The One Thing Standing Between You an Extra $17,520 This Year….

Pretty ballsy headline right?

I mean we just meet and I’m already telling you, you’re leaving an extra $17,520 on the table.

Money, you could use to buy the fancy organic grocery at Whole Foods every week and show that snug Susan up the street you’re just as good as she is. (Even though we both know you’re already million times cooler than she is.)

But more importantly, that money is a symbol. A symbol that all the hard work, long hours and “Just a minute honeys” that turned into 4 hours and a bunch of passive aggressive messages later, are 100% worth it. 

Because your business and blog are legit. 

Now you might be thinking….Oh no….this chick is going say the one thing I’m missing is  Facebook Ads, Pinterest or worst – that I have money blocks blocking my bucks.”

Well, it’s none of those.  *gasp*

So what is standing you and easy moo-lah you’ve been secretly dream boarding about?

Having a Spine-Tingling Easy Yes Offer.

A “Spine-Tingling Easy Yes Offer”: 

is a small high-value, low-cost digital product your new subscribers gobble up like candy.  It’s the “Gateway Drug” to getting people happliy addicted to throwing money at you. 


Supercharging your Easy Yes Offer…

Now having a spine-tingling easy yes offer setting on your website all the time is nice but if you really want to supercharge the results your community gets (and bloat your piggy bank’s pant)..having an easy yes offer with an even steeper discount living on your Thank You Page is one-two combo for success. 

Now I know it sounds a tad aggressive but hear me out…

You clicked on this page because you have a problem.  You’re not making enough money.

And I’d be a grade A assface if a had super simple yet dangerously effective system for fattening up your piggy bank but I made you wait 5-10 days to hear about it. 

Because you want results now, you need results now,  and you don’t have time to waste darn it. 

Your audience is the same way.

So reward the driven action takers – who want results now –  w/ an extra 50%-90% discount off an Easy Yes Offer thanks laser-crafted to propel them forward now. 

Here’s how:

One Click Funnels Passive Income System

Helps content creating entrepreneurs and aspiring pro-bloggers like you stand out in sea vanilla samesies with unique power-packed mini-digital products that virtually sell themselves. 

After this no BS click-by-click video course you’ll walk away with...

An irresistible “easy yes” paid offer poised to earn you over a thousand dollars every single month even if you have no idea what you could possibly sell right now

A “Take My Money Now Sales Page” that sounds like you making a caring recommendation to a friend, not tricking some stranger out of their hard earn money with shady, manipulative tactics that make you want to take a cold shower after using them

A pro-looking digital shop, that takes payments, automatically delivers your “Easy Yes Offers” and payouts affiliate partners  with zero frustration so you can generate even more profits with no extra effort

A legion of die-hard customers addicted to throwing wads of cash at you for life while singing your praises to the masses so when you’re ready for a “big time” launch you’ve got people lined up around the digi-block. 

This course is valued at $297 but you can snag it for the dangerously low investment of  just $117 or 2 Payments of $64

 Plus you get  5 additional bonuses valued at $349 included completely free of charge. 


Here’s the breakdown of everything you’ll get….

Each module has a handful of 10-minute videos + workbook so you can get in, get out and get earning fast.breakdown…

Now about those bonuses….

Working with Kate as been a turning point for me.

I went in thinking I was going to get help in terms of accountability and finishing a bunch of stuff.

I came out with a completely new product direction and brand which is MUCH more me — which explains why I was having a hard time getting the old stuff done.

 Kate pretty much wore a gazillion mentoring hats so she could help me with everything from positioning and productivity, to copy and product naming.  And made me laugh and have fun.


Creator of Brand Me Right,

You’ll get the entire One Click Funnel Course Valued at $297. Plus all 5 Toe-Curling Bonuses Valued $349 for just a one-time payment of  $117 or two easy payments of $64

Frequency Asked Questions 
But I don't even have an email list can I still use this course?
Yes, included in this course is the “Eye Ball Infuser Guide” which breaks down step by step how to get your first 1000 subscribers lightening fast. Plus you get free access to the Vault resource library which has video tutorials covering all the techie bits of setting your email list
Why would anyone actually pay for stuff when there's sooo much info out there for free?
Look we both know it’s super easy to suck into the Youtube and Google worm hole.  You stroll over to Youtube for a quick tutorial on Canva than 8 “You didn’t know these co-stars hated each other” and “15 ways to make money online” videos you’re not close to creating that perfect pin. Your potential customers are falling victim to the same thing.

They want a clear path that gets them results fast.

But how can I sell something I don't have any results yet?
Look, I can’t lie to you. If you are going to ask people for money it should be based on something you or your clients use/did.

That being said, people love spread sheets, tools and lists that will help them get the job done faster, so if you love research but haven’t gotten kick ass results yet, that’s def the way to go. In fact, I list of Easy Yes Offers included in 1CF for my eager beginners.   Just don’t make any false claims okay?

Do I need to buy any other fancy tools or programs? Money is really tight.
Nope! I totally remember what’s like to be a scrappy boot-strapper. Many of the tools I feature in 1CF have free to use versions that only charge small fee if you sell something.
Do I have to sell my Easy Yes Offer on "Thank You" page?
Nope! While I strongly recommend offering something for sale on your thank you page since it’s the only thing we can guarantee new subscribers will see. (You’ll be shocked at how many people sign up for freebie but never actually open the email). If doesn’t sit well with you can always turn your easy Yes offer into a product that’s always available on your site and offer subscribers a code coupon after they’ve been on your list for a while.  Or no discount at all.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a 10 day “do the work” refund policy. Simply send me a copy of your “Easy Yes” Offer and a link to your live Sales Page to for a full refund of your purchase price.

Where should I send your free course, homeslice?

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