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This week on Inbox Besties I have the pleasure of interviewing problogger passive income super star, and leader of the Bread & Butter Blogging U –  Eden Fried  host of the Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast.

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What makes this interview so special (besides the amazing value bombs Eden is dropping) is that today Eden is releasing an interview I did on her podcast The Rebel Boss Ladies Podcast all about how to get reader addicted to throwing money at you on repeat.  Click here to listen on iTunes or here for android users.

Want to sell digital courses & ebooks to make money blogging but you're afraid your launch might fail. This week on inbox besties Eden Fried tell us exactly how you can turn a failed launch into a cash cow even if you have small email list. #ebooks #launches #makingmoneyonline #makemoneybloggingAfter this episode you’ll know…

  • How to tell if your launch was big failure or not..spoiler alert it probably wasn’t
  • What to do if you tell your audience you have 10 seats to your group coaching program but only fill two spots #embarrassing
  • How Eden took a course that didn’t sell a single copy and turned it into a cash cow!
  • Exactly how many people you should have on your list before launching a product
  • And so much more


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Eden’s Official Bio:

Eden Fried ditched paint-suits and law libraries in early 2016 and traded them in for sweat pants and a laptop so she could build a business online. Ever since abandoning corporate America, Eden has successfully built a profitable online business by selling digital products. Today, she and her husband live off of passive income – the kind of income you earn while sleeping at night, out to dinner with friends, or wiping your baby’s butt cheeks. How does she do it? Well, she keeps no secrets. Eden shares her entire strategy on her website,, where she teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to build that life of freedom and financial flexibility by creating and selling digital products online. Are you intrigued?? You can learn how Eden made her first $1,000 online by downloading her personal story: When Eden’s not blogging or recording an episode of the Rebel Boss Ladies podcast, she’s either at the CrossFit gym throwing around moderately heavy weights for fun, spending time with her husband, or choking back tears from an episode of This Is Us.

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