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They Hate Getting BAD Emails.

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Email Lists… They’re so hot right now.


And rightfully so…  An email subscriber is way more likely to:

  • Hire you or buy your products than a social media follower
  • Read your blog
  • Sing your praises 

Plus no one can take away your email list or force you to pay extra money so your people will see your emails…  **cough** Facebook Page **cough**.  

But figuring out what to send subscribers, especially when your brain is fried from coming up with weekly blog post ideas, networking in Facebook Groups and 393483 million social media updates…  having brain juice left over…  is in short supply.

And we all know what it’s like feeling like a crappy, spammy, emailer.  It sucks.  Which is why bloggers like us, the kind who care about their readers, who were called to make an impact on the world freeze up when it’s time to email our lists. 

We don’t want to be annoying.  But we just can’t create an amazing welcome series and leave people hanging. 

So here are six crowd-pleasing email ideas subscribers love getting.

Email Newsletter Ideas For Things To Send Your List that Aren't Your Latest Blog Posts. #emailideas #emailnewsletterideas

Email Idea #1: Create A Downloadable Tool Guide 

Don’t just throw random apps or tools together.  Think about your ideal subscriber.

What results would they LOVE to get?  What are they struggling with?  What is a common misconception they might have?

Then tailor this guide to them. 

For example, if you run a parenting blog you could do: 3 FREE Apps Every Mom of Twins Must Have.  Then explain how these apps will make their life waaay easier.  Put in direct links & screenshots to make it easy for them to download or purchase. 

Other ideas:

Fashion Bloggers – 7 Winter Pieces All Pear Size Ladies Must Have

Food Bloggers – The 4 Pieces Of Cheap Cooking Equipment I Love

Blogging Bloggers – 6 Essential WordPress Plugins All New Bloggers Must Have

You can even use referral links in your guide for an extra income boost, just be sure to disclose you might receive a small commission if people buy through your links.

To make jaw dropping tool guides (or any pdfs really) I love using the templates I get as part of my membership to SheBold Stock & IvorymixCanva (which is free to use) also has really stepped up their template game for pdfs, cheat sheets and checklists.

Email Idea #2: Send  an inspiring, enlightening or entertaining YouTube video

Turns out wasting time on YouTube is a good thing.  Use Ted Talks, TV show clips, even the latest cat video to help paint a picture for your subscribers. 

Neville Medhora tucks a striking monologue from late night host Craig Ferguson into his autoresponder to showcase the fundamentals of great storytelling.  To explain writing with emotion Neville shares this clip from the Fresh Prince….

One of my favorite videos is this one by Ira Glass where he explains the gap (aka the curse of good taste)

Ask your subscribers to hit reply and tell you their take on the video.  This is an exact way to boost open rates and unsubscriber by creating a personal connection with your readers. 

Email Idea # 3: Blast from the past with a twist

Round up your 5 best blog posts on a certain subject, create a mini E-book or challenge.  Slap a catchy title on it like The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Teen With Autism or “Dinners on Us – a 7 Day Dinner Plan for New Vegans.”  Fill your emails or E-book with the content from your most popular posts. 

Bang! Instant upcycle of old content + more love from your subscribers. 


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Email Idea #4. This or that…

Emails should to be fun.  Here’s a quick way to dial up the fun while dialing down the effort because you know…  life happend that week. 

Make subscribers guess which outfit cost more, which subject line got more opens or which meal has less fat.  

Put two pictures in your email. Link both to a webpage with the answer.  For added fun create two pages, one the winners and one for the losers. 


Email Idea #5. Behind the Scene Footage

Subscribers want more of YOU in your emails.  So give them a tour of your office, show them your equipment, talk to them about your morning routine.  I know your life might seem boring but in the world of fake Instagram world – real life is a refreshing change of pace. 

Oh, if you’re creating a course or E-book that’s not quite ready yet, share a picture of your outline on notecards, or a mock up of the cover. 


Email Idea #6. Spotlight others

Chris Brogan does this every week with his Friday “Shine” messages.  Picking 4 members of his Facebook Group to highlight.  Each person gets a small blurb.  Who they are, what they do, who they serve and a link back to their website or one social media account.

The key to writing something worth reading…

The key to writing something worth reading is simple – put your subscribers first.  Don’t think…  “Hmmm… what should I write today?”  Think…  What do my people need to hear today?”  Then pop open a word doc and let your feelings pour onto the page. 


Got any go-to resources for email ideas?  Share them in the comments below.

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