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5 Steps to Make More Sales Of Products You Already Have

While some people have built their entire online empires by creating new offers every week, a lot of us are looking for a bit more space and freedom when it comes to making sales in our online business. Even if you love going live and doing live trainings, these 5 steps can help you make more sales of products you already have. 

If you haven’t launched a product yet, I’m going to recommend you check out Ditch the Ish It’s a 12-day audio boot camp that helps you get rid of the -ish that’s holding you back from launching and selling your products.  I show you how to pick a topic, put a price on it, and bust through your blocks and frustration that comes with launching paid products.  Because it’s so close to my heart, 97% of all sales of Ditch the Ish goes towards charities that help women around the world.  

#1 Make More Sales by Getting More Eyeballs on Your Offer

I know it sounds like a no-brainer but if no one is seeing the fabulous offer you’ve created, no one is going to buy it.  

The question you need to ask yourself is how many people are actually seeing your products.  If you haven’t already, get Google Analytics set up for your website. If it’s something that you’ve launched before or something that’s available all the time, it helps to know how many people are seeing it.  You might think that people are on your website already, and that may very well be the case, but if they aren’t seeing the products you have available, you’re not going to make as many sales. 

If you’re honest with yourself and take a hard look at your numbers, you’ll know just how many eyeballs are actually on your offer every day.  

1. Talk about your products on social media more

I know you don’t want to annoy your followers constantly pitching products to them but if they don’t what you have for sale, you won’t be able to help them long term.  You can show:

  • Share social media shout outs or testimonials
  • Ask questions on Instagram stories like – “Are you tired of having cereal fall on your head all the time?” Then you need X.
  • Brag about results you’ve gotten by using your process that you teach in your system
  • Share a personal story about your struggle or about how you’re now almost living your dream
  • Remind people in your Facebook group about your products

2. Mention your products in the free content you create

Do you have a  blog post on site getting alot of traffic? If it relates to the topic of your paid offer be sure to add a extra paragraphs about it throughout the post. You can even go a step further  in a create a mini-ad for it using Canva. If you’re a podcaster like myself  I’ll casually mention of a product that can help take whatever I’m talking about on Inbox Besties and make it easier for my listeners to do

3. Make it easy to find (and buy) on your site

Use a tools like Canva or Picmonkey to create eye-catching banner ads about your products that you can add to your sidebar. For an extra boost at a product mock up to your banners like this one for The Email Marketing Fairy (a set of over 50 Email Templates I have) I created using SmartMockups. Don’t forget to add links to your sales pages directly on your menu bar.

4. Create New Pins For Your Sales Page

Pinterest has come out and said they are now prioritizing fresh pins, in an effort to keep Pinners from getting bored and seeing the same images over and over again.  So spend time every week or two creating at least four new pins that you can pin to relevant boards. This will ensure that your audience is always aware of the products that you have for sale that can help them out.

To be sure you don’t accidentally spam your board I would highly advise investing in a pin scheduler like Tailwind when it comes to posting to your most relevant boards about your products. Tailwind has taken the time to build in failsafes like telling you “Hey, you’ve pinned this particular pin on too many boards or are pinning this imagine too close together.  With so many people are getting their accounts shut down  be Pinterest things spammer having theese failsafe are key in maximizing your time and effort on Pinterest.

Click here to schedule your first 100 pins with Tailwind completely for free. (No time limit) 

5. Run re-targeting ads on Facebook or Instagram

This is the only tip in this entire post that is actually going to cost you any money. However if you are going to invest in any types of ads this is one of the smartest and most cost-effective things you can do. Essentially after you install the Facebook pixel on your sales page you can tell Facebook to run an ad to who one who landed on your sales page but didn’t buy. That’s why that cute pair of shoes from Amazon has been following you around the Internet for four days.

Want to make more sales of products you already have but not sure what to do? Check out these 5 steps you can take to boost your bottom line today. #makesales #katedoster #inboxbesties

#2 Improving Your Content In You Existing Digital Product to Boost Sales

When you go to the grocery store, you’ll see “new & improved” formula on just about every dishwashing detergent bottle, laundry detergent, air freshener, and even baby formula. Why?  Because people love “new”, they like exciting and they’re hoping that the “new” formula will be the magical easy button they’ve been looking for.  

How does that relate to quality content and making more sales? 

1. Add new content

If you’ve been selling something for a while and you’re paying attention to your customers, you’re likely to find there are places where they get stuck. Create new content that fills in that gap. You can create a lesson, a handout, or a new template that helps with that situation. 

If you’re selling meal plans and you notice that a lot of people are vegan and it’s taking them forever to figure out meatless alternatives, you can include something like a meatless swap guide. Then when you advertise your product or talk about it in blog posts, podcasts, videos, social media, or in your emails, you can say that your new & improved meal plan guide now includes a vegan guide valued at $17 or whatever makes sense for your audience. 

2. Add a new bonus or whole new module

 In keeping with the meal plan example, you could have a “vegan corner” that’s an entire stand-alone module in itself and label it as a bonus that’s absolutely free.

Sometimes, you’ll find that people are asking you some very basic questions that you didn’t cover in your training.  You can add more content to your offers by answering those questions and turning them into a video training or module and labeling it as a “prep & prepare” training.  And since it’s new and exciting, it will help you make more sales! So not only are you filling a gap with your products and therefore helping more people, you’re also making more profit. 

3. Revamp your existing course structure.

This is something I do a couple of times a year for Love Your List. It’s not that students aren’t getting results, but we noticed that people would rather learn about their welcome series before their thank you pages or landing pages so we’ve moved things around to accommodate the Love Your List students.

When you revamp your existing courses or products, you don’t necessarily need to redo all of your lessons or handouts. Just make sure that you let people know that “this used to be in Module 5 but we found it was more effective to be in Module 3”. No big deal.

4. Upgrade the quality

 This is something I did with One Click Funnels. One Click Funnels was one of the first Easy Yes Offers that I created all about creating offers you can sell on your Thank You pages, tools. Over time, some of the tools I recommend in the course were out of date and needed to be updated. Also, it was originally created as 2 long videos and the student feedback was that they would rather have more bite-size, shorter videos so I chopped them up. At this stage, it’s time to completely re-record the videos, create new handouts, and make the content we already have even better. 

With tools like Canva and stock photo sites like Ivory Mix & SheBold Stock now offer freebie and workbook templates you can turn that “good enough” worddoc pdf into a stunning workbook.

5. Another way to make more sales of products you already have is a rebrand or rename.

This goes hand and hand with upgrading the content. Sometimes as you’re looking at a course, the name you originally gave it doesn’t really fit anymore. That’s what happened to my Trello course. Originally it was called Trelloing for Traffic because having using Trello for a couple of months my traffic skyrocket. However, this product just doesn’t help with traffic. It helps with creating courses, planning mega launch and conquering your to do list which is why renaming it yet Trello Magic was essential.  When I relaunched it after the rebrand, it was “new & improved” with the new name and the new branding and I made more sales because it made more sense to my audience. 


#3 Do A Short Term Promotion Blitz

Making sales doesn’t always have to be a long, drawn-out launch. Sometimes it can be a short term quick promo that gets your people excited about buying right now.

1. You can run a flash sale with a limited time discount.

2. Bundle your product with another piece of paid content you have

3. Add a limited time bonus

4. Offer free calls or session to the first 10 people who purchase during this limited time

5.  Have a Facebook Live Series or hold a causal webinar

While having Live masterclasses or webinars are great for short term promotions. Regardless of whether your product is a $7 e-book or a $1,000 course, by delivering great content on your live webinar, you can just tell your people about your paid product at the end. 

You can take a module from your course or a chapter from your e-book and have a three-day challenge that covers the content and let them know that you go more in-depth in the actual course or e-book. That way you can actually make more sales by promoting it for 4 or 5 days instead of relying on a link on your website. 

#4 Start Playing the Long Game

While I covered making sure you get eyeballs on your products, having quality content, and running short term promotions to make more sales, there are some serious benefits to playing the long game. These strategies may take a bit longer to plan and implement but the payoff is totally worth it.


1.Create a new freebie that leads to your paid course or ebook

One of the things you can do to make more sales in the long term is to focus on your freebies. Strategically create new freebies that point towards your paid products. When done correctly, your freebies will naturally lead your people into wanting the next step – which would be your paid product.

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2. Update your Welcome Series

Your Welcome Series is a great place to focus on making more sales. Take some time to review and revamp your welcome series to make sure you’re mentioning your products. Again, if your people don’t know what you have for sale, they can’t buy them. You can mention your product in one email of your welcome series and then cover some FAQ’s in the next one. 

3. Create a non-buyer series

Speaking of email series, a non-buyers email sequence is a great strategy you can use to make more sales.  If you have a funnel set up for a product that you have for sale all the time, you’re naturally going to have a whole list of people that didn’t buy your product. What do you do with them? 

Make sure you segment your list so you can specifically email your non-buyers with an email sequence. Then 45 or 90 days later (or whatever feels right to you), you can pull them out of your regular weekly newsletter list and specifically email them about a product that’s at another price point or covers a different struggle your audience has. Then, you just put them right back into your weekly newsletters.

If you’re not sure how to segment your list, contact your email service provider (I recommend Convert Kit) and they can walk you through it or direct you to some tutorials. 

4. Create or revamp the affiliate program for your products

This is something personally my team and I are working on this quarter thanks to Zoe Linda’s amazing Affiliate Program Toolkit. You see, while I’ve always allowed people who purchase my products to earn a commission when they tell their friends and followers about them. But I haven’t not the best job of supporting them and showing them how to encourage sales.  At one point I don’t think I even I have graphics for the Email Market Fairy. (My b). But thanks to Zoe, that won’t happen anymore.

To get started with your affiliate program (or to give a major overhaul like we are) grab Zoe’s free Affiliate Program Starter Guide here. 


#5 Revamp Your Sales Pages

5 steps to make more sales kate doster inbox besties podcast

Giving your sales pages a little attention can result in more sales for products that you already have without a whole lot of time and effort. Revamping your sales page doesn’t have to be a complete rebrand or a sales copy overhaul.

1. Add new testimonials and screenshots of shoutouts.

You can ask your existing buyers for new testimonials to freshen up your sales page or even ask for video testimonials – those are huge.  If your current project doesn’t have any testimonials at the moment you can always use kind words that people say about your blog, podcast, or even when you’re helping in a Facebook Group. 

2. Add a sales video to your sale page

A study by reveals that use of video on landing pages has the power to increase conversion by 80%. (source Cincopa). While I can’t Guarantee you’ll see the same results on your sales page I cannot tell you by actively putting a face and voice to your product you will indeed see higher conversion.

But sure your sales video include the problem or moments that your potential buyers are facing now and how your product & method are different the other things they might have tried.  And of course you can show them a sneak peek of what it’s like behind the hood of your course or ebook too.

To make a simple video I recommend using something like Screencast O-Matic or loom.

3. Change your offer’s hook or sale page headlines 

Maybe in your sales page, you’re focusing on how much time your digital product can save them, instead you can focus how many money they will save. Or you can “find a bad guy” to target.

For example a few months ago I stumbled upon on influencer who was convinced create “How To” was keeping people poor. He went on an on about it. Making ‘How To” content the bad guy.  This is an Advance strategy. But when you can actually nail an interesting or contradictory to common information “bad guy” the sales came pouring in.

4. Infuse for powerful “moments” on your sales page

We’ve all read a sales page that says something like “Have the the business of your dream” (can you get more genetic BS then that) by infusing “Moments” specific examples and situations that show up in your person’s life you’re copy will outperform averages all the times.

Take for exactly Trello Magic. The target customers for that course is as someone who feels extremely  disorganized, overwhelm and they’re not getting enough done. While I could use those totally generic terms instead I choose to showcase what it means to be disorganized like having 15 tabs open on your computer because you can’t focus.  That’s a moment.

5. Look at hot maps

If you want to get really advanced, you can use something called heat maps to see exactly what people are looking at when they are reading your sales page. HotJar has a free plan with limited features and a 15-day trial on their paid plan so you can try it out on your site. It lets you see how far down people are scrolling on your page and know when you’re losing their interest and adjust your headlines or copy to keep their interest longer. 

image source hotajr

(Image source

So to recap…

If you want to make more sales of your digital products, courses or ebooks focus on these 5 areas:


Traffic – how much am I actually getting and what can I do to improve it?

Quality of content – rewrite, rework, and restructure

Short term blitz – make it fun and exciting

Long term –  focus on your freebies, your welcome series, your non-buyer series

Sales page – update your testimonials, add videos if possible, and look at your hooks

If you focus on just one of these areas, you’re naturally going to make more sales and of course, if you tackle these one at a time, you’ll multiply your results and your income in the process.


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