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Today is all about using Facebook Ads to grow  your business, blog & bank account with Boutique Facebook Agency Owner &  host of the Mom Up podcast Morgan Battista

   ? Listen on: In this interview all about Facebook Ads we cover:

  • When’s the best time is to “boost” a post when you def shouldn’t
  • If “Likes” actually matter on your Facebook Page
  • The cheapest type of ads to run
  • If video still is king on Facebook
  • The secret to paying less for your ads
  • The different types of ads you can run & when to run them
  • What to do if someone leaves a nasty comment on your ad

And more!


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This is 4th installment of our “…in 2019” series based on your business & blogging goals & intentions for the year.

// … in 2019 series

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Week 1  – We covered how to be a content creation machine –  “I want to publish a weekly blog post, podcast or video

Week 2 – Episode 72  was all about slaying your email list in 2019 – “I want to make more money from my email list this year

Week 3 – Episode 74 “3 steps for making more money in 2019 – “ I want to make more money”

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