivirlei got one dollar, just one tiny little dollar for every view of her powerful video White Women who want to help. She would have an extra 1.9 million dollars right now. Think about that. And if money is an issue, keep sliding because #4,5,6 are completely free and honestly #3 is just her getting a cut of something you’ve already spending money on. So BEFORE you share powerful videos from ladies like @ayanagabriellelage, @ericacourdae, @shuntagrant and @thetashabooth make sure you click her bio link and support her, like she’s been supporting us.

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