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Are you as obsessed with collecting free stock photos for your blog as I am?  Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if half my external drive is filled with them.

Aren’t started your blog yet? No worries here’s a quick tutorial showing you how to set up & launch your blog in less than 10 minutes. 

Which is why when it came to figuring out my topic for Day 1 of my 7 Days of Freebies series – free stock photos & free stock photo sites for bloggers was a no-brainer.

1. 69 Best Free Stock Photo Sites For Female Bloggers <<< you are here

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4. 6  Best Podcasts For Bloggers 

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6. 10 Free Tools For Growing Your Email List When Your Dead-Broke

Now I know my audience isn’t all ladies (what up Ed & Ewongo) but since like 85% are ladies I figured we’d focus on sites for female bloggers especially ladies looking for the best free stock images for mommy bloggers, food bloggers, fashion bloggers & lifestyle bloggers.

This post is massive. (I mean I’m breakdown over 65+ free stock photo sites) so I’ve divided it into  3 selections:

1. Free stock photo packs from paid feminine stock photo libraries (opt-ins required)

2. Free one-off stock photo packs from designers, bloggers and branding experts (opt-ins required for all but one)

3. Free stock photo sites/directories ( No opt-in required)

I’ve also included a download version of this list about halfway through the post for ya. No opt-in required.  So be on the lookout for that.

Looking for free stock photos for your new blog? Here's a list of 69 of the best places to find free stock photos for female bloggers

Stock Photo Sites Run By Bloggers & Photographers

1. Create Her Stock

best free stock photo sites for female bloggers

There’s only a handful of free stock photo sites on this list that actually have people of color sadly. In fact, the overall “white-ness” of the stock photo sites is why a very pregnant (very overheated)  Neosha Gardner started her Create Her Stock. A one little old email address Neosha will give you access to over 50+ funky, classy and unique free stock photos.  Plus Neosha, will email you new free stock photos every month.

Click here to sign up for Create Her Stock Free Stock Photo Library

2. Ivory Mix    

best free stock photo sites for female bloggers

It’s no secret I love Ivory mix. Kayla is without a doubt giving away one of the biggest, best free collection of stock photos for female blogger out there.  The thing I love most about photos on Ivory Mix is Kayla does a nice job mixing up the super girly, with the nerdy and she even does some fitness theme shots too.

Click here to get access over 300+ of the best free stock photos for female bloggers ever…psst she updates it monthly too. 

3. ColoruBold

free stock photos for female bloggers

If you’re looking for funky, bright,  and bold free stock photos you need to get on the mailing list for ColorUBold ASAP. Not only does Jasmine give you instant access 50+ free stock photos but she always shares lots of tips for taking stock photos and mastering Instagram. I was on her list for a cool week before whipping out my Credit card to upgrade to a premium library and I have not been disappointed. Did I mention Jasmine also include stock photos of women of color too.

Get your 50+ bold free stock photos from ColorUbold here. 

4. Haute Stock

Haute stock formally Haute Chocolate Is truly the OG of stylized feminine stock photos. Rachel does amazing job curating a  collection of gorgeous styled stock photos,  for super girly women entrepreneurs & bloggers. In addition To her amazing graphics and branding tutorials, Rachel will send you 3- 5 free stock photos month directly from her premium membership site.

Head over to HauteStock & Get Your Free 10 Stock Photos now. 

5. Wonderfelle & Styled Stock Society

free stock photos for female bloggers

Elle owner of the Styled Stock Society   gives readers a sneak peek of her perfectly girly stock photos, in this fun free 10 pack of photos. What I love about Elle & Styled Stock Society is that does more than just Stationary, Shell so Just stuck photos perfect for fashion bloggers and sophisticated mommy bloggers like the cute set of pumpkins that she has over here.

Get your 10 free stock photos + new ones every month from Wonderfelle & Styled Stock Society Here.

6. Rekita Nicole 

free stock photos for female bloggers

I absolutely love the stock photos from Rekita Nicole. They’re so colorful and fun. Besides getting To the 11 free photos that I went to below also get access to her free library which has a boat load of free stock photos perfect for female bloggers & business owners..

Get your 11 free stock photos colorful stock photos here.

7. Bosslatina

free stock photos for female bloggers

Yami love of fashion shines through in her posh stock photos. Besides being a problogger, photography Yami also sells lipstick. If you’re looking for uurban sheek photos, ladyboss-ish stock photos you’ve found your lady.

Grab 10 posh free stock photos from Bosslatina when you sign up and get more free photos every month

8. Creative Convex

free stock photos for female bloggers

With little pops of colors, these free stock photos from Chatitra (also from pinkpot) are sure to help you get noticed and stand out online. Be sure to read her post on growing your Pinterest and Instagram account. They’re excellent.

Get 20 pretty stock photos (plus monthly surprise photos) from Creative Convex here.

9. SC Stockshop

free stock photos for female bloggers

Shay over at SC Stockshop as some of the most elegant stock photos out there. Every month she emails you a special code you can use at checkout to get more free stock photos.

Get 20 Super Elegant Free Stock Photos From SC Stockshop here. 

10. Stock Gallary 

free stock photos for female bloggers

Formally The Turquoise & Palm, gives readers access to free hipser-ish stock photos. While Alli does include some desktop flat lay, just something about her stock photos are more laid back while still having a splash of color.

Get your free stock photo pack per new free photos every month at Stock Gallary now.

11. CGS Creative

Is run by Roxie of CityGirl Searching Blog & Bepoke Brand Photography Co. Roxie style is light, feminine with a just touch a Bohemian thrown in. Each month she adds five new stock photos to her free resource library but hurry, because Roxie takes down last month free stock photos before uploading a new set.

See what free photos Roxie has this month in her free resource library

12. Twigy posts

Stock photos have a light, airy, feminine quality to them. Honestly, I had to think of a word to describe them I would call them quiet elegance.

For 5 Light and Airy free stock photos head over Twiggy Posts and wait for the popup to show up.

13. Creative Market

free stock photos for female bloggers

While not actually a solo stock photography site like the rest of them in this section –  Creative Market a does offer a set of free stock photos in it’s  weekly freebies selection. Along with a free fonts, Graphical elements,  and brushes

Click here to see what free stock  photos  Creative Market is offering this week

14. Scarlett Ballantyne

free stock photos for female bloggers

Scarlett is a women after my own heart, she just can’t sit down and have a hobby. She always ends turning into a business, from freelancing to social media management to create her own stock photo library. One this is for sure Scarlett can’t sit still.

Click here to get 5 free stock photos with new one sent monthly from Scarlett.


15. A Prettier Web

free stock photos for female bloggers

Is like the mecca a stunning wordpress themes, branding, design tips. And in an effort to make the web well, more prettier, Mel the blogs creating is giving away 7 very hip stock photos along with her very useful resource library

Get your 7 free stock photos from A Prettier Web Here

16. Shafaq Omair

free stock photos for female bloggers

Designer and branding badass Shafaq offer an awesome selection of boss lady inspired free stock photos in her resource library.  If you’re looking for something sassy and bold. Get these.

Click here to sign up for Shafaq free stock library (scroll all the way down the page)

17. Kreanille Design

free stock photos for female bloggers

Is run by booked web designer, logo creator and mother of 2  Annamari who lives in hungary. How cool is that. Besides great tips on how keep you blog looking its best Annamaria shares her tale of growing her business.   

Get 10 free color stock photos when you join Kreanille Design Email List

18. Moms Make Cents.

free stock photos for female bloggers

While Mckinzie normally blogs about all things pinterest, and direct marketing (MLM) she strapped on her camera to take some pretty cute pink and blue free stock photos for her readers.

To get access to 25 free stock photos over at Moms Make Cents click here.

19. Lovely Bird.Co.

free stock photos for female bloggers

Is run by Max a design student from Netherland, besides these free stock photos she also give you a bunch of free guides and graphic elements to make your blog pretty.

Check out what Lovely Bird has to offer here.

20. Just Arpi.

Is run by graphic and website designer Arpi. And she’s on a mission to help women get more traffic, more clients, and more sales through beautiful logos, strategic website and on-point visual branding.

Get 12 free feminine stock photos for your business from here

21. Helene In Between

Is a digital nomad who takes from pretty cool stock photos for her own blog and decided to share them with her readers.

Click here to get 15 free stock photos from Helene

22. Cynthia Koenig

Cynthia been building business since 2004. She’s offering readers a handful of really cool like stock photos.

Grab your 7 free stock photos from Cynthia Koenig here.

23. Solopreneurs Side Kick

free stock pohotos for female bloggers

Branding and website designer Louise does not disappoint with these 10 free stock photos. I love, love love, this collection and you don’t even need to put in your email address to download them. How cool is that?

Get your 10 Free Stock Photos from Louise here (no opt-in required)

24. Wonderlass

Allison over at Wonderlass is woot. This photographer turned productivity and branding badass is giving you access to some stock photo site worth photos (and spoiler alerts a couple days after being her list, she send you more.

Grab your 15 colorful free stock photos from Wonderlass here

25. Start A Mom Blog

free stock photos for female bloggers

While not a graphic designer or photographer exactly Suzi took a stab at creating some stock photos for her readers.  And she did a pretty good job. These have sort of an old world feel to them.

Get 14 Free Stock Photos from Start A Mom Blog Here

26. Epiceriedu blog

Word to the wise this site is in french but the pictures are so cute, and google translate works so well, you won’t mind. Now she really do new photos anymore but you can still get access to all the old ones for free

Get your free stock photos from Epiceriedu Blog here.

27.Dabbles and babbles

Jamey is one crafty, dyi blogging superstar, you’ll find a little be of everything on her site including 8 free stock photos you don’t even need to put to your email address in for.

Grab your free 8 stock photos from Dabbles and babbles here.

28. The Magical Canopy

free stock photo places for female blogggers

Roxie is giving you access to 30 free stock photos but you must give her credit or she’s report you so if you download these photos be sure to save them as MUST GIVE CREDIT TO THE Magical Canopy.

Here’s the first 10 free stock photos in the set, that end of the post be sure to click part 2 & 3 for all of them.

29. Shutteroo

As a stunning yet small collection of photos by Klaye Morrison. The second I saw Take Me Home Collection (which I included in the picture above) I had to download it. Klaye does something a bit cool. Do download his photos packs, he send you to a pay what you want. So you can put nothing or up to any amount you feel comfortable paying for them.

Grab the PDF version of this blog post for free right here! (No optin required)

Free Stock Photo Sites (Directories)

These are the typical stock photo sites you’d think of. You type in the word cupcake and outcomes 25+ of  free stock photos for cupcakes for your Pinterest images, blog posts and social media graphics.  

Always double check the terms of use on the stock photos. Some will require you attribute the author, some are only good for personal use, others are okay for use in private sales like ebooks you sell on your site but not books you sell on Amazon.

30. Picjumbo

free stock photos for mommy bloggers

This is one of my favorite free stock photo site directories. With it’s wide variety of hipster feeling free stock photos, high quality images and generous usage policy. Picjumbo is  one of my first stops when looking for stock images

31 Unsplash

free stock photos for mommy bloggers

ThIs is my second favorite free stock photo site. The only reason it’s not number one is because a lot of people do know about it, so you might see the same images floating around the internet alot

32. Kaboompics

Is probably one of the best kept secret in the free stock images games. I love this site. Not only does it load lightning fast but it has a wide variety of photos.


Is the biggest time saver ever! This site does lets you search multiple free stock photo sites at once. With one click downloads, and minimal ads, this site is new bloggers dream. Plus is has  search bar and like a million categories – from beer, to kids to mountains any bloggers especially those in the parenting, food and lifestyle bloggers.  

34. Pixabay

Has over 1.2 million free stock images, vectors (clipart) and even free videos. Some photos do feel a bit mid-90s stock photo-ish but i will say the quality of the photos as gone way up in recent months.  

35. Death to the stock photo

Every month team emails you a huge pack of stunning free photos. They do have a couple of free to download pictures on their site, but no search bar.

36. Gratisography

free stock photos for female bloggers

Has some pretty unique and zany free stock photos, to say the least. These will definitely make your Facebook ads stand out.

37. Travel Coffee Books

Has alot of photos from around the world like Hong Kong, Thailand, and Amsterdam

38. Stockvault

Is a community run free stock photo site. With not only free images but free textures & Illustrations too.

39. Photocollections

Has a variety of nature and wild-life photos. This site doesn’t have a search feature.

40. Fancy Crave

As a variety of free photo packs like “Concert”, USA Flags and Office. I really like the office pack because I haven’t’ seen like anyone using this photos.

41. Splitshire

As close to 1000 free stock photos and free stock videos that are okay from commercial use. With a nice variety of categories including, weddings,  fashion, blogging, nature and more.

42 Isorepublic

Has some of the best free stock photos for parenting blogs. But they don’t stop there, they have a wide variety of photos from business, fitness to holidays too.


free stock photos for mommy bloggers

Is quickly becoming one of my favorite free stock photo sites. Again they are great stock photos for mommy bloggers but also gardening, blogging (office/desk) and food images.  Be careful though. Their photos are HUGE! So you’re going to need to run them an image compress first or they’ll slow down your site BIG TIME.


Isn’t searchable about it has a decent amout free stock images for..well, startups. Think people working on laptops, white boards and in meetings.

45. Scatterjar

free stock photos for mommy bloggers

Yummy free stock photos for food and parenting bloggers.  While it doesn’t have a search bar it does have filters – like cookies, veggies and holiday

46. Foodiesfeed

Is another great site for food & parenting blog free stock photos. And this site actually has a search bar.

47. &

As a huge collection of free stock photos and free stock videos all contributed by different photographers. Some of its top categories are beaches, people and office.

48.Old New Stock

As a really cool  selection of vintage photos from the public archives which means they don’t have any known copyright restrictions

49. Designerspics

As free Hi-Res stock photos for your personal & commercial use. Attribution not required! They have a nice mix of technology, foods, and wildlife free stock photos  to just name a handful of their categories

Is another site where many photographers contribute free stock photos, what I really like about this site is you can search by dominant color. So if you’re looking for something with a punch of yellow to go with your brand you can easily find it here.


Is a massive stock photo site with a cool hipster-ish vibe. This is one my go to places for free stock photos. They have everything. And nothing looks cheesy.


Has so many free stock images, I really wish it had a search bar. But it does have easy to find filters and categories like Background images, black and white & technology  just to name a few


Beautiful, High-Resolution Free Stock Photo for both personal or commercial use. All of the free stock images under CC0 licensed images are completely free to use. This site does have search bar (which you’re totally going to need because it has alots of free stock pics), tags and filters.

54. Epicantus

free stock photos for mommy bloggers

Is actually a tumblr account run by a photographer name Daira. While it doesn’t have any search bar, she does use tags. I have to say this girl can take a mean photo.


Is a perfect free stock photo site for travel bloggers. Honestly, it feels like they have a million pictures of faraway places. Word of warning though….the owner goes ads crazy which I hate.  But since the photos are free, ads must be how it makes alot of money.


Has a lot of lifestyle, nature, architecture and cityscape. I did a quick search for coffee and honestly I’ve never seen a single one of these photos anywhere else on the interwebs.  

57.  Libreshot

Is another great site with free stock photos for mommy bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. Be care though, I was just combing through their popular downloads – a werid bleedy wolf came up. All the other photos are stunning so I have no clue why the owners included this pic.

Is a another large free  Public Domain stock photo site  with high resolution free photos and vectors. All copyright free stock photos and royalty free photos, and CC0 Photos.  With over 23,350 free and public domain photos, images, clipart, pics and vectors and counting you’re sure to find something you like. Warning though, the site isn’t the prettiest girl at the ball.

free stock photos for parenting blogs

Is half free stock photo site, half free photo editor. Basically I’d Pin That searches through other free stock photo sites like Pixabay and unsplash for photos. Then before you download your picture you can add text, stickers, and filters to it, before downloading the pictures. See that Mustache on the mug? I added that.  


free stock image for mommy bloggers

Has a wide variety of free stock photos with more a hipster feel. The search bar does a nice job helping your sort through it but the site does run slow. Also these photos aren’t okay for commercial (paid stuff).

free stock photos for mommy bloggers

This site arounds up the coolest free public domain stock photos in one place. Their search bar, along with categories like: Nature, people and food (to name a few) are located on the sites side bar.

Has a massive selection of free for commercial use stock images.  What’s cool about this site is you not only search by keyword or theme but also color.  Perfect for setting up your blog.


While only about 200-ish images, picography is shaping up to be one great free stock photo site.  It does have a search bar and quick categories for easy browsing. I was a big fan of their nature selection.

64. Cupcake

Run by Jonas Wimmerström offers a handful of stunning free nature and food stock photos. He probably should of have been the blogging selections but I forget him and didn’t feel like renumbering everything. #honestyforthewi


Has  1162 free HD images for your blog and design projects. With a mix of cool retro cars, nature scenes and cute animal pic. This site is definitely worth a quick once over.

Jay also should have been in the blogger selection but you know…numbering so he’s here. While he doesn’t offer a huge selection of photos, all of this free stock images are super artistic. Most are in black and white.


Rounds up all the free stock sites (many listed here) and lets you search them all in one place. Note if you type in coffee, it won’t pull images from all the sites. What it lets you do is quickly switch between sites since it show individual results in one tab  which links to the other sites in the sidebar. It’s kind of hard to explain.  What i really love is the free stock music you can find with it too.

68. Rawpixel

free stock photos for mommys

Has a huge collecting of cool free & paid stock photos. Honestly off all the free sites, this one had the most pictures of people’s faces I’ve since.  There are plenty of free stock images for mommy bloggers, business bloggers, fashion bloggers and food bloggers.  Rawpixel does make you create a free account before you download their free stock photos but it’s soo worth it.


Is another free stock photo search engine. You type in a phrase like “coffee” and it rounds up all the free stock photos of coffee from 50 of the top free stock photo sites.  Just make sure to switch the filter to “Free only” or else it’ll give you a mix of both free and paid images

There you have it 69 places for bloggers to get free stock photos for their blogs.

Did your favorite place make the list? If not leave it in the comments below. And be sure to check out other posts in our 7 days of freebie giveaway.

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