Ditch The -Ish, Propel Your List & Get Rich

A Fast Paced, No BS, 12-Day Audio Sales Bootcamp, to get you out of your head & making money fast.

$ Pay what you feel (100% goes to Charity)

Have you wondered why that chick whose income reports you hate-reading every month is making sooooo much money?  

Meanwhile your finger tips are bleeding from all that amazing free value you’ve been pumping out yet your bank account is still pretty slim? 

What gives?

You care about your people

Your free stuff is your best stuff

You’re doing everything “right.”

But are you really doing everything right?

You see, what most kind hearted aspiring online entrepreneurs & pro-bloggers don’t know is there’s actually a very simple system these big shot creators are using that turns followers into repeat buyers.

A system that even someone with no audience, no list and no budget can use to inject some much needed cash into their business if they’re willing to follow it through.

What you need is a system that:

Quickly create products people want to buy

Allows you to quickly create digital products & group coaching anytime you want and that people actually want to buy so you never have to worry about wasting months building hype and then having your launch flop.

Get off the content hampster wheel

Gets you off the content-creation hamster wheel by showing you how to create & deliver the right kind of free value that leaves people begging you for a buy button to hit. 

Word For Word Scripts

Gets you off the content-creation hamster wheel by showing you how to create & deliver the right kind of free value that leaves people begging you for a buy button to hit. 

A system that finally gets you out of your own head, crushing all those fears and doubts around rejection, guilt, success and looking like a fool because you failed – so you can FINALLY get paid for doing what you love.

Because the truth is the thing that is holding you back from everything that those other big time bloggers have, is right between your ears.  And that’s about to change right now. 


Ditch the Ish, Propel Your List & Get Rich

A 12-Day Butt-kicking Audio Sales Bootcamp designed to get you out of your head and out into the world making money in less than two weeks. 

 100% of profits from this course go to disadvantaged women and children to help them start businesses and heal from trauma.

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After Ditch The Ish You’ll…


  • Know exactly what hidden things are in your brain are holding you back from the revenue you should be making.  (Trust me if your bank account doesn’t look like what it should – this is the missing piece.)

  • Squash perfectionism (which is just procrastination in a fancier dress) so you get in front of the people who need your help now.

  • Start doing the daily cash activities that will leave you with an inbox full of thank you notes & PayPal notifications.

  • Know my secret sleaze-free formula for pitching your products & offers in a way that leaves your audience just as excited as you for them to buy.  

  • Use the five most efficient and (honestly) fun ways to grow your reach online so you never feel like your audience is growing at a snail’s pace again (even if you’ve been doing all the things those other gurus have been telling you to do.

  • Never struggle with how to price your product again using the surefire ‘Price to Sell’ system.

Let’s go over the curriculum (and did I mention there are $97 worth of bonuses too?)

Day 1: Uncover the real reason why you never seem to get anything done by the end of the day and squish that procrastination bug for good, even if you’ve got 15 tabs open right now.

Day 2: Know exactly what you should and should not do if you are desperate for cash right now. Because the truth is your audience can smell your desperation a mile away, so if you need cash now but you don’t want to feel like you need cash now. This is what you’re going to do.

Day 3: We’re going to go over the one thing you must stop doing immediately so you can start crafting your offer that virtually sells itself.

Day 4: Is devoted to creating an offer that virtually sells itself while slapping that imposter syndrome in the face.

Day 5: Let’s price & name your new (or old) offer we’re revamping) in a way that feels good and jolts subscribers into taking action.

Day 6: You’ll learn my five-step process for pitching your offers that feels good and jolts the RIGHT people into taking action (you know the ones you can actually help.

Day 7: All about how you’ll stand out in an overcrowded market of same-ies. Making your competition completely irrelevant because (spoiler alert) after this you won’t have any.

Day 8: We’ll unpack Four Ways To Grow Your Reach + Three Freebie Must-Haves if You Want a List of Buyers not Randos.

Day 9: Is all about Daily Cash & List Generating Activities you should be doing to see massive growth – fast.

Day 10: Is all about getting a quick cash injection now that the groundwork is laid.

Day 11: Is about starting to incorporate long-term strategies like a launchable Freebie and website hotspots to continue to grow your list week after week on autopilot.

Day 12: Pat yourself on the back! You did it. And if you haven’t, we’ll address any of those other nagging concerns, like “I don’t want to annoy people” and “What if the system doesn’t actually work?”

Let’s talk bonues:

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Take My Money Simple Sales Page Template ($97 Value)

Stressing about having to actually write a sales page for your amazing offer that we create together?  Not only am I going to give you word-for-word sentence prompts that you can use to fill out your Sales Page, but…  

You’ll learn exactly what to say, and in what order, so in less than two hours you’ll have a Sales Page that will generate you thousands of dollars for years to come (even if you don’t have any testomails yet.) 

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Creators Cash Toolkit ($27 Value)

This guide is jam-packed with the best ways to sell, collect payments and deliver your digital products or coaching program without breaking the bank.


Along exclusive discounts and offers on the tools I can’t run my multiple six figure digital course business with.  


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Day After Perfect Audio Training ($27 Value)

This training is perfect for when you’ve been consistently working on business, pitching podcast and such but you fall of the horse.

It’s also the best thing to listen to when you have a to-do list a mile long but you don’t have the motivation to get anything done.  

Six Figure Mindset Journal Prompts & Affirmations ($47 Value)

These are the exact journal prompts and affirmations I’ve used to grow a multiple six-figure business while staying at home with my kids and spending less than $100 bucks on ads.

“Wait! If this course is so valuable why is it “Pay What You Feel?”

This course was specifically designed for people who are new or who have been spinning their wheels, who have spent thousands of dollars on traditional courses that micromanage and make them feel overwhelmed.

Ditch the Ish teaches a simple yet dangerously effective system that you can use to tack on fancier things like webinar funnels, challenges, Instagram DM’s and massive launches.

I wanted to get it into as many hands as humanly possible.

But we both know that people do not value what they get completely for free. Just go look at your inbox which is stuffed to the brim with half watched webinars and challenges that have never been opened.

It’s my mission in life to get more money in the hands of good people so they can do good with it.

This course will give you all the basic tools & sales psychology you need to get your business and new offers off the ground fast while helping those who have suffered trauma heal fast so they can be financially independent too.

Questions Savvy Business Owners Ask Before Hitting Buy

But what if I hate selling? I always feel so awkward and guilty asking for money.

Good!  That means this course is a perfect fit for you because we will dissolve those feelings.  The way I teach sales is so different from everything out there we focus on empathy &  sympathy and only at the very end do a sprinkling of some type of urgency.  There are no high-pressure tactics – we are not swindling people, we are not tricking them, we are simply laying out information about the offer that we have tailor made to help them out in a way that actually gets through to the human brain so they can say “Yes I need this.”

Will I need to invest in any fancy tools or Facebook Ads for this to work?

No.  This course is designed to have you get strategically scrappy with the type of content you create, where you share it.   Will you have to get uncomfortable because you’re putting yourself out there in a more direct way?  Yes.  Will you ever have to cold DM people to get a sale?  Never

How long are these training sessions because I already have like no time? I'm reading this on the toilet.

Each day has a 12-minute jam-packed audio lesson that you can listen to on the go.  Each exercise will take you anywhere from five minutes to two hours (that’s the sales page one).  However if you choose just to pitch your product verbally on something like Instagram or Facebook Live you can send people directly to a PayPal link and you won’t ever have to create a sales page. #winning

Will I be able to download the audios so I don’t have to sit in front of my computer? I’m always on the go.

Yes!  Also my course platform Podia is super mobile friendly so you can always listen to the lessons straight from your phone’s browser app.

Can I get all the lessons at once?

Yup.  Because we need you taking action now.  If you find yourself hopping from lesson to lesson and not actually completing things please email my team at SmileSquad@KateDoster.com and we can go ahead and arrange it so the course is dripped out to you one audio at a time.

How does this ‘Pay what I feel’ thing work?

After you go ahead and click any of the buy buttons you’ll be brought over to my shopping cart software (ThriveCart) where you’ll be able to choose whichever amount you would like to pay for the value in this course.

Regardless of if you pay it $1 or $47 or $102 all profits will be going towards organizations to help women and children recovering from trauma to start and grow their businesses.

Which charities & organizations will I be supporting with my payment? Do I get to choose which ones I want my money to go towards?

It’s my mission here on Earth to put money in the hands of good people so they can do good with it, which is why we have hand-selected three organizations where your money will be divided equally at the end of the month.  That help is focused on helping marginalized women and children thrive. 

Organizations we support include Kiva.org, 10k Project for Funding Black Start Up, Black Women’s Health Imperative.  However if you know of a charity or foundations that help marginalized communities either start businesses or recover from the trauma please email us smilesquad@Kate Doster.com so we can look into it and potentially support that organization too. 


Look I get it…


But you can’t change the world or feed yourself with that Dropbox full of half-created courses collecting digi dust.  But you can when you get out of your own way and take the RIGHT actions. 

Ditch the Ish’, Propel Your List & Get Rich will get you there faster than you ever thought possible. 

© Kate Doster Communications | Earnings Disclaimer & Terms of  UseYour results from Ditch The Ish Propel Your List & Get Rich  may vary from other students. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. Implementing these strategies takes time, effort and dedication. We believe we have provided you the roadmap to achieve your desired results.


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