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In this week’s episode we’re going to talk about how to Double Your Conversion Rates.

These are the 6 Headline Formulas that have helped me Double My Conversion Rates.


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I am a super excited  today cuz we are Kicking It Old School. We are talking about one of my first loves besides people and iced coffee is and that is copywriting.

So we’re going to be talking about headlines that you can use on your sales pages, but honestly, they work really well on a landing pages landing pages, of course being those things that just have your opt-in form and nothing else.



So let’s go ahead we’re going to start diving and it to some headlines. This is the part that takes a long time to write. I always tell my students that they can just throw something in or honestly get back to it after they’re done writing a good portion of their sales page.

So I know that a lot of people will just stop writing until I have the perfect headline. I honestly say save it for last and skip it until your creative juices are flowing until you know, a little bit more about your product.

So that way you’re not putting all this pressure on herself to write the perfect headline and then you don’t write the rest of the sales page cuz there’s a lot of “Legos” as I like to call it that you need to check on that sales paid. So I don’t want you getting hung up on it. Like I said, it’s my word of warning so.

6 Headline Formulas To Double Your Conversion Rates. These are Headline Formulas that have helped me Double My Conversion Rates.

How to shave, slice, save, a specific amount of time from a task people have to do


The first one and these are all like easy to follow go to you can dress them up afterwards. So the first one has to do with time.

I like to use a basically a reduction verb, I really like shave and slice. I think those are my two go to verbs but you can always use a thesaurus to look for a really vivid verbs not ones that people are like, what does that mean?

So how to slice and then an amount of time from and then something they have to do. So, for example, “how to splice your cooking time in half”.

So it’s something that they have to do something that they can save a lot of time I could very well for the Email Marketing Fairy. It’s not the actual headline but it’s a subhead. I think there’s definitely a line to me like how to slice writing your emails and half something of that nature.

So this works really really well so you can just say the right time are you can get very specific about how much time they’re actually going to be saving and then obviously the thing that they want nice and simple because nobody has time for anything right?

I know you’re listening with one of your butt in maybe while the kids are watching a bad TV show maybe while you’re doing the dishes maybe while you’re jogging what I love running with you, so it’s always a great failsafe.


How to get a result they want even if

The next one is one that I use all the time and it is how to and then the results are things that people actually want and then it’s “without or even if” and some type of excuse.

Something like “how to get $10,000 in income without having a product” like, that’s really compelling and you guys want to hear about that story. Or like I sent one email and made over $10,000 from an affiliate promotion.

“how to get your kids to pick up their socks without starting World War 3”. Or even “how to crochet even if you’re super clumsy” chances are there some type of external or internal excuse that people always have when it comes to seeing results.

So if your product is going to help him do this or if your freebie (because y’all know we’re selling the free) can help them overcome those shortcomings it’s going to work.

Here are the 6 Headline Formulas To Double Your Conversion Rates. These are Headline Formulas that have helped me Double My Conversion Rates. #inboxbesties #conversionrates #sales Click to Tweet



6 Headline Formulas To Double Your Conversion Rates. These are Headline Formulas that have helped me Double My Conversion Rates.

Never [blank] again

Now the next one is the one that you’ll actually see on a lot of my sales Pages for like for the main headline and this one is never [blank] again. So “never fight with your husband again”, “never end up at the drive-thru when you have a refrigerator full of food”.

When you do this never again scenario, yes, I’m aware that some people may not take your advice from your paid product.

I want you to get really really specific. The more specific the easier it is to relate and the better chance of being able to double your conversion rates.

Honestly the one about never ending up in the Drive-Thru with a refrigerator full of food again is actually a strong example because if somebody is not meal planning or they don’t follow a diet, like everybody has been in that particular situation. You can physically see yourself sitting there in your car at Chipotle or Wendy’s. So that’s why I really like that when you get specific.



What [blanks] don’t want you to know


The next one and this one is one that. I don’t know. It definitely works. It works to get the juices flowing and some people will be like ohh perfect and other people might be like…maybe not so much.

This one is what [blanks] don’t want you to know.

“So what 7-figure business owners don’t want you to know”, “what people with perfect bodies don’t want you to know”, so this one plays a little bit more on conspiracy is so if you’re doing some it’s more fun consumer-based then you know, that could be an issue. Actually. I do think for a customer base one cuz we have some students in Love Your List that teach art “what all those arts and craft YouTubers don’t want you to know”.

I think that would be so interesting and then you can talk about like how they’ve all these people or they’ve got all these supplies, but then you’re particular course is going to help him overcome that so I really think that you can use.

To create a lot of intrigue and it’s going to really set up your sales page that what you were sort of letting them know like Hey all your suspicions about why these other people were successful and here is what was actually on behind the curtain.



How to do [blank] without [blank] in a set amount of time

So the next one is sort of combining those two that we talked about with the time element and an excuse. This is going to help double your conversion rates, So “how to slice $25,000 off of your Facebook ads budget in 10 minutes”. Now, obviously, even if you’re bad at headlines obviously that is a bit grandiose and you not go that far out of result that we are promising people.

But you could send “how to lose weight in 5 days, even if you love eating chocolate”, or  “how to journal in 3 minutes even if you barely have time to shower” something of that nature. Okay, so you can really sort of pull those three together and you can have a lot of fun.



Some sort of result you or one of you clients got from using your product

The last one is some type of result. So a result that either you gotten or a client has gotten or student has gotten You can honestlyuse sort of a testimonial headline on it. So this is the greatest course i have ever bought in quotes. I think that that can be a little bit grandiose. But if it’s something like “I had my first 20K lunch after two years in business from following your system”.

That is a super compelling headline.

“I lost 5 lbs and didn’t worry about what to eat once”, that is a compelling headline. Again, I always put them in quotes when you’re taking them from a testimonial or even result that you yourself have gotten I think that those are so unbelievably powerful because people are going to want to know what’s going on. They’re going to want to know how it is actually happens. Right? So I just I love the results headlines.

It isn’t to sell the landing page. It is just to get people to read the next sentence, right? We’ve got to capture their attention the other thing of course that you can do as you can look at some clickbait. Why did this catch my attention? And how can I make the sound a little bit more like me.


So quick recap on the Headline’s the will double your conversion rates

  • How to shave, slice, save, a specific amount of time from a task people have to do
  • How to get a result they want even if
  • Never [blank] again
  • What [blanks] don’t want you to know
  • How to do [blank] without [blank] in a set amount of time
  • Some sort of result you or one of you clients got from using your product



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