People Don’t Hate Getting Emails,

They Hate Getting BAD Emails.

But that won’t be a problem for you after hitting the button below…


I hope you had a wonderful weekend & super productive week so far. My best friend got married on Saturday which was an amazing way to kick off what could be a hectic month.  Why?

If you haven’t listened to my latest episode of Inbox Besties you might not know that this month – is launch month.  For my signature program Love Your List 2.0™.

Now before you get whiplash from clicking away because your inbox is already choked up to its eyeballs in B-School emails. Not to mention all the PR & Elite  Blogging Academy ones rolling in hourly – just hear me out…

You see, investing in PR, Facebook ads, heck even guest posting are a total waste of time, money and effort….

…if you don’t know how to write words that leave people gripping their credit cards while frantically refreshing their inboxes. Praying they didn’t miss your open cart email.

Because they’re so ready for a change.

They’re ready to be pushed to  “that next level” all those bro-marketers with rented Lambos keep screaming about. (Do you even knit brah?!?!).

And those people know without a shadow of a doubt YOU’RE the person to finally take them to the promise land of:

  • Feeling hotter at 40 then 18 in their flirty curvy fashion
  • Doing a nerdy victory dance because they finally got to 10k followers on Instagram & unlocked that oh so coveted swipe up feature
  • Getting nasty looks from all the other moms because their cakes are Pinterest perfect (Booyah)

And you did it all without exclamation point slapping them across the face the second you “needed” to go into “sales mode”…(!!!!!!!!!)

Because when you pull back the hood of Love Your List 2.0™ that’s what this program is all about.

Teaching you how to seamlessly blend value and selling so your paid offers (or an affiliate’s) just seem like the next logical, caring step.  Not like you’re shoving subscribers down a flight of stairs because you’re desperate for cash.

So how am I going to get this powerful 7 module course with it’s 8 bonuses in front of as many of the RIGHT people as possible?

My Launch Plan For Love Your List 2.0™

Like every launch there’s two parts:

  1. The Big Picture Planning – Things like dates, pricing,  offers, course content, launch triggers  & audience growth
  2. The Action Tasks – planning, tech, systems, conversion content etc.


First let’s look at the Action Tasks:

Daily Mindset Work & Self care.

Don’t laugh, launching can be one of the biggest mind-f sever. Honestly I think that’s why most people don’t do it. They’re afraid of the disappointment, embarrassment and unworthy-ness a potential flop it could bring.  For me  mindset work looks like  alot of journaling,  inner voice work, affirmations, bingeing on high vibe money content, tarot and listening to high vibe music. 

 Setting up support systems in my business and home-life.

From my master trello board to  prepping my VA and talking with my husband + kids about my launch non-negotiables (no housework but I’ll never miss our special bedtime routine). Spending a day or two to set this up has taken so much  pressure off.

This includes setting up a Google Drive Folder for all the content I’m creating straight for the launch.


Seeding my pre-pre launch & pre launch -content since February I’ve been dropping hints about Love Your List on my podcast, newsletter and facebook group for a couple of months now. My content has all been around email marketing, list building, copywriting, funnels and showcasing my students.(And it will continue to be like).  During this time  I’ve been encouraging my audience to sign up for the VIP wait list Love Your List 2.0™.  (Which you should totally do right now.)


Carving out 3 days to re-write my sales page and write all my emails – This includes all my free challenge email , webinar emails, and early-bird sales emails in this too.  (If you’re curious about what emails I’ll be sending when the cart opens – it’s based on my more advanced  Little Black Dress Series I teach exclusively in the bonus 5-Figure Funnel Course That Comes with Love Your List 2.0™


Big Picture Items


  1. Deciding on my “launch triggers” – I’m doing a free 4 day email marketing challenge starting March 18 (you’ll get an email to join early next week ). I’m also hosting 2 web-classes on  March 26th & March 28th – more for details to come.




  1. Setting the Open Cart Dates (March 21-30)  – I looked at two main factors – my life + my launch triggers – I wanted to kick this off with a 4 day challenge so I needed to open a cart on Thursday or Friday.


I knew I wanted to do it in March but not  around my daughter’s birthday March 9th. So the week of March 18th for the challenge was perfect. It  also gave me time for #3…


  1. Picking an Early Bird Discount Promotional Period for My VIPs (March 11- 13) – When you joined the waitlist for Love Your List 2.0 I promised people a shot to invest in LYL 2.0 early a and at steep discount. ( Spoiler alert it’s $200 off)


  1. Shaping my Offer – This was actually done before I picked my launch dates – this step includes:  
  •  Mapping out my course module and formats
  •  Deciding how it will be released (all at once or dripped)
  •  The courses’ positioning and angle
  •  The  bonuses including a pay in full bonus (you get something in the mail) and fast action bonuses.


I’ve also decided to do something I’ve NEVER done before and offer two levels/tracks


 >>> Self-Paced Track – All the course content, bonuses (see below) and a student facebook group


 >>> The Rapid Results Track- Everything in the Self-Paced Path plus 3 months of live private group coaching with me  where the group and I will hold you accountable to creating your freebies, writing your funnels and giving you that extra confidence boost to getting the word out about your business.  – If you’re a chronic course buying junkie – but not a finisher this is the track for you


Here’s how the program + bonuses shaped up:


  • Module 1 – Mapping Out Your Email Marketing Strategy  + The Rapid Fire “Shoulds” Crusher We’ll answer all those little annoying should I questions, “When should I send emails?” “What templates should I use?” “What should I do about GDPR?” “How many people should I have on my list before I start emailing them?”


  • Module 2 – Writing Emails So Good They Lick the Screen


  • Module 3 –  Freebies That Serve & Sell


  • Module 4 – Thank You Pages + One Click Funnels  – Here you’ll learn how to squeeze the most out of the important page on your site + how to create an easy yes offer that makes you money every day.  *Note this module has a shorter version of my  One Click Funnels Passive Income course in it*


  • Module 5 – Landing Pages + Opt-in Forms


  • Module 6 –  The Power 4 + Welcome Series


  • Module 7 – Nurturing the crap & cash out of subscribers with binge-worthy Newsletters & Autoresponders


  • Bonus #1 – Five-Figure Funnels & Launches


  • Bonus #2 – List Explosion Course


  • Bonus #3 – Sticky Situations Automations & Templates


  • Bonus #4 – Spam Folder Eradicator


  • Bonus #5  The Tech Vault – covering-  Convertkit, Tailwind, Mailerlite & Convertplus, Conversion gorilla ,  Goviral, Spin the Wheel app. (Note you don’t need to invest in any of these to make the Love Your List System work)


  • Bonus #6 – Facebook Group – with fun giveaways and contests


  • Bonus #7 – Free Month of Convertkit


  • Bonus #8Kate’s Bonus Webclass Vault  if I do any free live trainings, challenges, webinars or summit presentations they’re  going inside this bad boy so you can watch them anytime.


  1. Audience Growth – Mainly Pinterest, The Rebel Boss Summit and “light” Facebook Grouping, Podcasting, Instagram and sharing bonuses.


  1. Paid Traffic – The only paid traffic I’m planning on doing  for this launch is retargeting ads. I might do a promoted pin or two.


  1. Pricing: ahhh the moment you’ve all been waiting for… I’m breaking every rule of marketing  by not making you wait until the launch happens & I don’t give a ? .


You see I’m not a “waiting for the other shoe to drop” kind of girl.  And if you’ve had the nudge to work with me on your email marketing + copywriting  it’s my duty to let you and your piggy bank know what’s coming:


The doors to Love Your List 2.0™ are opening March 21-March 29


The Self Pace Track  will be $497 or 6x of $88 during the entire cart open period.


The Rapid Results Track (w/ the group coaching) will be $1297 or 10x of $133  with a price increase on March 26th to $1497 or 10x of $153  (For the record my 3  month 1:1 package is $6000 & climbing)


BUT if you join the VIP list now, on Monday March 11 –  Wednesday March 13pm you’ll get a chance to join Love Your List 2.0  for $200 off any level – any payment plan.


Which means for 3 days you can get into Love Your List 2.0 for as little as $54 a month.  


Let’s plan a launch. This week you’re getting a behind the scene view of what I’m doing for my upcoming launch of Love Your List 2.0. (You can hop on the VIP wait list here)


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