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How many people saw your last Facebook post? 13? 60? 2?  

Can you relate….

Oh Facebook Page. How I’ve neglected you. I wasn’t down with “pay-to-play” so I let you go to waste. Your 2% reach made me cry. In fact, I kinda wished you’d died. But with all the great connections- in Facebook groups I’m makin’ – it’s time for you to start bringing home the bacon. So here’s 3 hacks I must do so you’ll no longer make me blue. “

It’s no secret Facebook Business Pages are pay-to-play…sure some post types do better than others.

  • Live video
  • Videos directly to Facebook
  • Images with no links

So what’s the point of even trying to use your Facebook Business Page?

Well if Facebook Groups are your main source of clients and customers – your Facebook Bussiness Page should be decked out with your best stuff…aka plenty of opportunities for people to hop on your email list. 

Why? So you can actually help them of course.

So here’s your step by step plan for getting more email subscribers for your Facebook Page without paying a cent.

1. Create a toe-curling freebie your ideal clients are dying to get their hands on

We cover this way more in-depth in my free Freebies That Sell + Serve Mini-Course. But here’s a few pointers:

  • Make it relative to services or courses you sell
  • Have a scroll stopping hook 
  • It must have a specific tangible result

I’ve found templates, checklists and mini-courses/challenges perform best.

Once you got your freebie locked in it’s time to tackle your actually Business Page…


6 different ways to turn Facebook Likes into Email Subscribers. Make your Facebook Page Worth Something Again. Capture "likers" email addresses so you can stay in touch and actually help them without boosting posts or paying for Facebook Ads

2. Link for Your Personal Profile to Your Facebook Business Page


3. Set the Call-to-Action button to “Sign up”- link it to your freebie.

Now this button changes like every other minute. But here’s how to change it as of right now.

  1. Click the Call to Action Button

Email subscribers from Facebook Setting call to action button 1

2. & 3.  Select “Get in Touch” then “Sign Up”  (If you’d rather have the button say “Learn More” go  to “Learn More” then Learn More”) then put in your Freebie’s Landing Page.

Email subscribers from Facebook Setting call to action button 2 Email subscribers from Facebook Setting call to action button 3

4. Pimp out your cover photo

Your Facebook Cover Photo is valuable real estate on your Facebook business page so use it wisely. Add a picture of a call to action button, the words “click here to get started” or even a picture of your freebie with an arrow to entice people to click on your cover photo.  Then add a link to your landing in the description. Don’t forget to remind visitors are with this freebie will results quicker and make their life easier while avoiding unnecessary hassles.

I created my cover photo by taking a screenshots of the top of one of my landing pages but you can create your cover photo in Canva.com or picmonkey.com for free.

Email Subscribers From FACEBOOK

5. Create Custom Tabs Links to Your Freebie’s Landing Page


These next 3 are completely optional. But they definitely couldn’t hurt.

6. Create a Short Video About Your Freebie (and set it to featured video)

Like I said earlier Facebook is currently obsessed with video.  Create a 10-30 second video (using Adobe Spark or Keynote) describing your freebie. Pull the headline from your landing page or ask a probing question that digs deep at one of your ideal client’s pain points and give them a call to action to download your freebie. Include the

Pull the headline from your landing page or ask a probing question that digs deep at one of your ideal client’s pain points then give them a call to action to download your freebie. Include the URL in your video and in the video’s description.

To set this freebie teaser trailer: load your video directly to Facebook (not a link to YouTube video) like a normal Facebook Business Page post. Then click videos in the left-hand column. Then click the little pencil after “Feature Video” and select your Freebie Trailer.

get more email subscribes from your facebook busines page



7. Create a Pinned Post Linking To Your Landing Page

Publish a post to your with a link to your landing page like normal. And Then hit the downward facing arrow select pin post to top

Pinned Post

8. Include a link to your freebie under the “About – Short Description” Selection

Facebook About Selection

There you have it 7 ways to turn more likes into subscribers. Of course this all relates on you having a freebie, lead magnet, opt-in gift your ideal readers actually want.   So be sure to enroll in the completely free Freebies That Sell + Serve Mini-Course now.

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