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You see most online gurus preach about creating irresistible freebies.

The problem is that attracts alot of Looky Lucys, Freebie Hunter Freds and Pain-in-Butt Betties leaving you with barely any opens, clicks and PayPal dings (just fatter a Mailchimp bill).  

What you really need is a freebie that knocks their socks off while popping opening wallets.

This audio course will get you there.  

“I never created a “freebie” before and was completely stuck on how to move forward. Within 48 hours I was writing the final page on my first freebie!

Kate Doster brings high value and big magic to the table! Her “no pressure – have fun with it” approach conceals a creative powerhouse and I am connected and ready to rock and roll some new strategies. As a brand new entrepreneur, finding someone with her level of expertise and a heart to be helpful is like finding a gold nugget in a rushing river. “

Susan Hooks

Oracle of the Spirit Intuitive Life Coach & Card Reader ,


Six essential elements for creating a value-soak freebies that leaves them begging for a buy button to hit


Exactly why your freebies are attracting the wrong kind of subscribers and how to quickly that with one simple tweak

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