The 12 Best Free Planners To Help You Grow Your Blog Like A Weed

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Confession time. I Kate Doster have a planner fetish. Which is ironic considering I haaate being told what to do, even by my google calendar. It’s the curse of being a creative right? You know what I mean. 😉

Still, there is just something about clicking on the link to a new digital planner that makes my heart sing. It’s a blank slate to draw my masterpiece. To finally get my act together and reach my goals whether it’s:

  • Planning out my days better and staying focused
  • Mastering Pinterest for more free traffic
  • Mapping out my blog posts topics more than a day in advance. (My B). 

So for Day 2 of our 7 Days of Freebies Series, I’m sharing with you 12 free digital planners & printables to help you kick 2018’s butt.

But before you get knee deep in free planners perfect for busy bloggers. Take a look at some of the other posts in this 7 Days Of Freebies Series:

While this post covers the typical free planners like daily planners and blank calendars it goes waaay beyond it. Including planners for building/re-branding your blog, getting your social media on point and much more.  

Let’s get started.

The best free blog planners for new bloggers. Get free planners for growing your email list, blog post ideas, social media accounts and more. Save now or click to get start your blog now.


The Definitive Blogging Planner by Kate Doster

Like I said I’m obsessed with free planners. And after downloading hundreds (okay like 20) free blogging planners I took my favorite parts from each and created this stunning bad boy.

Inside this free 17 page blogging planner you’ll find:

  • A – 30 Day Launch Your Blog Action PlanWhere I give you one quick but vital task to do help launching your brand new (profitable) blog
  • Yearly, Monthly & Quarterly Goal & Intention Setting Worksheets
  • Blogging Foundations WorksheetWhere you get crystal clear on your readers, main blogging categories and start mapping out blog post ideas 
  • Monthly Editorial Calendar
  • Blog Post Planner & Promotions Kit
  • Weekly To Do Lists
  • Daily Journaling Prompts & Reviews
  • And so much more. 

And you can get your hands on it completely for free. Just drop your email in the form below:



Best free planners for bloggers in 2018

Your Ingredients For a Vibrant Day Planner – By Wandering  Aimfully

Before anything else we need to figure out what makes you feels good, productivity and happy.

Caroline of Made Vibrant calls these Ingredients For A Vibrant Day.

Some of her ingredients including:

  • Going out outside
  • Being still
  • Moving her body
  • Setting an intention for the day
  • Laughing/fooling around
  • Doing something creative

Like Caroline says you can combine ingredients like going for an afternoon walk around the block. (Being still, moving body & going outside check)

Click here full list of Caroline’s Ingredients For A Vibrant Day + Get the playful Ingredient Tracker Planner too


Best free planners for bloggers in 2018Best free planners for bloggers in 2018


Prettier Free Daily Planners & Weekly Planners – (No email address required)

From daily planners, to to-do list to free journal & password pages, Eliza has it all and you don’t even have to put in your email address for them.

What I love most about her treasure chest of free printables is they’re super pretty but easy on the ink so you can actually print them out and use them.

Go hog-wild with free printables from Eliza here.

(I’ve included some links to  free Printable 2018 Calendars later on in the post.) 


Best free planners for bloggers in 2018


Plan Me Right Trello Board – NAIMA

While not technically a planner, but a stunning and strategic free Trello Board – Branding, Tech and Online Presence Expert Naima has completely outdone herself with this freebie. Not only does she help narrow down your niche, and plan your website but she gets you focused on creating future products too.  While this trello board is geared toward freelancers and coaches any blogger will benefit from slipping into Naima’s brain thanks to this Trello Board.

Get your free Plan Me Right Trello Board Here



2 Years Worth of Weekly Newsletter Topics (me)

I know growing your email list is the hot thing but the truth is it means NOTHING if you don’t actually have anything to say to them. Enter this nifty planner (by yours truly) with over 2 years worth of strategically assigned weekly email newsletter ideas. (No new blog posts required.)


Facebook Promo Day Planner By Me (Trello Board)

Have over 60+ of the best Facebook Groups for Bloggers Promotional Days at your fingertips with this free Trello board.

Want more comments on your blog post and it’s Thursday? There’s a card for that.

This is quickly becoming one of my most downloaded freebies ever (sorry free resource library) and I can see why. In a quick glance you can see on the promo threads on Facebook for that day & type..

Plus it comes with some sweet bonus surprises like a Trello 101 course.


Pin Promote Planner by Elna at Twinsmommy

It’s hard to believe Elna only started her blog last year. It seems like she’s been around forever. That’s all thanks to her strategic use of Pinterest. Elna is spilling the beans on her top Pinterest strategies in her free Pin, Promote Planner. She maps out exactly what you should be pinning:

  • Every Day
  • Every Week
  • Every Month

To cash in all that free Pinterest traffic you’ve been  hearing about but aren’t seeing.

Get your hands on this awesome guide here. 


Best free planners for bloggers in 2018

30 Days of Social Media Content Ideas – by Chloe Social (No email  address required)

Sometimes you just have no clue what to post on your Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter. Which why I love this free 30 Social Media Calendar from Chloe Social – free videos, to quick tips to memes, Chloe plans out a really cool month of social media posts, mediums and promotion. Did I mention you don’t even have to put in an email address for it?

Grab your 30 Day Social Media Content Ideas Calendar Here. 


Best free planners for bloggers in 2018

30 Day Mini-Launch Playbook by Farideh

Honestly, I thought this planner might stink because on the Thank You Page Farideh offers you the full version, but I was super surprised.  This half planner half checklist is filled to the brim with exactly what to do week by week to successfully launch a course or ebook in just 30 days.

Grab you free Mini Launch Playbook by Farideh.


Best free planners for bloggers in 2018

2018 Business Astro Planner + Webinar – by Naomi of IttyBiz (No email required) 

If you’ve heard of Danielle Laporte (Desire Map) and Chris Gillebeau (The $100 Startups) – Naomi is the wise cracking, smart as wipe marketer who helped them rise to blogging-fame.

Recently Naomi went delightfully off in left field with her latest free webinar + planner – Business Astro Planner – basically in this training and 2 bonus planners she helps you plan your launches based on moon cycles, and astrological signs for 2018.

I know it can seem a bit woo-woo but lady is making a killing so it’s worth the watch.

Click here to download the planner and watch to free webinar replay


Best free planners for bloggers in 2018

Just a Girl & Her Blog Printable 2018 Calendar

Abby from Just A Girl And Her Blog does great job creating pretty while ink- friendly printable. This one is pretty straight-forward – just a blank calendar with the dates on them.

Click here to download her blank 2018 Calendar now – no email address required. 

Shining Mom Printable 2018 Calendar

Another great choice for a free 2018 printable calendar can be found over at Shining mom.

No email required just scroll the bottom of the her post to download. While you’re there, you might as well give her pin.

Click here for Shining Mom’s free 2018 printable calendar.  

There you have 12 of the best free planners for bloggers on the interwebs.

Be sure to check out the rest of the post in the 7 Days Of Freebies Series:

Don’t forget to share this post on Pinterest and leave a comment below with your favorite free planners.

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