A Digital Fresh Start: How to Conquer Digital Clutter, Overwhelm and Set the Tone for a Successful 2024

If you're feeling a bit like you've stepped into a digital jungle upon returning from 2023, you're not alone. The beginning of a new year can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when you're greeted by a massive backlog of tasks and digital clutter. But fear...

Sales Mindset Tips

Today, we're delve into the importance of mindset and energetics in boosting sales. Without believing in yourself and your product, all the strategies for driving traffic, optimizing sales pages, and implementing short and long-term boosters won't yield the desired...
5 steps to make more sales kate doster inbox besties podcast

5 Steps to Make More Sales Of Products You Already Have

While some people have built their entire online empires by creating new offers every week, a lot of us are looking for a bit more space and freedom when it comes to making sales in our online business. These 5 steps can help you make more sales of products you already have. 

The best app for coming up with viral content ideas

Let’s talk about the one app that is the endless stream of content ideas. The coolest part? I bet you’ve been using this app on a daily basis and didn’t even realize it was your BEST place to get content ideas for blog posts, Instagram and even email ideas that people...

How to Get Traffic from Pinterest

Are you wondering how to get traffic from Pinterest? With over 320 million users, Pinterest attracts different types of people from all walks of life! And that means that your audience is probably on there too. If you're constantly creating content and you're looking...

What To Send Your List In January

Wondering What To Send Your List In January? With 2021 around the corner let’s go over What To Send Your List In January.

Running a Free Bundle

Add thousands of new subscribers running a free bundle get all of the templates and timelines to make running your next free bundle a breeze

making money as an artist and maker inbox besties podcast

Making Money as an Artist & Maker

Are you an artist or maker who wants to expand your business and make more money? If you're an artist or maker who sells on Etsy or other platforms, you might be wondering how you can expand your business and make more money. Courses and passive income streams are a...
Do You Know Enough About Your Topic?

Do You Know Enough About Your Topic?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an old pro, sometimes we all question ourselves and wonder if we’re “good enough” or if we know enough about our topic to be emailing our audience. We let doubt creep in and ask ourselves, “who the crap am I to be sending that email?” or “What if these people have already heard this stuff a thousand times before?”

Things You Can Do When You Can’t Focus

Things You Can Do When You Can’t Focus

What are some things that you can focus on when you just literally can’t even? Regardless of what’s going on in the world, sometimes it’s all you can do to muster up the tiniest bit of energy.

How to Make Money from Your Email List Without Feeling Like a Rotten Spammer Face

How to Make Money from Your Email List Without Feeling Like a Rotten Spammer Face

Even if you don’t have anything for sale yet, you are selling your people on the fact that you’re awesome, that you are worth being in their inbox, you know what you’re talking about and … you’re going to sell the fact that you genuinely care about your people. I’m sharing my four-part framework that keeps my PayPal notifications popping, even while I’m on vacation at Disney, without feeling salesly or sleazy.

Find the Perfect Topic for Your Free Trainings

Find the Perfect Topic for Your Free Trainings

So you want to find the perfect topic for your masterclass but you have no idea what to talk about? We all know that live trainings are magical when it comes to establishing credibility and connecting with your people but how do you come up with that your audience is excited to show up for?

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