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Want to create offers that virtually sell themselves without feeling like a phony sellout?  

I’ve seen so many kindhearted and ethical entrepreneurs put their blood, sweat, tears, time & effort into planning these massive launches but not getting the amount of money they want back.  And I’m gonna be honest here,  the reason most of the time is because those offers… they’re kinda stinky.  So today, on Inbox Besties and on this blog post right here, I’m going to rip a lesson directly from my paid course, Ditch the -Ish, Propel Your List & Get Rich to help you create offers that virtually sell themselves. 

This is vital if you hate feeling pushy, sleazy, slimy and manipulative when it comes to getting people to give you money and if you have a couple of hang-ups when it comes to that “charging your worth” thing, we tackle that too. 

So go ahead and hit the “play” button or read the wrap-up down below… 

The first thing you want to do when it comes to selling your offers is to to get laser-focused on getting your message out there in a way that resonates with your people (and their wallets).   You want to know your people inside and out and outside and in.  When you are disproportionately passionate about the people you help, you can create something that is almost tailor-made for them so they are ready to hit the buy button as soon as you hit publish on your offer.

When you run a business, especially when it’s your personal brand, our on personal ‘stories’ come up.  These are the stories you tell yourself and they are usually not very pretty.  Until you work on your mindset and do the internal work, these stories come up again and again without you even realizing it.   We all go through this and I know that mindset and money stories have been a huge part of my personal growth as I’m launching my courses and paid products.


Looking to make money from home? One of the best ways to make money blogging is by creating your own digital course, ebook by offering a service. But just because you create a project for sale doesn't mean people will buy it. Here's to make sure your blog readers actually buy the digital products you have for sale

There are usually two main money stories that come up when its time to create your paid offer or program.

1. Mindset:  You’re afraid that if you make a lot of money NOW, you won’t make enough money over the coming months

This comes up for a lot of people (including me) where you feel like if you have a big launch today and make $30k or $40k, then you’ll go through the next few months without any income and then all of a sudden you feel like a giant fraud and then Impostor Syndrome sets in, right?

What’s Impostor Syndrome?  Impostor Syndrome is when  you think of yourself of a fraud.  You think “who am I to teach this?” or you tell yourself that you aren’t good enough or that your big launch was a giant fluke.

We’re going to take a two-fold approach to dealing with this:

The first thing to do is to stop projecting into the future.  Keep things simple instead of making things complicated.  Be happy with your $30k launch NOW and deal with the next couple of months when you get there.

The second thing is to re-frame that things are not happening TO you, they are happening FOR you.  So if Google has changed their algorithm or you have a business partner that screwed you over, instead of thinking “why is this happening to me?”, re-frame that into what this is doing for you.  By flipping the script, you are replacing the lack mentality of being a victim with the success mindset of action-takers.  Then you start to see these (not so great) situations as a gift and a learning experience.

Ask yourself:

  • What can I learn?
  • How can I move on?
  • How can I show my creativity?

Then move on.  For example, over the last couple of months in Facebook land, everyone’s reach has gone down on their groups and pages and everyone has been depressed about it.  Instead of asking “Why is Zuckerberg doing this to me?”, flip it to what it is doing for you… When Facebook is throttling your reach for you, you’re creating better content.  You’re getting to know your people better.  Or maybe you didn’t even want a Facebook group in the first place but got talked into it by a guru who said you can make a million dollars from a Facebook group (and who doesn’t want a million dollars, right?) … so this is could be your wake-up call that it’s time to walk away from your group if it’s a drag on your energy.

The best way to beat Impostor Syndrome is to take action.  Wait, what?  What are you talking about, Kate?

If you’ve done something once, then you know you can do it again… and maybe even better the second time.  The more you take action, the easier it gets and that’s what’s going to kill that Impostor in your head.  Just take action.

You might want to take some time to reflect and ask yourself WHY you’re feeling like an impostor in the first place.  The craziest, most messed up part of it is that nine times out of ten, the people that feel like the biggest impostors are the ones who have the most knowledge and the most credibility.  It’s the wack-a-doos that don’t give two craps about their people, are garbage-spewing charlatans that have no substance behind them… they are the ones making all the cash.

You owe it, not only to yourself but to the people that you are called to serve – you owe it to them to put your offers out there and save them from the snake-oil salesmen who’ve been hounding them with junk offers that don’t solve their problems.

2. Be excited about your offer:  Have an amazing attitude about selling

Have you ever been on those webinars when the content is amazing but then at the end, their voice gets small and they start mumbling when it comes to the pitch at the end?  Then, it gets even worse when they practically start apologizing for the price!?!

There’s no confidence!

Confidence is one of those deep-seated issues that comes up when we’re putting ourselves out there and selling our programs.

The way that we build confidence is by having an offer that we are proud of… by having an offer that we are so ridiculously excited and amped about that people can feel it a mile away. They can feel your excitement and how much you love the thing you are about to offer to them..

When you’re beating around the bush, mumbling when it comes to your offer or only emailing your list once or only mentioning it on your social media a few times, there’s no excitement.  When you’re dialed in and pumped up about what you’re offering, you will have the confidence to get it out there – and more importantly – give yourself permission to actually make it FUN.

So what’s the secret to making it fun?  Pick a format that you actually love.  Make it easy.  You have my permission (not that you needed it, but you’ve got it).

What ends up happening is you hear all these gurus telling you that you need to create this signature course and  you know that you hate creating slides and maybe your design skills are lacking and you know you just don’t want to create a signature course and if you’re being honest with yourself you know that you love writing… Guess what?  You can create an e-Book or a email course.

You don’t have to create a big honkin course if it’s going to keep you from getting your offer out there.  Do what you love.  Do what comes easy.  I’m not here to tell you what medium to use to create your offers.  I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you do what comes easy and natural to you.

Why do you think Ditch the -Ish is an audio course?  Audio is my jam.  I don’t have to worry about make-up or slides or anything… Audio is where I shine.

Again, you have my permission to create it however you want… and maybe you think people are going to judge you…

BAM! There’s another story you’re telling yourself.

Just make your offer in a medium that you actually like.  Your content will flow out of you, everything comes easier and you’ll be a thousand times more excited when it comes time to sell your offer.

3.  Your big promise:  Sell a very specific, sexy problem and BE solution that they’ve been searching for

When it comes to creating an offer that virtually sells itself, it needs to solve a very specific, sexy – almost thrilling – problem and it needs to have a big promise.

Your big promise is the exciting results that your people will get when they buy your offer.

For example, a “learn Pinterest” course… it has no promise.  No flair.  But a course called “How to Get 1,000 View on Pinterest in Two Days Without Having to Manually Pin”… that’s a big, sexy, SPECIFIC promise.

Something I cover in-depth in my 1:1 coaching and in my Love Your List course is that “there is cash in complaining”.

No one has ever complained to me that they don’t know who their Ideal Client Avatar is.  They complain that they have no cash and the reason that they have no cash is because they don’t know their people and if they don’t know their people then they don’t know where they are and then they can’t get their offer in front of them to sell it to them!

Did I just spill the tea?  I think I did.  Go get some Bounty paper towels ya’ll.

This is why you might know that they need some mindset or they might need a Paleo diet or they might need to learn how to do a cross-stitch before they can do some fancy stitching… but you have to sell them what they want while giving them what they need… but also selling them what they want.

By leading with that big, sexy & specific promise, especially if you can address a common “yea but” principle in the title…

You know… “I want to start a business… yea, but I just don’t have enough time”…  Or “Yea, but I’m not techie enough”… You get the idea.  By calling your offer “How to Start a Small Business – Even if You Have Small Children”, you’re solving the “yea, but” problem and call out your ideal client at the same time.

4.  Bonuses:  Build irresistible bonuses into your offer

When it comes to putting your offer together, think about what you could peel away… something that your offer would be amazing without (and maybe you were going to give it to them anyway) that you can give your people as a bonus.

Again, make sure the bonuses that you offer are something that you actually like.  You don’t have to have a Facebook group or a 6-month program or whatever else you think you need as a bonus if it’s something that you hate.

People LOVE getting extra stuff.  They just do.  So if you build irresistible bonuses right into your programs – and your bonuses are in integrity with you and what you love to do and how you love to show up, then your people are going to be super-stoked about your buying what you have to sell.

5.  Urgency:  Give your audience a reason to buy now (instead of waiting later)

People need a reason to buy now – some type of urgency.  Urgency can be a time limit or a cap on how many people you are accepting right now or maybe the price goes up dramatically … You get the idea.

If you’re offering something all the time, like an evergreen offer, it’s your job to figure out how you can build some urgency into your offer.  Let’s be real, no one is going to believe that you only have “5 e-Books left”…  How do you build urgency into an evergreen offer?  By creating internal urgency.  Internal urgency is when they realize that if they don’t take action NOW, the problem they are facing is only going to get worse without your help – AND they are struggling so much that they are ready to do something about it.

Maybe you’re afraid of feeling bad or guilty about creating that sense of urgency but it’s literally your job to shine a light on the symptoms that they already know about.  They already know that they feel crappy, but maybe they didn’t know that there was already a system that can help them feel better… which brings us to the last aspect of creating offers that virtually sell themselves..

6.  New & Improved:  Create offers that feel shiny & new with an easy to follow ‘system’ or ‘method’

Your offer needs to feel new and also involves some type of flow or system or method.  Think about it:  That’s why washing detergent has “new formula” on the bottle.  That’s why Taco Bell invents new ways to combine the same old ingredients…  People love new. They don’t want the “old formula”…  They don’t want old or stale… They don’t want boring…

And let’s be real here… nothing is new anymore.  But when you combine a system or process and give it a name that positions your offer as a new solution to their problem, then people are excited to buy it.

Even if you have an old program you’ve already created, you can give it a new name & attach some new bonuses, add some urgency to it and then it’s shiny, new & exciting… and makes it more fun for you too!

Whew!  I know that this is a lot to take in… I want you to make sure that you really are switching up your mindset and catching yourself when you’re saying that it’s happening “to me, to me, to me” and remind yourself that it’s happening for you.

If you’ve been dealing with some of that impostor syndrome, remember that actions are what’s going to pull you out of it.  So go and do the thing that you’re going to teach people how to do.  Make sure that you’re getting results.  When you’re creating your offers you want to make sure that it’s fun for you to create.  Have some excitement.  Make sure it’s out of integrity.  Give people a big promise and solve a sexy problem… Have urgency and bonuses and shiny and new… and all of that amazingness….

I promise you if you sit down right now, just with what I’ve covered today, you can create an amazing product that your people will be excited to buy.

If you loved this content and you’re interested in the whole 12-day program along with a bonus audio on what to do when things don’t turn out your way, head on over to Ditch the -Ish, Propel Your List & Get Rich to get the full program.

Later days!

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