People Don’t Hate Getting Emails,

They Hate Getting BAD Emails.

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In this week’s episode of Inbox Besties I sit down with Liz Wilcox and we talk about everything you need to know about email marketing and then some.


 If you are ready to listen to two email marketing nerds and be inspired to email your list and create content that your subscribers crave, don’t worry todays episode will take care of all of that plus other marketing tips.







Liz Wilcox’s Bioemail marketing

Liz is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in email marketing. She helps course creators and freelancers alike package up their magic and turn it into emails that convert.


While she’s always been a freelancer, she found her way to the online space and fell in love with it. Today, Liz teaches people how to build online relationships and make sales through email marketing.
When Liz isn’t in sales mode, she likes to run (yes, for fun), and hang at her local beach in Destin, FL.

Liz Wilcox’s Contacts


Liz Wilcox’s Freebie

You’re a content creator.

And you’re building your audience. Things are moving for ya but when it comes to email?  Well… writing emails actually kinda sucks.  Just use my swipes, friend.  ‘Cause I like to write emails and I know how to turn new subscribers into engaged customers. And you need customers.  Because you’re more than a content creator.  You’re a business owner.

​​Here’s the swipes you need to get this up and running.



 Our Tool Of Week

50 word-for-word email templates proven to propel open rates, clicks & sales while slashing your writing time in half, even if you don’t bleed the alphabet with the Email Marketing Fairy


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>>4 Newsletters you should send this month

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