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One of the things many email marketers struggle with is how often to email their list about paid products. So what’s the answer?  Well, it kind of depends.

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We would love to think that everyone on our email list knows about every product we have to offer but that’s not the case, even for me. Recently, I was promoting my course, Trello Magic, a lot of people on my email list had no idea that it even existed. My B. Especially because we’re only creating this ebooks & courses to help people. But it’s hard to find the balance between being annoying broken record & actually keeping our subscribers informed of what we have for sell.

How to Email Your List About Your Paid Products in Every Email Without Sounding Spammy

The good news is, you don’t always have to do a hardcore pitch or full-out sales email to email your list about paid products. It can be as casual as a simple PS at the end of your emails with a brief description of your paid product or even a link in your email signature.  One of the things many email marketers struggle with is how often to email their list about paid products. So what’s the answer?  Well, it kind of depends. #emailmarketing #emailyourlist #katedoster #inboxbesties You can mention your product as part of your weekly newsletter in a conversational way.  For example, you might say “A student of mine from Course Name was really struggling with ____________, so I thought I’d help you out with a couple of tips.” This way,  you’re not hardcore pitching, it’s just a casual mention that also lets your email list know that you can actually get the results they want.  Speaking of results, it’s a no-brainer to include a link to your paid product when someone gets a big win.  One of the Love Your List students just had a $20,000 launch. So of course, I’m going to highlight her big win in an email.  You can say that you want to congratulate someone for taking action and implementing what they’ve learned from you.  And if that product isn’t available (like Love Your List), they can sign up for a waitlist.   You could even send an email to your list and ask them if they know what products you have available and literally list them out, like a menu.  Let them know what paid products you have, how much they are, and then leave it at that. 

Emailing Your List About Your Paid Products Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

When you’re emailing your list and you want to include a link to one of your paid offers, don’t make it more complicated than it has to be. Just because you’re talking to your people about a paid product you have to offer doesn’t mean you have to go all out with testimonials or break out your best persuasion techniques. It doesn’t have to be any of that.  It can just be a casual mention so your list is aware that you can help them further.   What really matters when deciding how often to tell your list about your paid products is the energy behind it.   Even though your email list is technically a warm audience, you still want to send them to the sales page for your paid product so they can learn about all the benefits of buying your product.   Don’t have a sales page for your paid product?  Don’t let that stop you.     For example, one of my products Ditch the Ish doesn’t have a sales page.  It was an inspired product that I felt called to put together and just put out there all about sales copy and mindset.  In the audio course, I walk you through some of the mindset hurdles we all face when we’re creating paid offers.  There’s nothing technical in it. It’s basically about how to create a paid offer that people want and how to get through some of the mindset blocks that come up.   It seems to always be ‘on my list’ of things to do but the sales page has never been created for it. There’s no funnel for it.  No opt-ins or email sequences.  Just a link to the sales page.  This is one of those things I created for the action takers who don’t need to be convinced that this will help them with a sales page.  

But How Often Should I Email My List About My Paid Product During a Launch

When you’re launching a specific paid product to your email list, you’re obviously going to want to tell your list about it.  The questions that always come up when it comes to emailing during a launch are: How many emails do I send when I’m launching When do I send them?

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Let’s start at the end with the last day of your launch.  On the last day of launching a paid product, I traditionally send about 3 emails. Bare minimum, you need to send at least 2 emails on cart close day.   For the last day of your paid product launch, make sure you send one in the morning that addresses a problem or objection. The last email is usually fun and playful that also reminds them that this is their last chance to buy your paid offer.  For the very last email on cart close day, I usually send it about two hours before the cart officially closes to give time for the stragglers to come in before it’s too late.  A lot of people struggle with last-chance emails but for me, they are the most fun.   Keep in mind that usually, people on your email list are from different places with different time zones.  By sending multiple emails on the last day of your launch, it helps make sure that your people actually get to see your emails and sign up for your offer if they are interested.  If you’re stuck for ideas on what to actually send your list during a launch, I cover that in-depth in Love Your List. As of right now, Love Your List isn’t open but you can head over to the Email Marketing Fairy where there’s an easy-to-follow funnel script that you can put into place right away for your paid offer email funnel.  Speaking of sales funnels… 

How Many Emails Should I Send During My Launch for my Paid Product?

If you’re doing a webinar or challenge launch then your first few emails will be focused on getting your people in the actual webinar or participating in the challenge.  You’re going to let them know what they will get out of the training or challenge, what you’re going to cover, what they should expect, and all of the other details. In your next email, you’re going to want to address some of the questions and concerns your people have about your topic. You can also add subtle testimonials like “Tammy was so excited about this because … “ Once the webinar or challenge is complete and you’ve moved into the sales emails, you want to keep your cart open 4-5 days and then email your list once a day or so until the last day where you email your list 2-3 times.   Personally, I tend to stick to a 1-1-2-3 format once the webinar or challenge is over.

  • Day one = 1 email
  • Day two = 1 email
  • Day three = 2 emails
  • Day four (cart close) = 3 emails

Of course, this is just a guideline and your list or your launch may respond better. The only way to know is to try it out and see what works. email your list about paid products kate doster inbox besties podcast

Make Your People a Priority

The bottom line is, you should email your list about paid products as often as it feels good for you.  When you’re launching a specific product with a specific cart-close date, it’s only fair that you email your list a few times to let them know. It’s really just ultimately what you feel inside, and making sure that it feels good because you know that you’re helping your people.  It’s a proven fact that when someone actually spends money, they are more likely to take action and get the results they want.  Helping your subscribers take action towards their goals is the reason you’re doing this in the first place, right? I hope this helps you have the confidence to always mention your paid products, whether in a casual way in your emails or with a big launch because your people need you. They need your help.  You don’t have to wait until your paid products go on sale or until you have something new to offer.  You can start right now with a simple link in your signature or in your PS.   Always remember to keep “what’s in it for them” in mind.  You want to highlight how your paid products are going to save them time, money, and effort.  Be specific about what they get when they sign up or buy.  And make sure you feel good about offering it. 

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