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After the Open Rate Catatpult Mini Course You’ll:


Know the BEST TIME to send your emails for maximum opens


Exactly how long your subject lines should be to become a must open message


The 1 factor in getting your emails open (and how you boost it.)


3 things high priced copywriters do to ensure their clients get the most eyeballs on their emails


The seemly innocent links that if you include them can stink in your open rates


13 of the best (and most importantly - proven) subject lines that get instant opens


How you can improve the open rate of your next email in less then 5 minutes (and it has NOTHING to do with your subject line.)


Improve the performance (and sales) from your welcome series & funnels because subscribers are actually opening your stuff

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Here’s how we’re going to do it:

Lesson 1: The Truth About Open Rates

In this 9 minute lesson we’re:

  • Going to go over how you can get the most of this course
  • What’s a good open rate
  • What no one tells you about open rates
  • What other things to track too
  • What do expect open rate wise on all your welcome series, funnels & buyer series –  open rate wise and how to make them WAAAAY better 

Lesson 2: The secrets to boosting your open rates that have nothing to do with subject lines

In this 25 minute lesson we’re covering:

  • How “TDL’s” effects your open rates
  • What’s really dragging down your opens (and how to fix them)
  • Boosting your “Cool” (sender score) & Bumping up your open rates
  • The #1 factor in getting your emails open (and how to improve it) <<<<SO IMPORTANT
  • Unleashing “the lost” principal to get more opens
  • 2 Things you need to do every time you send an email (don’t skip these)
  • When is the best time to send your emails

Lesson 3: Subject Line Glow Ups

In this 27 minute lesson we’re covering:

  • What pro-copywriters do to write better subject lines
  • The most effective (underutilized) hack for writing home run subject lines
  • How long should subject lines be
  • How to instantly stand out in a crowded, crowded inbox
  • My Go-to Subject line formulas

    Bonus: 243 Subject Lines

      Just need a quick hit of inspiration? Here’s over 200+ top performing subject lines that work almost any niche to get your creative juices (and open rates) flowing…

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