The only way you’re going to annoy your subscribers on Black Friday is by NOT selling them something. 

(even if you haven’t emailed them in a while).

Get the Black Friday SOS kit with done for you Black Friday sales email templates, pre-Black Friday newsletter templates,  social media posts & more so the only thing you have to worry about on Thanksgiving is which kind of pie to eat first. 

(Apple, the correct answer is apple pie first.)

Relax, it’s not too late to cash in on over $8.9 Billion dollars that will be spent on Black Friday & $10.7 Billion on Cyber Monday this year.

While you would think people are only focused on what Amazon, Target, or Walmart are doing on Black Friday, the truth is your audience is looking for YOUR emails on Black Friday to see what fun goodies you’ve got going on.

But you can’t bring yourself to discount something you’ve worked so hard on (not mention you don’t want to piss off your previous customers.)

Or you’d love to create a new course or bonus special for Black Friday but your family won’t be quiet for more than 3 minutes at a time and staying up till 12am  just to record when the kids get up a 5:30 am sounds like nightmare

Or maybe you’ve totally got something to offer but you’ve got zero time to write all those emails plus you’d HATTTTTTE to get lumped in with all those randos just show on Black Friday with 890889 million sales emails begging for cash out of nowhere. 

Or maybe you’ve accidentally become one of the randos because you haven’t emailed your list since May and showing up on Black Friday out of nowhere feels gross. (Don’t worry, the Black Friday SOS Kit as you’re back.) 


But what if in less than 3 hours you could have…

A scroll stopping standout Black Friday Offer & Bonus Package thats leave people feverishly refreshing their inboxes frantically searching for your purchase link.  (No 70% discount required.)

All of your value soaked newsletters & unique (yet hella profitable) Black Friday sales written, linked and smiling back at you from your Converkit account. (Or whatever email service provider you use. )

An easy to write,  fun to read yet dangerously effective sales page that sounds like you; leaving your audience excited (not pressured) to buy. 

Your “I can’t click the link in your bio faster enough!” social media posts & graphics written and ready to be posted. (Don’t be surprised by the number of shares you’ll get. )

Basically you can have anything you need to sit back and “make it rain” cash (and thank you emails)  on Black Friday in less time then it takes to watch two episodes of the new Game Of Thrones… 

“Thank you sooooo much for the Black Friday SOS kit. I’ve had MORE purchases of my Black Friday sale & more people in my brand new membership than I’ve EVER HAD in a SINGLE launch. ” – Michelle T

In this Black Friday SOS kit, you’ll get 14 templates – including what to send starting Oct. 26th all the way until your final last chance email on Cyber Monday night. Leave people feverishly refreshing their inboxes for your Black Friday deal.

Plus you won’t be just another one of those randos who mysteriously only shows up on one of the biggest shopping days of the year which means less unsubscribes for you and higher open rates.

You’ll also get bonus training that’s going to show you how to quickly create a Black Friday Offer that stands out that isn’t just the normal discounting, social media graphics, and caption ideas to remind people of your offer plus a Trello Board to help keep you organized.

14 email templates (mix of value + sales emails – perfect if you haven’t emailed your list in a while)

This set of templates works on creating an internal sense of urgency with your subscribers without being a pushy buttface.

10 social media graphics

In a world where it’s easy to be overwhelmed by social media and all of its platforms, we offer 10 beautiful templates that you can use for any occasion. These specially designed graphics will help make your posts more interesting with vibrant colors and fun text!

The Black Friday SOS KIT Trello Board

If you’re a hot mess express like me, you’ve probably tried every single productivity app under the sun. Well, the only project management software that ever stuck with my scatterbrain, was Trello.

You’ll get access to three of my Trello boards that have generated me the most money.

⌨️ 5 social media caption swipe files + ‍ 20 Social Media Prompts

These swipe files and prompts make it easy to come up with creative and engaging captions for your social media posts. With 5 caption templates and 20 unique prompts, you’ll never run out of ideas for your next post. Increase engagement and grow your following with these helpful resources.

Creating a Standout Black Friday Offer ($97 Value)

How to Create a Black Friday Offer in a Flash that Stands Out (without just discounting)

Easy Yes Offer Sales Page Formula + Template $197 value

Want to create offers that virtually sell themselves without feeling like a phony sellout? Start creating an amazing product that your people will be excited to buy.

List Revive Series ($ Priceless)

Gracefully reenter your subscribers inboxes even if it has been a hot minute since you’ve talked to them. And no, starting off your emails with “I’m so sorry I know it’s been a while but…” not on my watch. 

Bonus Tech Training ($27 Value)

⏰ How to add timers to your emails & sales pages using Deadline Funnel & Motion Mail – so there’s no confusion about when your amazing Black Friday deal ends. Yay for less customer support tickets. 

This kit is designed for selling/pre-selling your OWN digital products, workshops, and programs – not doing an affiliate roundup.

You get all of these courses, trainings,

and templates for just $67!

But I feel gross selling something on Black Friday.

Then you 100% don’t have to. Are you missing out on a great opportunity to be creative,  spoil your audience and perhaps turn some people into buyers who have been on the fence? Yes but ultimately it’s your business and you’re the boss applesauce.  


(But I do think it’s a little bit funny that you ended up on a sales page talking about Black Friday offers if you weren’t even slightly interested in selling on Black Friday. #Justsaying)

But people are going to be getting SOOOOO many emails on Black Friday. I bet they'll just delete mine.

Well if the first time you’ve emailed them all year is on November 25 then yes, they are just going to delete your stuff and probably mark your spam.

However if you use our Black Friday SOS kit warm up series and our list revive templates (in case if it’s been a while since you emailed your list) people are actually going to be emailing you on Friday morning making sure they did not miss your email.

Do I have to discount my product? I don't want to.


In the Black Friday SOS Kit we’ll go over a variety of ways that you can spoil and surprise your audience during Black Friday and Cyber Monday without having to slash your prices or in some cases creating anything new.

I want to sell on Black Friday but I don't have any paid products.

No worries.

The Black Friday SOS KIT is going to help you create a stand out Black Friday offer that you can pre-sell to your audience. It’s also going to help you write your sales page too. So you’ll have everything you need to be Black Friday ready. 

Best part? You don’t actually have to create/ delivery the offer until January – so you can take December off too. 

I want to sell on Black Friday but I don't have a big list.


Why are you going to punish your small but mighty audience just because you don’t have some magical number staring back at you from Convert kit?

The truth is you can actually an amazing Black Friday promotion with your small audience to create for you a pool of a raving fans and potential affiliate to you grow your business even faster.

Plus you can use the time between now and Black Friday with your small but mighty audience to actually craft the best possible offer for your Black Friday.

And did mention the Black Friday SOS Kits comes with an audience booster pack too? 

I sell physical products. Will this work for me?

No. This kit was created for people who sell digital products, courses and coaches. 

Do I need to buy any extra apps for this to work?

As long as you have an email service provider & a way to accept payment the Black Friday SOS kit will work for you. 

With that being said I have included some tech tutorials for my favorite apps that just make life a lot easier like thrive cart and Deadline Funnel but you don’t need any of those things and I always offer free alternatives as well if I know any. 

How long do I access to the Black Friday SOS Kit?

You get lifetime access to the program & templates

What if I'm not completely satisfied

Due to the digital nature of this program no refunds will be issued. Please ask any questions that you have before making your purchase if you’re not sure if it’s right for you or your business. Email

Does the Black Friday SOS kit have an affiliate program?

Yup. The Black Friday SOS Kit does have  student only affiliate program. So technically you could suggest it to a couple of your friends and make back your investmen tback from the course before Black Friday even comes. 

Information on how to become an affiliate is in the getting started module. 

MAke your subscribers’ (and Piggy Bank’s) Day with a stress free Black Friday Sales Campaign

because Thanksgiving should be spent eating pie, not setting in front of a computer worrying. 


“The Black Friday Kit is awesome!!! I made back the entire cost of the Love Your List course &  had my HIGHEST MONTH REVENUE  by far!!!!! Thank you so much!!!” – Nerissa Hall

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