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This week of the Inbox Besties podcast we’re chatting with  branding expert, marketing strategist & designer Rita Ester of  and  all about how your turn a side hustle into your full time gig.

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  • Learn how to captivate your customers with enticing offers they can’t resist
  • Confidently price your packages to get that “easy yes” again and again
  • Steal my social media strategy to stay booked solid – without spending a DIME on paid ads!

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Rita is sharing with us today:

  • How to get your first clients without having bothering your family and friends
  • How to schedule your day so you can manage both working your 9-5 while finding new clients and serving the ones you already have well.
  • Must have tools for side hustler to look like big business
  • A simple trick for taking the pressure off  your side hustle when it has to pay your bills
  • The secret to getting repeat clients that anyone can do
  • The one thing Rita invested when she first started out that had the biggest impact on growing her business wicked fast
  • How to prices your servers so you don’t burn out or scare away buyers.
  • The key to making
  • How to fire clients gracefully

// Rita’s Bio:

Rita Ester is the founder of Break Up With My Boss. She’s Louisiana girl who loves to cook, loves the outdoors and adores my family. She is a mom of 3 adorable & annoying teenage boys, have 2 very spoiled rescue dogs and am lucky to be with my amazing best friend & boyfriend who puts up with all my crazy ideas.

When she’s not dealing with that house full of fun you’ll  find her  whipping of websites, fresh logos and teaching other freelancers how to breakup with their bosses too.

Find out more about Rita by heading to:  and

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