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This week of the Inbox Besties podcast we’re discussing Building a Scalable Business with Sylvia Hall.

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Now, back to Episode 85 of Inbox Besties.  Sylvia Hall is a little bit different than many of the guests we have on the show.  Most of us are selling courses, coaching or selling services.  Sylvia sells physical products on her website.  She started out selling jewelry on Etsy and hit a brick wall (and burnout) that led to a big ah-ha moment when she asked herself one important question:  “Is this scalable?”

You’ll want to tune into this episode where we cover:

  • How to create a business you can sell later
  • How to handle negative comments on your Facebook™ ads
  • How to use quizzes to grow her list, personalize product recommendations and also reward them
  • Finding a manufacturer for your product
  • How to get wholesale orders for your physical product

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If you’ve ever been curious how to grow a physical product business that is supportive of your lifestyle, is scalable and doesn’t drive you crazy, this episode is for you.

 // Sylvia’s Bio:

Sylvia Hall is the cofounder of LIFTED and is the creator of multiple probiotics designed to decrease anxiety and enhance mood. She lives in Kansas City with her family of 2 kids, 2 dogs, and one husband. Sylvia is wildly optimistic about our capacity to feel better.

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