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Ready to step up your client experience game?

In this episode, Robyn Kyberd shares her best tips when it comes to providing your clients with the red carpet treatment… without spending a fortune or taking up all of your time.

If you’ve been (unintentionally) neglecting your clients and you want some tips on how to show them some love, you’ll want to tune in to this one!


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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why a client touch-point review is better for both you AND your clients
  • How a high-quality client experience can be an income multiplier
  • How to bridge the gap between automations & caring for our customers
  • Automating your premiere client experience
  • Simple steps you can implement TODAY to improve your own client experience
  • Robyn’s tips for navigating awkward conversations with clients 

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Robyn Kyberd is a digital marketer and business development consultant at Optimise and Grow Online, a haven for visionary entrepreneurs and small businesses who seek custom business and marketing strategies to suit their unique business and personality.

Known for her data-driven decision-making and UX prowess, Robyn has a talent for uncovering hidden insights and using them to build connections between your ideas and your customers in ways to amplify your business growth and momentum.

From digital marketing to web development, automation to business systems optimisation, Robyn helps visionary business owners and freelancers make their mark on the world in a positive, connected and efficient way. She is also incredibly good at identifying, fixing and automating all the I’m-not-thinking-about-that processes that are costing clients time, energy, and income.

Find her at, where you can find new ways to optimise and grow your business.

Robyn Kyberd
Founder of Optimise and Grow Online

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Active Campaign (email service provider)

Dubsado (business management software)

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