A Digital Fresh Start: How to Conquer Digital Clutter, Overwhelm and Set the Tone for a Successful 2024

If you're feeling a bit like you've stepped into a digital jungle upon returning from 2023, you're not alone. The beginning of a new year can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when you're greeted by a massive backlog of tasks and digital clutter. But fear...

Sales Mindset Tips

Today, we're delve into the importance of mindset and energetics in boosting sales. Without believing in yourself and your product, all the strategies for driving traffic, optimizing sales pages, and implementing short and long-term boosters won't yield the desired...
5 steps to make more sales kate doster inbox besties podcast

5 Steps to Make More Sales Of Products You Already Have

While some people have built their entire online empires by creating new offers every week, a lot of us are looking for a bit more space and freedom when it comes to making sales in our online business. These 5 steps can help you make more sales of products you already have. 

The best app for coming up with viral content ideas

Let’s talk about the one app that is the endless stream of content ideas. The coolest part? I bet you’ve been using this app on a daily basis and didn’t even realize it was your BEST place to get content ideas for blog posts, Instagram and even email ideas that people...

How to Get Traffic from Pinterest

Are you wondering how to get traffic from Pinterest? With over 320 million users, Pinterest attracts different types of people from all walks of life! And that means that your audience is probably on there too. If you're constantly creating content and you're looking...

What To Send Your List In January

Wondering What To Send Your List In January? With 2021 around the corner let’s go over What To Send Your List In January.

Running a Free Bundle

Add thousands of new subscribers running a free bundle get all of the templates and timelines to make running your next free bundle a breeze

making money as an artist and maker inbox besties podcast

Making Money as an Artist & Maker

Are you an artist or maker who wants to expand your business and make more money? If you're an artist or maker who sells on Etsy or other platforms, you might be wondering how you can expand your business and make more money. Courses and passive income streams are a...
How to Land Your First Public Speaking Gig

How to Land Your First Public Speaking Gig

Landing your first speaking gig is easier than you think!

This week on Inbox Besties, public speaking strategist Jessica Rasdall shared her favorite strategies for positioning yourself as an in-demand public speaker – even if you’ve never spoke on stage before.

From Idea To Mass Product From Scratch w/ Andrea Thomas

From Idea To Mass Product From Scratch w/ Andrea Thomas

From Idea To Mass Product From Scratch w/ Andrea Thomas In this week's episode we are talking with physical product and e-commerce scaling expert Andrea Thomas who shares with us what's it's like to: --Think up an idea (like on Shark Tank) and actually getting created...

#97 Is your website stealing $1000’s from you every month? w/ Jessica Freeman

#97 Is your website stealing $1000’s from you every month? w/ Jessica Freeman

Want some insider web design tips to keep the cash coming?

In this value-packed episode of Inbox Besties, I’m excited to have Jessica Freeman from share her wealth of knowledge about web design, content creation and more.  Jess is a graphic & web designer for service based business owners who grew her business from freelance to full-time right out of college and hasn’t looked back since.  

If you’ve been riding the hot mess express when it comes to your website design & content creation, this one is for you!

#92 The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Starting A Side Business With Janet Kafadar 

#92 The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Starting A Side Business With Janet Kafadar 

Wishing you could start a business but your 9-5 and family are zipping away all your free time?

Boy do I hear that. You see I was lucky enough to start my business while being a stay at home mom. And while that’s a very busy job – I could always let my “bosses” watch a couple extra episodes of Dora the Explorer so I could get things done.  But I’m guessing if you tried that at your 9-5pm things wouldn’t work out quite as well.  (Maybe your boss is more of Paw Patrol person?)

Which is why I so excited to get a chance to sit down with one of my super star students of Love Your List, Janet Kafadar  who specializes in helping Moms who work a 9-to-5,  start a successful side business after dark (Nothing shady).

Building a Scalable Buisiness with Sylvia Hall #85

This week of the Inbox Besties podcast we're discussing Building a Scalable Business with Sylvia Hall. Before we get into the episode, I want to invite you to join the Inforpreneur Summit:  The Virtual Conference for Beginning and Budding Infopreneurs.  If you're...


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