Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers…

Carefully organized by promo days & promo types in one easy to use, free, Trello Board.

With direct, clickable links to all the groups for dangerously fast posting (and growth).

Are you losing 1000+ page views a month because you’re using Facebook Groups wrong?

Eep! Scary thought right

You know Facebook Groups are an amazing, piggy bank-friendly way to finally get your blog & biz the attention it deserves.

But let’s keep it real homeslice – keeping track of all your FB groups promo days is a nightmare, never mind carving out time to actually interact in your groups.

Which means your losing on heeps of free traffic, signups and shout-outs as the go-expert in your niche. BOO!

But, with this free FB Group Promo Trello Board you’ll be able to quickly grow your blog, email list and social media in all your favorite groups without having to reminder a thing.  

This is way more than a spreadsheet… it’s a Trello Board


I’m glad you asked,

Trello is an awesome FREE app that helps organizes your projects & to-dos into boards.  It’s basically like having a virtual whiteboard filled with sticky notes that can have text, photos & attachments.

So at one glance, you can tell what’s being worked on, who’s working on what (if you’ve got a team), and helps you remind all those little tiny but important tasks you might forget like email your list about your latest blog post. 

Which means you get more work done, fast…and did I mention I’m throwing in a free Trello Mini-Course too?

Where should I send your free course, homeslice?

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