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In this value-packed episode of Inbox Besties, I’m excited to have Jessica Freeman from share her wealth of knowledge about web design, content creation and more.  Jess is a graphic & web designer for service based business owners who grew her business from freelance to full-time right out of college and hasn’t looked back since.  

If you’ve been riding the hot mess express when it comes to your website design & content creation, you’re gonna want to tune in to this one!

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Biggest Takeways:

In this interview Jess & I talk about:

  • How 1-minute YouTube videos transformed her business
  • How she grew her freelance income to DOUBLE what she was making at her full-time job 
  • Her embarrassing failed event launch and how it impacted her creativity
  • The biggest mistakes people make on their websites that repels clients 
  • How to boost your credibility by ask the right questions for client testimonials
  • And more!

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