Ever read a sales page (even your own) and thought.. “Meh. I’m good.” Pass. The timing might have been off. Money might have been tight. Maybe the sales page was competing with 9 other open chrome tabs. But for whatever reason.  It didn’t grab you by the (eye)balls: Leaving your gold card safely nestled in your wallet. But why?  And (more importantly) how can we make sure doesn’t happen with our sales pages. It’s simple:

Stop talkin’ about stuff (features). Tell me why we should care? (benefits).  

Let’s back up for a moment:   Selling online courses is tough. Make more online courses, programs and ebooks sales using these two magic words. Click to read or re-pin for later  

Features are any “physical” aspect of a product, course or service and what it  does. The stuff. Features of my water bottle include it’s pink, made of bpa-free plastic and has a lid.  Benefits are the advantages, results and impact a product, course or service has on the customer. The “Why we should care“. Benefits of my water bottle include: It’s easy to find in my crowded yoga bag.(Plus) The plastic won’t give me cancer (big plus). If little toddler hands trying to swipe my water bottle – accidently knock it over on my desk. My laptop won’t fry because the cap prevents the water from spilling out. (Super big plus.) See what I mean? So what’s my crazy simple hack for turning run-of- the-mill features into heart stopping benefits?

“So that…” 

Step 1: List all your features:

  • The topics covered (for courses, ebooks and guides)
  • Physical details
  • The deliverables aka what they get  (number of videos, number of calls, hours of footage,  templates, number cheat sheets, pages, etc)
  • How they “get” access
  • Price

Let’s say we’re selling a course on Creating Content Upgrades (Blog post specific freebies) 😉 Some features are:

  • Students learn how to create pdfs  (plus-interactive workbooks, quick screen capture videos and short audio courses – just saying)
  • Students learn how to deliver content upgrades using 4 different methods
  • They get 9 to the point videos tutorials
  • Life-time access to all the materials

Step 2: Add “So that” to uncover the benefits (results and impact)

[bctt tweet=”Some features have several benefits so don’t limit yourself to one. ” username=”@katedoster”]For little extra inspiration think…

  • How does this help solve her problem?
  • How can this make the service/course more enjoyable, easy or fun?
  • How can this help her avoid any glitches, hiccups or pain along the way?
  • How can this help them save time or money?

Now let’s look at our course again…

Feature/benefit table katedoster


“By the end of this course you’ll create a pro-looking pdf so that your audience can get results faster. “ beats the pants off of   By the end of this course you’ll have a pdf” Pretty compelling right? But let’s kick it up a notch and really grab ’em by the heart strings:

Step 3: Peppering in some emotion

Why? [bctt tweet=”99.9999% of people buy with emotion and justify with logic.  ” username=”@katedoster”]On your worksheet adding in any emotions + feeling  your customer might feel because of each feature and benefit.


Which statement do think would propel students to smash the buy button most… By the end of this course you’ll have pdf download or “By the end of this course you’ll create a pro-looking pdf so that your audience can get results faster. “ or By the end of this course you’ll create a pro-looking pdf. Laser focused on getting your audience results – fast. Cementing a place in their hearts as the go-to coach who goes above and beyond for her audience. Making your competition irrelevant.    Umm…take my money now right? Notice. We didn’t actually keep the words “so that in the third option. Just implied it. Plus we edited in extra awesome based on knowing our dream students deepest desires and fears. But that’s a lesson for another day.

Now it’s your turn.

    1.  Print out the Benefit-o-Matic action sheets

       (if you haven’t already)


  •  Pull up your latest offering or lead magnet



  •  Set a timer for 30 minutes and go wild.



I’d love to see your before and after Benefit-o-Matic Copy Makeover. Tweet me a link or post them in comments below.

Ever read a sales page (even your own) and thought.. "Meh. I'm good." Pass. Let's make sure your potential students. Stop talking features & benefits Read now or Repin for later. Your paypal account will thank you. Copywriting tips!
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