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27+ Premade Trello Boards & Workflows

Covering everything from huge launches to your content & promotion calendar

If you’re a fun-loving blogger, with over 12 tabs open now, who gets easily distracted and is drowning in a pipe-hot bowl of ” I’m so overwhelmed! I have no clue what to do next!” soup —keep scrolling you’re gonna want to see this…

10 Ways To Causally Sell to Your Email List

Masterclass | 10+ Email Sales Templates

Turn your normal weekly newsletters into mini-sales machines 

Without sounding like a pushy spammer-face or having to offer massive discounts.

Learn how to casually sell to your list every week.  


Magnetic Content

Audio Course | Pocket CEO Series

Effortlessly create enchanting content that attracts people eager to pay you.

It’s time your content started working just as hard as you do. No more wasting time on creating videos, posts and blogs that no one reads, shares or buy from. (Lame.)

Whether your creating content to sell your current offers or growing an audience from scratch so you have people to sell to Magnetic Content is for you.

Open Rate Catapult

Mini Course | Email Marketing

Your emails DESERVE to be read (and loved.)

Open rate catapult covers waaaaaay more than just subject lines. (But it cover those too.)

From the best send times, to avoiding the spam filters, to must know copywriting tips everyone online business needs to be using if they want to become people’s favorite creators.

Let’s get your emails open, read & loved now.

Bundle Host Starter Pack

Mini Course | List Building

Email list growing at a snails pace?

But things like social media, seo even guest blog posting while good -can take FOREVER to work and and often times only lead to trickle of new subscribers which don’t even come close to equalling the time & energy you took to create things.

Use the Bundle Host starter kit help you plan the KEY components of your next bundle whether it’s free or paid including the best dates to run your bundle. 

Let’s grow your list, help you get your biggest launch & become a go to expert in your niche.


Skyrocket Your List with Free Bundles

The Super-Fun Fast Track to Massive List Growth

Ready to grow your list by thousands of subscribers for free in just a couple of weeks?

The fastest, easiest, and honestly most fun way you can grow your list with high-quality subscribers while being EVERYONE’s favorite is running a Free Bundle.

The concept is simple but extremely underused. This is awesome for you because it’s not as played out as free challenges, webinars, or summits.

You get to grow your list by 1000’s for free (and even make money on tripwires, affiliate sales & future launches.)


12 Day Audio Sales Bootcamp

If you need a kick in the pants (and the piggy bank) this no BS 12-day audio sales, marketing, and mindset course is for you.

Together we’ll create a NO-proof product, build hype and get your emailing your list in no time.  You’ll even learn how to pitch your product on social media and write a killer sales page. Let’s mix the woo-woo & fast action!


14 email templates (mix of value + sales emails – perfect if you haven’t emailed your list in a while) + mega bonus

Know you want to cash on all the black friday hype but you’re not sure when to send your list or even create?

Or maybe you’ve got no one to sell to. Either way the Black Friday SOS Sales Kit has everything you need (including social media posts) help have the BIGGEST Black Friday & Cyber Monday profits you’ve ever had without annoying your audience. 

Get higher open rates in just 60 minutes. 

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