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If you’re feeling a bit like you’ve stepped into a digital jungle upon returning from 2023, you’re not alone.

The beginning of a new year can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when you’re greeted by a massive backlog of tasks and digital clutter.

But fear not, because we’re about to embark on the ultimate digital reset that will leave you revitalized and ready to conquer 2024. So, grab your virtual machete, and let’s start clearing out that digital overgrowth.

The Nonnegotiable: A Clean Slate Approach

This is my tried-and-true strategy for every new year. We’re going to tackle the clutter in five key areas: your inbox, your desktop and file storage, media consumption, your phone, and, of course, your project management system. Plus, we’ll throw in a bonus round for your financial subscriptions.

📥 Clean Slate – Your Inbox

1. Label and Conquer: Create a Gmail label named “Clean Slate Winter 2023.” Move every message in your primary tab into that label and mark them as read.

This allows you to deal with them later without cluttering your mind.  And if you never get around to it, that’s okay too. If people REALLY need you, they’ll email you back.

2.RE: Scan and Sweep: Quickly scan your promo and update tabs for the phrase “RE:” and move those messages into your Clean Slate Folder.

3.Purge and Unsubscribe: Mass archive all emails in your promo and update tabs. Take it a step further by unsubscribing or creating filters for incoming emails, keeping your inbox less overwhelming in 20240

🖥️ Clean Slate: Your Desktop / File Storage

Digital Relocation: Create a folder in Dropbox or Google Drive called “2023 Desktop.” Drag all desktop folders, files, and random screenshots into this folder, then delete them from your desktop. If you’re feeling really brave just delete all those screenshots.

Archive the Chaos: Clean up Dropbox or Google Drive by creating a folder named “2023 Archive” and moving random files and folders into it.

App Spring Cleaning: Get rid of unused apps and Google Chrome extensions. Create a “Delete this” folder on your desktop for temporary items, and empty it weekly.

📘 Media Consumption

Podcast purge: Delete unlistened podcast episodes. If you have more then 3 episodes of a show to listen unfollow the show, remove downloads, and move on. Trust me.

YouTube Watchlist Wipeout: Clean out or delete your “to watch later” list on YouTube and ruthlessly unsubscribe from channels.

Social Slimming: Unfollow or mute accounts on social media that don’t align with your goals or values. You’ll feel a million times lighter

📲 Your Phone

Screenshot Sanity: Move screenshots to aDropbox or Google Drive folder named “Screenshots 2023,” or boldly delete them.

Memories Management: Transfer real photos and videos to a folder named “Memories of 2023.” in Dropbox or Google Drive

Bye Bye Apps – Clean up unused apps and delete redundant to-do list apps. Consider getting rid of apps you spend too much time on.

Visual Refresh: Consider creating a new phone wallpaper in Canva with your word of the year or a vision board.

💻 Project Management

To-Do Transition: Depending on your software, create a new “to do board” for the year and assess if your current system to see if it’s really working.

Board Reflection: Ask yourself if your tasks need a dedicated board. For example, move a reference column to its own board.

💵 Financial

Subscription Slimming: Set a timer for 10 minutes and review all your business and personal subscriptions. Downgrade or cancel services you don’t use frequently.  Keep only the streaming service you use the most and cancel the rest. Upgrade or downgrade subscriptions based on your current needs.

You get this homeslice…

Congratulations, digital conqueror! You’ve just given yourself the ultimate digital reset, setting the stage for a fantastic 2024. If you’re feeling the weight of this overhaul, remember that even tackling one area, like the inbox, can make a significant difference. Now, with your digital space decluttered, take a deep breath, and get ready for the exciting opportunities that await.

And here’s a thought to ponder: What digital habits will you cultivate in 2024 to maintain this fresh start and continue your journey towards success?

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