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The struggle couldn’t be more real.

You’re working really hard…

Writing epic blog posts, creating stunning graphics and promoting your stuff on Facebook & Pinterest…Heck you even installed a pop-up but still…

Your subscriber count is stuck at 92, 547, or 1,249. (Boo.)


What’s worse?

Getting smacked in the face every time you hop on Facebook, check your email or pop in an earbud with the fact growing an email list is the only way to:

  • have a thriving online business
  • build a relationship with your audience
  • create digi-products people are desperate to buy
  • fill up your group coaching programs, membership sites and online workshops

(Like you didn’t already know.)

Don’t chuck your iphone in the trash instead:

Read today’s jam-packed post on Content Upgrades

Before diving into nitty-gritty of creating these listing building powerhouses – let’s see why these babies are worth the top spot on your overstretch to-do list. You’re down for more sales right??

When you’re done, use this spiffy table of content to magically get zapped to selection you need…


Why should you give two-craps about content upgrades?

  1. You’ll be seen as a giver & results getter. Not another Furu (Fake Guru) – 

Content upgrades get readers results faster & easier. When people see results from your free stuff they’re a gazillion times more likely to buy from you. Which means feeding your family got a whole lot easier. 

  1. Rapidly grow your list

Brian Dean of Backlinko used content upgrades to boost his sign up rate 785%!  From converting  .54% of visitors into subscribers to 4.82% – with just ONE content upgrade. He’s an online marketing and seo (search engine optimization) guru.  So you know his site was already designed to turning the maximum amount of readers into subscribers.

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  1. Create fresh-baked digital products & services people are hungry to buy

How? Well..if a 1000 people  downloaded your productivity tracker, ask those specific subscribers what they’re still struggling with. Then create a paid productivity course, challenge or guide to help them out. For bonus points – presale it. 

It’s waaay easier and profitable-er to build a product for 1000 people then finding 1000 people to buy your product” – (me butchering a Seth Godin quote)

  1. Sell more digital products and services you already have

Got course on writing, filming and editing the perfect brand video for fashion bloggers but no free content leading to it?

Write a blog post 3 surprising benefits of having a brand video every fashion blogger should know with a content upgrade nestled inside. Create a follow up email sequence leading subscribers to your paid course. 

More helping, more sales, more subscribers…what’s not to love????


But what is a content upgrade exactly???

Content upgrades are content specific freebies (bonus content) that helps readers implement the next steps after reading your blog posts, watching your videos and indulging in your podcasts.  


Why do content upgrades work so darn well?

Content upgrades solve an immediate problem readers care about in that very moment. Your “main freebie” may not.

For example:

My current main freebie is : A Free Two Day Mini-Course On Running Your First Profitable Online Workshop 


If you’re reading “How to get your emails opened”. You’re not thinking – “I should really run a webinar.” It’s :“How the crap do I get people to open my emails – Damn It!!!”  A cheat sheet with 25 Proven Subject Lines to Get You More Opens, Reads & Clicks = no brainer. 



I know what you’re thinking…”Wait…what you want me to more work. I barely have time to write a blog posts now. Never mind this.”



Between finding (more) clients, servicing the ones you have, posting, snapping & tweeting 3x a day, plus working on your first course or online workshop and having a life – (HA!) – the thought of piling on more work makes you wanna throw up your green smoothie or rainbow sprinkle donut.

Here’s 5 tips for creating content upgrade lightning fast:

  1. Only create content upgrades for super popular posts/episodes (more on that below)
  2. Create one specific content upgrade for each category covered on your blog/show
  3. Create checklist + cheat sheets templates
  4. Make quick n’ dirty video walkthroughs
  5. Create a content upgrade work-flow (Use this week’s action to help you out)

6 Steps to Tripling Your List with Content Upgrades


 1. Find Your 5 Most Popular Posts/Episodes  

For Bloggers:

Method 1: Buzzsumo

  1. Go to Buzzsumo
  2. Type in your url
  3. Set the date range for at least 6 months
  4. Hit search
  5. It shows you, your 5 blog posts with the most shares

Protips: It doesn’t matter if you have wordpress, squarespace or wix this works. Plus you don’t have touch a shred of code!

Con: Just because a post is getting shares doesn’t mean it’s getting clicked. So you might not be getting as much traffic from it as you think.

Case study: Jenna Soard –

content upgrades

Here’s a snap shot of one of my favorite blogs – by branding expert Ms. Jenna Soard. Her most shared post was actually about a productivity app not branding, graphic design or Squarespace her main 3 areas of focus. ( I’ll show you how she capitalized on this using her own unique style after we talk about method 2)

Method 2:  Use Google Analytics   (GA)

google anaytics content upgrades 

1. If you haven’t set up google analytics – go do it now!  Seriously.

2.  If you do have GA setup – scroll down to Behavior Selection (pass Acquisitions Don’t be fooled by the Audience >> behavior selection).

3. Select Site content

4. Landing pages

5. Set the date range for the last 3 months, then 6 months

6. Bam! You’re most popular posts.


For Podcasters:

Complete blogging methods one and two. Especially if your podcast is embedded on your site. Next flip over to your  PodTrac or Blubrry account to track your most popular downloads.

Content Upgrades Podcasters

For Vloggers + Youtubers

Head over to set the date range for the last 60 & 90 Days (for giggles try lifetime). If your videos are embeded on your site (which they should be) check out your Buzzsumo report & Google Anyaltics too. (See For Blogger above for that)

Youtube Analyticsyoutube analytics content upgrades

2. Think what could make this better?

How can your audience get results faster, easier with less headaches? Where would they get stuck or quit?

3. Create a simple content upgrade based on your unique talent and skills

Remember our blogger Jenna? HeContent Upgrade Case Study - Jenna Kate Dosterr skills are graphic design and branding so she whipped up a free graphic pack so readers could create pretty to-do list just like hers.

Blogger, Vloggers & Podcaster alike all could benefit from creating simple pdf cheat sheets, checklists or action guides. (I’ve got 36 more ideas coming up in a bit)

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4. Add it your email service provider 

Email service providers like  Active Campaign, Convert Kit & app like Leadpages make it super easy to send out content upgrades. Other programs include SumoMe Lead ,Content Upgrades Pro: Ninja Forms is Thrive Leads Plugin.

For Mailchimp users – create a content upgrade free resource library on your site, Teachable or CourseCraft.

5. Link that -ish up

Bloggers: Add opt in forms, call to action buttons, text or picture links for your content upgrades 2-3 through your posts.  For an extra boost add yellow boxes around your content upgrade links. Or create mock ups like this….

content upgrades mock up

Podcasters: Add links to your content upgrades in your show notes. Use Pretty Link Lite to create easy to say & remember urls to mention 2-3 times in your podcasts.

Vloggers: Add a link to your content upgrades in your video description. Use Annotations + Youtube Cards in your videos to link to directly to your content upgrade opt-in form in your videos. Also create use Pretty Link Lite to create easy to say & remember urls to mention in your videos.

6. Promote the heck out of it

Tweet it, Pin it, Gram it, Facebook it, Email it. Yes you’ll get a nice surge of subscribers since you’re updating your most popular stuff but isn’t more subscribers even better?


Shower your new subscribers with  emails they’ll love, then buy a bigger purse. (You’re gonna need it)

39 Can’t Fail Unique Content Upgrades (with real-life examples)

Growing your email doesn't have to be struggle. Use this 39 fresh content upgrade ideas to breath new life in your email list. Click to read or repin for later. You're newsletter list + bank account will thank you

1. Worksheets + Workbooks

 Worksheets + workbooks push readers into action forcing them to see quick results.  Applying the info from your post to their own personal situations. Create one in snap with pre-saved templates…like this


2. Cheatsheets

If you’re creating an epic 4,000+ word blog post or hosting mini-training style podcast a 1 page cheat sheet breaking down key points for quick reference is a must. 

Check out Rick Mulready’s  The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads Pixels Cheat SheetContent Upgrade Example

3. Checklists

Checklists make sure readers don’t miss any vital steps in convenient format. Keep the design printer-friendly to encourage reader to post your checklist by their desk.

Remember Brian from Backlino? Here’s the checklist he used to increase his optin rate 785%  “The 10 most important Google ranking factors checklist – the original post as 200 ranking factors. (wowsers!)

4. Extra tips –

Writing a list post? Why not create an extra 3 – 5 tips to give away as a content upgrade.

5. Topic Ideas   

Afton Negra Social Media Strategist and founder of the Social Proof Collective  offers readers of her post : 7 WAYS HOW TO AVOID BLOGGING OVERWHELM AS A SOLOPRENEUR – 30 New Blog Post Ideas Every 30 Days. 

content upgrades


6. PDF version of your blog post

By far the easiest content upgrade.  Before shaking your head, hear me out…wouldn’t it be nice to have downloadable version of this blog post so you wouldn’t bookmark it and forget it? 

Neville Medhora offers a pdf version of his eye opening post Marketing Psychology: Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

7. Printable poster/infographic

Perfect for manifestos, inspirational quotes, and workflows.

Gloria Rand offers a playful workflow infographic of her popular blog post 5 Ways to Repurpose Blog Articles to Get Leads

8. Mini ebooks

Repurposing old blog posts into mini-books is a great way to get more mileage  out of content + offer readers extra help.  Create one for each topic covered in your blog. You’re good to go.

9. Challenges

Challenges are action based email courses normally with community or “live” aspect to it. Creating more accountability.

Simple Green Smoothie does this every quarter.

10. Step-by-step tutorial/guide

For my popular post on creating videos with Adobe Spark I including a downloadable step-by-step guide with detailed instructions and photos pictures for creating stunning videos with Adobe Sparks in a PDF.

11. Video tutorials

If you’re writing a how-to post this is a must. Lots of people learn better from video than reading and pictures.  You don’t have to be a tech superstar either…

Technophobe  Amy Porterfield’s steps up to plate with her free video training:  How I Organize My DropBox Folders For Ultimate Success for podcast episode  The First Action You Should Take Before Starting a New Project.

12. Email course –

Email courses is a great way to educate your readers while boosting your authority in your niche and super easy to create.

Email courses  typically 3-7 part email sequence with actionable steps readers can take to reach a specific goal. Strings together the best blog posts you have on a topic. Don’t be afraid to throw some personal stories and lessons learned in your course.  

13. Resource Guide

Create a master list of all the tools and resources mentioned in your blog post or podcast. Turn it into a PDF download. In your resource guide link directly to the tools’, apps’ or books’ for easier purchase for your readers.

Using affiliate links? (which you should) – You must disclosure somewhere in the resource guide that it contains affiliates links and you might receive a small commission if they decide to purchase through the link provided.  

Ed Troxell – Offers a list of the top 8 tools he uses to run a successful online business here.

14. Mp3 

Perfect all my healers, meditation buffs and tappers. Create a blog post about the benefits of meditation then create a guide meditation audio track.

15. Audio courses

More of a talker then a writer? Create audio files with your best tips and tricks for reaching a specific goal. Got a podcast? Gather up all your current podcast episodes about a certain topic and create a course with those.

16. Online Workshop + Webinars

This can be an invitation to live webinar,  a replay or automated webinar . If you go the live webinar route update the post after the webinars with links to the replay or remove the content upgrade all together

17. Transcripts  

If you’re podcasting, vlogging (video blog) or run an interview show on Blab transcribe your recording. Turn it into a  downloadable PDF file. No time? Hire a VA or use Fiverr or Rev to transcribe your episodes.

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18. Swipe files

Unlike templates were readers need to fill in different parts swipe files are actual copies of emails, sales pages, or ads readers can look at for inspiration or structure.  People love them and their super easy to create – grab the last set of emails from your launch copy ‘em int google docs. Save as a pdf and you’re good to go.

19. Slide presentations

Did you do a presentation in video? Offer the slides as download like Pat Flynn does in this episode of SPI TV.

20. Bonus/Extended interviews-

When interviewing top experts for podcasts and videos save a couple of juicy “Off Air” questions for content upgrades.

21. Kits

A combination of different checklist, cheatsheets and guides. Throw in a short video or mp3 and you got yourself one kick-butt kit.

22. Quick Start Guide

Teaching is complicated? (Like starting an online business or learning a new piece of software.) Strip down to the essences. This zaps the nagging overwhelming feeling learning something new has. 

23. Spreadsheets 

Great for tracking, organizing and budgeting  spreadsheet make great content upgrades for readers. Keep as spreadsheet (use google sheets) or download into a pdf.

24. Casestudies 

No need to super crazy analyzing a huge company or industry. Instead do a case study about yourself or a super star client.  

Leadquizes does this brilliantly.

25. Templates

These could be blogging templates, budget templates, copy templates and so on. Any template you use, share with your readers or create one fresh for them.

Derek Halpern, Social Triggers free email templates for emailing influencers and getting replies

26. Free Stock Photos

Everybody loves pretty photos. If you’re a photographer, visual branding specialist or amazeballs at taking instagram photos  package them up offers them as download under the creative commons acts.  In your “agreement” include that people can’t not share your images on other site or give them away.

27. Planners

Blogging planning, day planner, launch planner. People loooove pdf planners!

Megan Minns gives away a killer Ideal schedule planner in her blog post – A Typical Day Of a Side Hustler

28. Recipes 

Writing an article about super foods? Create 7 yummy recipes using those super foods.

29. Shopping list

Perfect for how to crafty, meal planning and build it type posts. A must for traveler bloggers too. 

30. Mind Maps

Are all the rage these days. Because their interactive, fun and show processes in a nice flow.

31. Patterns

This is for all my makers, sewers and crafters. Give free patterns. So readers can get taste of what your paid patterns are all about. 

32. Printables

Motivational quotes, or images the reader print out and pin up on their wall. Great for keeping readers focused and motivated.

33. Free chapter from your book

Pretty self explanatory.

34. Phone or Email Scripts

Ramit Sethi, gives word-for-word scripts for how to negotiate a higher salary, lower your cable bill and breaking the ice with strangers.  If you teach anything where your readers can get rejected

35. Graphic Elements – Icons & Fonts

Perfect for designers, and creative. Give them a “free sample” of your work. 

36. Code Snip-its 

Great for designers and coders so non-techie can easily implement  what you are teaching. 

Bryan Harris from Video Fruit offers reader both a template and code-snip so they can use the sticky widget bar plugin on their site.

37. Free or low-cost trial

Great for membership sites + software apps. 

38.  Calculators

Neville Medhora offers a free product pricing calculator  so readers can easy “plan business ideas backwards”. As Neville so lovingly puts it “Instead of coming up with random dumb ideas, I can focus on something that will meet my goals faster by focusing on a pricing structure that will get me there quickly.” – hot damn.

39. Discounts or Free Shipping

A sample in the e-commerce world. I once read free shipping was one of the highest converting “special offer” 

Your next 2 steps:

  1. Download this week’s FREE Action Sheet – The Quick Content Upgrade Planner
  2. In the comments below list 2 ideas for your new content upgrades. Declare the date you are going to create them & the date they’ll be added to your site (Ask questions there too)






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