So it turns out the day I get

the MOST OPENS is…


Which I thought was super odd because I send my normal weekly emails on Fridays (which only ranked 3rd).

But then I remembered on Tuesdays we send special emails to just the current students of my signature email marketing & sales program: Love Your List.  My guess is since we have our live q & a’s on Wednesdays,  Listies are going to their inboxes to get the link to join – which is driving up my overall open rates on Wednesdays.

Now, are open rates the only thing that matters? No. Especially, since tech is having a harder and harder time accurately tracking them due to more privacy settings.

So what is important? Connecting with your audience in an engaging way that sparks action. 

And that’s exactly what my free training: The Cookie Method: How to Write Emails So Good They Lick The Screen will help you do.
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