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This week’s episode of Inbox Besties is a little different.

You see I’ll be the first to admit I completely sacrificed my health and fitness to grow my business.

Long hours in front of the computer creating social media graphics,  recording podcast episodes, making courses, helping students  takes a  real toll on your physical health if you forget to move around and actually eat. Not to mention all the immense pressure that were under as CEOs and usually when we’re the only employees of our businesses and blogs.

And don’t even get me started on the hustle all day – “Sleep is for the weak.  Just hustle from 10pm – 2am” bull shit going around.

Which is why I wanted to start a quarterly check in where we actually talk about health and wellness for us online entrepreneurs.

While I will always talk about money and give you toe-curling actionable advice for winning the hearts and wallets of your audience –  NONE of it is going to do any good if you make yourself sick. (Or worse.) 

So I figured what better place to start then start with your mindset around getting healthy and what you eat. 

Which is why today you’re going to heard from  Nick Anderson of Nick Anderson’s fitness an online fitness coach that specializes in helping “normal” people get healthier  without demonizing food or making you feel like hot trash because in a moment of weakness you ate an oreo. (Spoiler alert you’re NOT weak).

As it turns out “no foods are bad” when you’re trying to lose fat it’s about paying attention to the calories you eat and your overall relationship with food.

After this episode of Inbox Besties with Nick Anderson you’ll know:

  • Why no foods is actually bad food
  • If you should focus on what you put in your mouth first or movement first
  • Why the word “Tupperware” is so triggering to Nick
  • What it’s like working with a health coach
  • Why I titled this episode Cheese Goblins + Losing the Business Baby Weight
  • What one small thing you can do right to get your fitness journey on the right foot.
  • Why 50% effort is a million times better than 110% effort for 2 weeks then burning out and giving up over and over again.
  • If losing body fat is your goal – what is one thing you should focus on.

You’ll also get to hear more about my own struggle with fitness.  (Oh an spoiler alert I hired Nick as my own fitness coach after this interview.)

So let me know can you walk for 5 minutes today or eat a vegetable? Tag me @kate_doster + @nickandersonfitness and let us know.

Learn more about Nick Anderson of Nick Anderson Fitness:

Follow Nick on Instagram @nickandersonfitness <<< I really do love following his IG

Follow Nick on TikTok @nickandersonfitness


“Hey, I’m Nick And I am here for you. I’m an online health and fitness coach, and my goal is to guide you through the endless void of fad diets, shady fitness ploys, and general fitness BS.

I know what it’s like to try and navigate the fitness world. With all the misinformation out there, I’ve tried (and failed) a lot of things. Everywhere from restricting myself from eating potatoes, to believing I couldn’t eat past 7:01PM.

I’m here to help you not make the same mistakes I did, and help you find a long-term sustainable approach to health and fitness. I’m not here to change you for a month, I’m here to change you for life.”


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