How to Land TV & Radio Interviews Even If You’re Brand New & Have No Following

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A Newbie Step By Step Plan For Getting Media Coverage for Your Blog, Business and Brand Even If No One Knows Your Name

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This week on the show we’re tackling getting media coverage for your small business and blog with our PR Expert Christy Laverty 

Chrisy is a 20-year veteran Journalist, working in some of Canada’s largest broadcast newsrooms. She’s been a news/media decision maker and knows EXACTLY what the media needs and wants.

There is power in the media. In this week’s episode, you’ll learn to leverage that power to better promote your business, blog, and brand without pulling your hair out, slaving away for hours or emptying out your pockets.

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This is episode we discuss:

  •  Why following up with journalists and producers is a must
  • If journalist & producers really care about how many social media followers you have
  • A step by step plan if you’re starting from sub-zero and only have a dream of a getting on the airways.
  • Why even though you might not listen to the radio in your car anymore it’s still a fantastic way to boost to your creditably fast
  • The #1 reason why journalist won’t bat an eyelash in your pitch
  • How to conquer those butterflies and just pitch anyways.

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A beginner's bloggers and Freelancers Guide To Getting Media Coverage for Your Online Business & Blog. How to Write a pitch email. Click now & save for later

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